Instantly vs Waalaxy: Cold Outreach Tools Compared 2024

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May 23, 2024
Jason Gong
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This article offers a detailed comparison of and Waalaxy, aiming to help you select the best tool for cold outreach by breaking down their features. While these tools offer broader functionalities, we'll focus specifically on their cold outreach capabilities. Our goal is to save you time on repetitive tasks by helping you choose the right tools, including using Bardeen, a task copilot powered by AI that automates actions across your apps and tabs. Waalaxy
Campaign CreationSimple linear email sequencesPre-built templates for LinkedIn
DeliverabilityUnlimited email warmingDaily quotas for LinkedIn
PersonalizationCustom templates and variablesCustomizable with LinkedIn data
AINo AI featuresAI-driven prospect finding
Native EnrichmentUpload and enrich lead listsLinkedIn data integration
Social AutomationNo native social automationLinkedIn automation and CRM sync
PricingScalable plans, unlimited emailFree plan, paid tiers with features

Campaign Creation - Comparing Multi-Channel Prospecting Tools

Waalaxy offers a more versatile tool for campaign creation compared to, especially for users targeting LinkedIn integration alongside email outreach.

Waalaxy's versatile templates for LinkedIn and email campaigns provides basic, linear sequences which may be sufficient for straightforward email campaigns, but lacks the advanced features like multi-channel prospecting that Waalaxy offers.

To really enhance your outreach, consider using Bardeen to personalize sales outreach emails combining insights from platforms like LinkedIn for higher engagement rates.

For those needing robust, multi-channel campaign capabilities with deeper LinkedIn integration, Waalaxy is the clear choice.

Simple, linear email sequences in offers a straightforward approach to email sequencing, providing users with the ability to create simple, linear sequences for their outreach campaigns. While it may lack some of the more advanced features like conditional branching, it can be an effective tool for those looking to get started with basic email automation.

Key features of's sequencing:

  • Linear sequences: Create straightforward, step-by-step email sequences
  • Easy setup: Quickly create and launch campaigns with minimal complexity
  • Variant support: Add variants to your email steps for A/B testing

Reddit users have recommended for personalized email campaigns:

👍 "combine this with for our results" - r/sales


Waalaxy offers a variety of pre-built sequence templates for LinkedIn and email outreach.

Waalaxy streamlines multi-channel prospecting by providing a range of sequence templates designed for LinkedIn and email outreach. These templates serve as starting points for users to create and customize their own campaigns, making it easy to engage with leads across multiple platforms.

Key features of Waalaxy's sequences:

  • Pre-built templates: Waalaxy offers a library of recommended sequence templates for various use cases, such as LinkedIn invitations, messages, and email finders.
  • LinkedIn integration: Users can import leads directly from LinkedIn searches, allowing for targeted outreach to specific audiences.
  • Multi-channel campaigns: Sequences can include a mix of LinkedIn actions (invitations, messages) and emails, enabling a comprehensive approach to lead engagement.
  • Customization options: Templates can be easily modified to suit individual needs, with the ability to personalize messages and set up custom workflows.
"Step-by-step guide for LinkedIn outreach campaigns" - r/Waalaxy
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Deliverability - Boosting Email Reputation and Avoiding Spam Filters stands out with its integrated, unlimited email warming service included in even the most basic package, which is especially beneficial for users looking to maintain high deliverability without additional costs.

Advanced deliverability options in

Waalaxy also supports multiple inboxes and employs email warming, but the functionality appears more limited compared to's offerings. Additionally, Waalaxy's use of credits for actions could potentially limit usage based on the user's subscription level.

For those who prioritize robust, cost-effective email deliverability solutions, provides a more comprehensive service. Users can also enhance their email strategies by integrating tools like Bardeen for email management automation.

__wf_reserved_inherit Email Warmup settings include increase per day, daily limit, and reply rate. offers a comprehensive email warming feature to improve deliverability and avoid spam filters when sending cold emails. The platform allows users to connect multiple email accounts and automatically warm them up to establish a positive sending reputation.

Key features of's email warming:

  • Unlimited email warming: Even the most basic package includes unlimited email warming for all connected accounts.
  • Customizable warmup settings: Users can adjust the daily email increase, set a maximum daily limit, and specify a target reply rate percentage.
  • Realistic engagement simulation: The warmup process simulates genuine email opens and reads to mimic natural engagement with your emails.
  • Spam monitoring: alerts users if any of their emails get blocked by spam filters, allowing for quick adjustments to maintain good deliverability.

