vs Salesloft: Best Cold Outreach Tool 2024

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May 23, 2024
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This article compares and Salesloft to help you choose the best cold outreach tool. We aim to provide a detailed review to aid in selecting the most effective tool for your needs. While both tools offer more than just cold outreach features, this comparison focuses specifically on their cold outreach capabilities. Our motivation for this comparison is to assist in saving time on repetitive tasks, a goal shared by Bardeen, a task copilot that automates actions to save you time.

Campaign CreationSimple email sequence creationIntuitive multichannel campaign tools
DeliverabilityEmail warming to improve deliverabilityReputable IPs and gradual volume increase
PersonalizationCustomizable emails with variables and imagesAdvanced personalization with behavioral data
AINo AI features for sequence optimizationAI-driven email drafts and prioritized actions
Native EnrichmentEnrichment for uploaded lead listsIntegrates with third-party data providers
Social AutomationNo built-in social media automationNo LinkedIn messaging in sequences
PricingTransparent tiered pricing from $30 to $286Three tiers, details require contacting sales

Campaign Creation - Simplifying or Diversifying Outreach?

Salesloft offers a more comprehensive solution for campaign creation compared to, especially for users needing multichannel sequence capabilities.

Salesloft's robust tools for multichannel sequence creation

While provides a streamlined, easy-to-use interface for linear email sequences, it lacks the advanced scheduling, phone call, and social interaction options that Salesloft provides. This makes Salesloft more suitable for complex sales strategies that require detailed, diverse contact points with leads.

To further enhance your sales campaigns, consider integrating Bardeen to automate your workflow, enrich lead data, and personalize outreach effectively.

If your main focus is simplicity and quick setup for email-only sequences, might be the better choice. However, for a more dynamic and detailed campaign structure, Salesloft’s capabilities provide a clear advantage.

Simple, linear sequence creation in offers a straightforward approach to email sequencing, focusing on simplicity and ease of use. The platform provides a clean interface for creating linear sequences without complex branching or conditional logic, making it well-suited for users who need to quickly set up and execute basic outreach campaigns.

Key features of's sequence creation:

  • Linear sequence structure: Sequences are designed as a series of steps without forks or branches, simplifying the creation process.
  • Easy step management: Adding, editing, and rearranging steps is intuitive and requires minimal effort.
  • Variant support: Users can create multiple variants of a sequence step to personalize content for different recipients.

While may lack some of the advanced features found in other sales engagement platforms, its focus on simplicity can be an advantage for users who prioritize quick setup and execution over complex automation.

👍 "combine this with for our results" - r/sales


Salesloft's campaign creation interface showing campaign members and activity overview.

Salesloft provides a comprehensive set of tools for creating and managing multichannel sequences that include emails, phone calls, and social interactions. The campaign creation interface is designed to be intuitive and efficient, enabling sales teams to build targeted campaigns quickly.

Key features of Salesloft's campaign creation:

  • Multichannel support: Create sequences that incorporate emails, calls, and social touches
  • Detailed scheduling: Set specific timelines and intervals for each step in the sequence
  • Campaign members: Easily view and manage the contacts included in each campaign
  • Activity overview: Monitor upcoming and overdue activities, as well as past interactions

Reddit users have shared mixed experiences with Salesloft's sequence creation. While some appreciate its ease of use and efficiency compared to alternatives, others express frustration over centralized control limiting their autonomy.

👍 "Decided to go SalesLoft after all. Thank you!" - r/sales
👎 "Our reply rates on sequences are terrible" - r/sales
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Deliverability - Ensuring Emails Reach the Inbox provides a more comprehensive solution for email deliverability, particularly with its integrated unlimited email warming service, which is included even in the most basic package.

Customizable deliverability settings in

Salesloft, while not offering an email warming feature, focuses on maintaining a strong reputation through the use of reputable IP addresses and a gradual increase in email volume. This approach helps prevent emails from being flagged as spam.

For users needing advanced deliverability tools like email simulation and integrated warming, may be the better choice. However, for those who prioritize a robust foundational approach without additional features, Salesloft's methods could be sufficient.