However, Reddit users have expressed mixed opinions about's Sequences Deliverability feature:

👎 "their email warmup is just a claim and did not work" - r/Emailmarketing


Dashboard showing daily quotas for LinkedIn actions and emails to maintain deliverability.

Waalaxy provides features to help maintain high deliverability rates and avoid spam issues when sending campaigns through the platform. The tool supports multiple inboxes and employs techniques like email warming and rate limits to ensure optimal deliverability.

Key deliverability features:

  • Daily quotas: Waalaxy sets daily limits on actions like LinkedIn invitations, messages, and profile visits to prevent accounts from being flagged as spam.
  • Credits system: Users are allotted a certain number of credits each month, which are used for sending emails. This helps regulate email volume and maintain sender reputation.
  • Multiple inboxes: The ability to connect and send from multiple email accounts allows for better distribution of email sends, reducing the risk of hitting sending limits or triggering spam filters.
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Personalization - Tailoring Outreach for Better Engagement

When comparing and Waalaxy for email personalization features, provides a more robust toolset. not only allows for the insertion of custom variables but also includes a variety of pre-made templates, and options like adding links, emoticons, images, and previewing emails, which enhances the overall customization capability.

Advanced personalization options in

Waalaxy, while effective with its custom variable functionality, seems more limited as it focuses mainly on variable insertion without the additional features that offers. This could be a drawback for users looking for extensive customization options in their email campaigns.

To further boost the effectiveness of your email personalization, consider using Bardeen to enrich lead data and automate custom message crafting with insights from platforms like LinkedIn, enhancing your engagement rates. Check out this workflow to personalize sales outreach emails for more information.

Overall, for users who need comprehensive customization and variety in their email campaigns, appears to be the superior choice.

__wf_reserved_inherit's email personalization options including variables and preview. provides a robust set of features for personalizing outreach emails within their campaign function. Users have complete control over customizing their email content to tailor it to each individual lead.

  • Pre-made and custom templates: includes a variety of pre-made email templates to help users get started quickly. Users can also create their own templates from scratch for maximum flexibility.
  • Variables for personalization: Personalization variables can be easily inserted into email templates using double curly braces, such as {{accountSignature}}. This allows for dynamic content that is automatically populated with lead-specific information.
  • Previewing emails: The handy preview button lets users see exactly how their email will look with the personalized variables filled in before sending.
  • Rich content options: In addition to text, supports adding links, emoticons, and images to outreach emails for more engaging and expressive content.
  • Email settings: Users can control email tracking and set daily sending limits to optimize their outreach efforts and stay within best practices.


Personalizing emails in Waalaxy with custom variables like name and company.

Waalaxy provides an intuitive way to personalize your email campaigns using custom variables. This feature allows you to tailor your messages to each individual lead, increasing the chances of engagement and conversion.

Key features of email personalization in Waalaxy:

  • Custom variables: Easily insert variables like {{FirstName}}, {{LastName}}, and {{Company}} to dynamically populate lead-specific information in your emails.
  • Intuitive interface: The user-friendly editor makes it simple to add and manage variables within your email templates.
  • Seamless integration: Waalaxy automatically pulls data from your lead lists to populate the variables, ensuring accurate personalization for each recipient.

By leveraging Waalaxy's personalization capabilities, you can create highly targeted and relevant email campaigns that resonate with your leads, ultimately improving your sales engagement efforts.

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AI Features - Boosting Sales Sequence Optimization

Waalaxy clearly has the upper hand when it comes to AI integration within their sales sequence tools, offering features like AI-driven messaging optimization and AI prospect finding.

AI Prospect Finder feature in Waalaxy, despite its name, lacks AI features for enhancing sales sequences, which could be a significant drawback for users seeking advanced AI capabilities in their sales tools.

For businesses that prioritize advanced AI features to enhance their sales processes, Waalaxy is the more suitable choice. If you're looking to further augment your sales tools with AI, consider exploring Bardeen’s integrations like personalizing sales outreach emails which can add valuable insights and automation to your sales activities.

Despite the company's name suggesting AI capabilities, there is no clear evidence of AI being used to generate content or leverage custom signals for each lead within the sequences feature.

It's important to note that while AI can be a powerful tool for automating and optimizing various aspects of sales engagement, not all platforms that include "AI" in their branding necessarily provide AI-driven functionality in every feature.

When evaluating sales engagement tools, it's essential to look beyond the company name and thoroughly examine the specific features and capabilities offered by the platform to ensure it aligns with your team's needs and expectations.


Waalaxy uses AI to find prospects on LinkedIn and import them into the platform.

Waalaxy leverages artificial intelligence to streamline the process of finding and engaging with potential leads on LinkedIn. The AI Prospect Finder feature allows users to quickly identify relevant contacts based on specific criteria and import them directly into the platform for outreach campaigns.

Key AI-powered features in Waalaxy:

  • AI Prospect Finder: Automatically searches for and identifies potential leads on LinkedIn based on user-defined criteria.
  • Prospect Import: Seamlessly imports AI-generated prospects into the Waalaxy platform, ready for outreach campaigns.
  • Messaging Optimization: Utilizes AI to analyze and optimize messaging strategies for improved engagement and response rates.

By harnessing the power of AI, Waalaxy simplifies the process of finding and connecting with high-quality leads, enabling users to focus their efforts on crafting effective outreach campaigns and building relationships with potential customers.

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Native Enrichment – Integrating and Updating Lead Data

Waalaxy appears to offer a more integrated solution for native enrichment by dynamically integrating buyer signals from LinkedIn, offering a clear competitive edge.

Waalaxy's Prospects interface showing integrated LinkedIn data

On the other hand, allows users to enrich a list of leads but lacks a native database, which could limit the depth of data available without external resources.

For users looking for deeper integration and real-time data updates directly from LinkedIn, Waalaxy's offering is superior. However, for those needing to enrich data from a broader range of sources, using Bardeen's automation capabilities alongside might be invaluable, especially with automations that enrich and update leads from databases like Airtable.

__wf_reserved_inherit's Lead Finder with filters for job title, location, industry and more. provides a Lead Finder feature that allows users to enrich their lead lists with additional data points. This data enrichment helps provide valuable insights into buyer signals and lead qualifications.

  • Upload and enrich lists: Users can upload their own lead lists and have enrich the data with additional fields.
  • Filtering options: The Lead Finder offers an array of filters to narrow down leads, including job titles, location, industry, company size, revenue, and more.
  • Buyer signals: Enriched data provides insights into buyer signals that can help qualify and prioritize leads.

It's important to note that while can enrich uploaded lead lists, it does not appear to offer a native database for lead generation. The focus is on enhancing existing lists rather than sourcing new leads directly within the platform.

👍 "Try — it's the best for leads and verification" - r/LeadGeneration


Waalaxy enriches prospect data with LinkedIn info and buyer signals.

Waalaxy offers native enrichment capabilities that enhance your lead data with valuable information from LinkedIn and other sources. This dynamic data enrichment provides deeper insights into your prospects, helping you tailor your outreach and improve conversions.

  • LinkedIn data integration: Automatically pull in key data points like job title, company, and location from prospects' LinkedIn profiles to keep your lead information up-to-date and accurate.
  • Buyer signals: Waalaxy aggregates data from various sources to surface important buying signals that can help you prioritize and personalize your outreach. These insights can include recent job changes, company growth, or other relevant events.
  • Dynamic updates: As new information becomes available, Waalaxy continuously updates your prospect data, ensuring you always have the most current and relevant insights at your fingertips.
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Social Automation - Boost LinkedIn lead generation and management

Waalaxy clearly outperforms in the area of social automation, particularly with LinkedIn integration for lead generation.

Waalaxy CRM integration options for LinkedIn leads lacks built-in capabilities for automating social platforms like LinkedIn, requiring users to seek additional tools such as Dripify or Hey Alfred. In contrast, Waalaxy not only enables LinkedIn automations but also supports seamless CRM integrations, such as syncing with HubSpot, directly within its platform.

If you're seeking to enhance your LinkedIn outreach and manage leads efficiently, automate saving LinkedIn profiles as leads with Bardeen, complementing tools like Waalaxy for an integrated sales process.

While offers a range of sales engagement features, it does not appear to have native support for automating social media outreach on platforms like LinkedIn. To achieve social automation, users would need to integrate with a separate tool like Dripify or Hey Alfred.

This lack of built-in social automation functionality may be a drawback for sales teams looking to streamline their outreach efforts across multiple channels within a single platform. However, the ability to integrate with specialized social automation tools still allows users to create comprehensive campaigns, albeit with additional steps and potential costs.