For enhanced email productivity and drafting, consider using Bardeen's automation tools to further streamline your email processes. provides email warming settings to improve deliverability. offers several features to address deliverability issues and help users' emails land in prospects' inboxes:

  • Unlimited email warming: Even the most basic package includes unlimited email warming to establish a positive sending reputation.
  • Integrated warming service: The email warming feature is fully integrated into the product for ease of use.
  • Simulate engagement: lets you simulate email opens and reads with your connected inboxes to further improve deliverability.
  • Custom tracking domains: Use custom tracking domains to maintain good sending reputation across your accounts.
  • Control sending limits: Set daily sending limits and adjust warming settings like increase per day to avoid hitting spam traps.

However, Reddit users report mixed experiences with's deliverability and email warming capabilities:

👎 "Been doing the warm up for almost 2 months now and still even basic messages going to spam" - r/Emailmarketing
👍👎 "Instantly's missing a lot of basic things" - r/Emailmarketing


AI-generated follow-up email in Salesloft, pulled up and ready to send.

While Salesloft does not offer a dedicated email warming feature, it employs several best practices to maintain high deliverability rates for its users:

  • Reputable IP addresses: Salesloft sends emails from IP addresses with solid reputations to avoid spam filters.
  • Gradual volume increase: The platform gradually increases the volume of emails sent, preventing sudden spikes that could trigger spam alerts.
  • Personalization options: Salesloft provides tools for personalizing emails, striking a balance between volume and customization to maintain inbox placement.

Reddit users have expressed a preference for Salesloft over alternatives like Hubspot, citing its ease of use and deliverability features.

👍 "Salesloft gives you the ability to personalize before hitting send." - r/sales
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Personalization - Customizing Messages for Lead Engagement

When comparing and Salesloft in terms of email personalization features, Salesloft takes a slight edge due to its advanced behavioral personalization capabilities.

Salesloft's dashboard showing behavioral personalization options. provides a robust suite of tools for customization, including templates, placeholders for variables, and visual elements like links and images. However, Salesloft's ability to use custom columns and real-time behavioral data from leads offers a more dynamic approach to personalization, tailoring content based on lead activities and interactions.

This depth of customization in Salesloft can be more effective in creating meaningful engagements with prospects, potentially leading to higher response rates and conversions. To further enhance your email campaigns, consider using Bardeen's AI-powered playbooks to automate and personalize your outreach efforts seamlessly.

Both platforms offer valuable tools, but if your strategy heavily relies on behavioral insights and dynamic content adjustments, Salesloft might be the better choice.

Instantly's email editor with personalization options like variables and signature.

Instantly offers a range of features to personalize emails for each lead within campaigns. The email editor allows complete customization, with options to build emails from scratch or start with pre-made templates.

  • Variables: Personalize emails by inserting variables like {{accountSignature}} using placeholders within double curly brackets. This lets you tailor each email to the specific recipient.
  • Links, emoticons, images: Enhance emails with clickable links, expressive emoticons, and embedded images to engage recipients and communicate your message effectively.
  • Preview: Instantly generates previews to show how the personalized email will look for each lead before sending, allowing you to perfect the email's appearance and content.
  • Tracking and sending limits: Enable email tracking to monitor opens and clicks, and set daily sending limits to pace your outreach and stay within acceptable volume limits.


Salesloft offers various custom fields to personalize emails for each lead.

Salesloft provides several options to customize and personalize emails for each lead within a sequence. By leveraging custom columns and behavioral data, users can create highly targeted and relevant messages that resonate with their prospects.

  • Custom columns: Salesloft allows users to add custom columns for each lead, such as their industry, company size, or specific pain points. This information can then be dynamically inserted into emails using personalization tags, ensuring that each message is tailored to the individual recipient.
  • Behavioral personalization: The platform also enables behavioral personalization based on a lead's engagement and actions. For example, if a prospect clicks on a specific link or downloads a resource, Salesloft can automatically trigger a personalized follow-up message that addresses their interests or concerns.

These personalization features help users build stronger connections with their leads, increasing the likelihood of a positive response and ultimately driving more conversions. By combining custom data points and behavioral insights, Salesloft empowers sales teams to deliver highly effective and personalized email campaigns at scale.

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AI - Boosting Efficiency in Lead Engagement

Based on our research and experience with, the platform does not currently offer any AI-powered features for creating or optimizing sales sequences. Despite the company's name suggesting AI capabilities, the tool lacks the ability to generate entire sentences or personalize content based on custom lead signals.

Key observations:

  • No AI-assisted content creation for sequences
  • Lack of AI-driven personalization based on lead data
  • Platform name may be misleading regarding AI features

As a sales engagement tool, would benefit from incorporating AI technologies to help users create more effective sequences and tailor their outreach to individual leads. However, at present, users will need to rely on manual creation and customization of their sales sequences within the platform.


Salesloft uses AI to generate personalized email drafts for each lead.

Salesloft leverages AI technology to help sales reps prospect more efficiently and engage with leads more effectively. The platform uses AI to prioritize actions, generate personalized email drafts, and provide relevant insights for each lead.

Key AI features in Salesloft:

  • Prioritized actions: AI-powered "Rhythm" guides reps on which actions to take to build pipeline and close deals.
  • Personalized email drafts: AI generates email content tailored to each lead, incorporating relevant information like company name and character limit.
  • Custom signals: AI uses natural language processing (NLP) to analyze lead data and suggest the most impactful actions for each individual.
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Native Enrichment - Amplifying Lead Data for Better Outreach takes the lead in native enrichment capabilities, allowing users to enrich uploaded lead lists directly within the platform.

Lead Enrichment feature in

While Salesloft lacks a native enrichment feature, it compensates by supporting integrations with third-party services that provide detailed lead data. This flexibility can be beneficial if you already use or prefer specific external data providers.

For businesses that require streamlined operations without relying on multiple tools, offers a more integrated solution. However, Salesloft may be a better fit if you are looking for flexibility in choosing different data enrichment services based on your specific needs. In either case, utilizing Bardeen can further enhance your sales process by automating data collection and enrichment tasks, ensuring you have the most accurate and up-to-date information on your leads.

Instantly's Lead Finder allows searching for leads based on various criteria.

While Instantly does not offer a native enrichment database, it provides the ability to enrich lead information for lists that you upload. This lead enrichment can help provide additional context and buyer signals to guide your sales engagement efforts.

Key features of lead enrichment in Instantly:

  • Enrich uploaded lead lists: You can upload your own lists of leads and have Instantly enrich the data for those specific individuals.
  • Filter leads by various criteria: The Lead Finder tool allows you to search for and filter leads based on job title, location, industry, company size, revenue, and more.
  • Access enriched data: After uploading a list, you can view the enriched lead data, including job title, company, and email address.

While the lack of a built-in enrichment database may be a drawback for some users, Instantly's ability to enrich your own lead lists still provides value in gathering additional context on your prospects to inform your outreach.


Salesloft does not offer native lead enrichment capabilities within its Sequences feature. However, it supports integrations with third-party services that can enrich leads with additional data and insights.

While native enrichment is not available, users can still gain valuable information about their leads through these integrations, which can help to personalize outreach and improve the effectiveness of sales engagement efforts.

  • Third-party integrations: Salesloft allows for integration with external data providers to enhance lead information
  • Personalization: Enriched lead data can be used to tailor communication and improve relevance
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Pro Tip:

Social Automation - manage LinkedIn with additional tools

Salesloft and both do not offer built-in capabilities for automating LinkedIn interactions within their Sequences features.

While lacks native social platform automation, requiring additional tools like Dripify or Hey Alfred, Salesloft also does not support LinkedIn messaging as part of its email campaign sequences. This limitation means users of either platform need to look beyond these tools to manage social selling automation effectively.

If LinkedIn outreach is vital for your sales strategy, consider employing a specialized tool that integrates well with your chosen platform. Explore tools that automate LinkedIn activities to enhance your sales process without manual intervention.