Key takeaways:

  • No native social media automation within
  • Integration with third-party tools like Dripify or Hey Alfred required for social outreach
  • May add complexity and costs to the user's workflow


Waalaxy allows syncing prospect data with various CRM platforms.

Waalaxy offers a unique feature that allows users to leverage their LinkedIn connections for prospecting and lead generation. By connecting Waalaxy to LinkedIn, users can import prospect data directly into their campaigns, streamlining the process of building targeted outreach lists.

Key aspects of Waalaxy's LinkedIn integration:

  • Sync with popular CRMs: Waalaxy integrates with Hubspot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, and other major CRM platforms, enabling seamless data transfer between systems.
  • Enrich prospect data: By connecting LinkedIn profiles to Waalaxy, users can access valuable information about their prospects, such as job titles, company details, and contact information.
  • Automate outreach: With prospect data imported from LinkedIn, users can create targeted email and social media campaigns directly within Waalaxy, saving time and effort.

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Pricing Options - Balancing Cost and Features

Comparing and Waalaxy reveals differences in pricing flexibility and feature access. offers scalable plans with significant email volumes. offers pricing plans that scale significantly with business needs, providing up to 500,000 emails per month in its highest tier and a 14-day free trial without requiring interaction with sales. All plans include unlimited email accounts and email warmup services, ensuring broad usability regardless of the plan chosen.

Waalaxy includes a free plan and purchase options for additional tools.

Waalaxy, on the other hand, offers a free plan and two paid plans priced in euros, with additional costs for features like its own Inbox and extra credits for its email finder tool. This could add complexity and additional costs depending on the user's specific needs.

Businesses seeking a straightforward, scalable email solution might prefer for its inclusive features across all plans and straightforward pricing. However, for users needing basic services without upfront costs, Waalaxy's free plan could be appealing.

For managing high-volume email campaigns efficiently, consider using Bardeen to automate sending personalized emails.

Instantly's simple pricing plans for businesses of all sizes.

Instantly offers straightforward pricing plans designed to accommodate the needs of businesses of various sizes. The pricing is based on the number of emails sent per month, with all plans including unlimited email accounts and warmup emails to prevent messages from being marked as spam.

Key aspects of Instantly's pricing:

  • Billing Model: Monthly or yearly subscription, with a 20% discount for annual payments
  • Free Trial: 14-day free trial available for all plans
  • Price Per Usage: Plans are priced based on the number of emails sent per month, starting at $30/month for 5,000 emails (Growth plan) and scaling up to $286.30/month for 500,000 emails (Light Speed plan)
  • Included Features: All plans include unlimited email accounts, unlimited email warmup, and live chat support
  • Enterprise Features: The Light Speed plan offers additional features like "Everything in Hyper Growth+" and 100,000 uploaded contacts
  • Sales Contact: No sales call required to test or purchase the product


Waalaxy offers three pricing tiers with different feature sets.

Waalaxy's pricing model is designed to cater to various user needs, with a free plan and two paid tiers. The prices are displayed in Euros, and the cost varies depending on the subscription duration, with discounts available for longer commitments.

  • Free Plan: The free tier offers 80 invitations per month, pre-filled message templates, and 25 emails finder credits. It's a good starting point for those new to the platform.
  • Advanced Plan: Priced at €112/month, this plan includes 800 invitations per month, CRM synchronization, auto-imports of prospects, and live chat with real humans.
  • Business Plan: The top-tier plan costs €160/month and offers additional features such as LinkedIn + Emails features, cloud-based solution, cold emailing automations, and 500 emails finder credits.

Users can also purchase add-ons like Waalaxy's Inbox and extra credits for the email finder tool. The pricing page does not mention a free trial or the need to contact a sales representative, suggesting a self-serve model where users can sign up and choose a plan directly from the website.

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Which is Best for Streamlined Email Campaigns? and Waalaxy cater to different needs within the realm of cold outreach. is straightforward, perfect for simple, linear email sequences. It's ideal if you're just starting with email automation. Waalaxy, however, offers more versatility with its multi-channel prospecting and range of pre-built templates, especially beneficial for LinkedIn and email integration.

If your focus is basic email campaigns with easy setup, is a great choice. For more complex strategies involving LinkedIn, Waalaxy's robust features are better suited.