For a more seamless integration that can pull information directly from social platforms and automate interactions, Bardeen offers capabilities that may help bridge the gap in social selling automation currently absent in both Salesloft and does not appear to have built-in functionality for automating social media engagement, such as LinkedIn outreach. To automate social selling activities, users will likely need to use a separate, specialized tool like Dripify or Hey Alfred in conjunction with Instantly.

While Instantly's Sequences feature is powerful for email campaigns, the lack of native social automation may be a drawback for users looking to streamline their outreach efforts across multiple channels from a single platform.

If social selling automation is a priority, it's worth exploring dedicated tools that can integrate with Instantly to create a more comprehensive sales engagement workflow.


Salesloft does not currently support sending LinkedIn messages as part of email campaign sequences. While Salesloft offers robust email automation capabilities, social media integration for platforms like LinkedIn is not a feature available within the Sequences tool.

If LinkedIn outreach is a critical component of your sales engagement strategy, you may need to explore alternative tools or consider manual processes to incorporate LinkedIn messaging alongside your Salesloft email campaigns.

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Pricing - Balancing Cost and Features with and Salesloft offers a more flexible and transparent pricing model compared to Salesloft, providing clear advantages for businesses looking for straightforward costs without the need for sales interaction.

Instantly's transparent pricing tiers displayed on their website

Instantly's pricing ranges from $30 to $286 per month with options for annual savings, and includes unlimited email accounts and warmup emails. They also offer a free 14-day trial, allowing users to evaluate the service without commitment.

Salesloft's feature comparison for different pricing tiers

In contrast, Salesloft requires potential users to contact their sales team for pricing details and does not provide a free trial, which could slow down the decision-making process for companies eager to start optimizing their sales operations immediately.

For businesses that value clear pricing and ease of access to trial the service, clearly stands out as the better option. Additionally, for teams looking to streamline their sales processes further, consider using Bardeen to automate routine tasks and increase efficiency.

Instantly offers simple, transparent pricing plans for businesses of all sizes.

Instantly provides straightforward pricing options built for businesses of varying needs and sizes. The platform operates on a tiered subscription model, with plans ranging from $30 to $286.30 per month, depending on the volume of emails required.

Key aspects of Instantly's pricing:

  • Flexible plans: Three tiers (Growth, Hypergrowth, and Light Speed) to accommodate different business requirements.
  • Usage-based pricing: Plans are priced according to the number of emails sent per month, ranging from 5,000 to 500,000.
  • Annual discounts: Users can save 20% by opting for annual billing instead of monthly payments.
  • Unlimited email accounts: All plans include unlimited email accounts and email warmup to maintain deliverability.
  • 14-day free trial: Prospective users can test the product with a 14-day trial before committing to a paid plan.
  • No sales interaction required: Users can sign up and start using the platform without having to go through a sales representative.


Salesloft offers three pricing tiers with increasing levels of features.

Salesloft provides three pricing packages designed to meet the needs of different sales teams. However, they do not disclose specific pricing information on their website, instead requiring interested parties to request a demo to learn more.

Key aspects of Salesloft's pricing model:

  • No free trial: Salesloft does not offer a free trial period for any of its packages.
  • Contact sales for pricing: To get detailed pricing information, you must contact the Salesloft sales team and request a demo.
  • Three pricing tiers: Essentials, Advanced, and Premier, each offering progressively more features and capabilities.
  • Feature differences: Higher-tier packages include additional features like conversation intelligence, opportunity management, and revenue forecasting.
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The Verdict: Which is Best for Streamlining Outreach? and Salesloft both offer unique advantages for managing sales campaigns. is praised for its simplicity and ease of use, making it ideal for straightforward email sequences. It's perfect when you need to quickly set up and run campaigns without complicated features.

Salesloft, on the other hand, excels with its comprehensive tools for multichannel sequences, including phone and social interactions. It's better suited for complex, detailed campaign management across multiple platforms.

Choose for basic, quick setup campaigns. Opt for Salesloft if you require a robust, feature-rich platform for intricate sales strategies.

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