vs RocketReach 2024: Best Sales Tool?

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May 23, 2024
Jason Gong
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This article compares and Rocketreach as sales intelligence tools, aiming to help you select the best tool by offering a detailed comparison. While these tools offer more features, this comparison focuses solely on their capabilities as sales intelligence tools. By understanding their strengths and weaknesses in this area, we aim to assist you in choosing the right tool for your needs. Recognizing the importance of choosing efficient tools to save time on repetitive tasks, this comparison is motivated by Bardeen's role in helping users automate sequences of actions to increase productivity.

Available Data PointsOffers funding and job dataProvides intent data from various sources
Enrichment IntegrationsIntegrates with major CRMs and email clientsConnects with CRMs, outreach tools, Zapier
Data Quality & AccuracyCrawls web daily for updated dataUses multiple sources for high accuracy
ProspectingDomain search with granular filtersExtensive search filters for targeted prospecting
Pricing PlansFlexible plans with a free optionMonthly and annual plans, no free trial

Available Data Points - Target high-growth potential leads and RocketReach both offer unique data points for enrichment, but has a slight edge with its integration of funding information.

__wf_reserved_inherit focusing on funding and acquisitions for lead enrichment

RocketReach, although collecting intent data from various resources including public filings and newsletters, does not prominently feature the integration of this data into a broader range of business insights like funding events, which are crucial for targeting fast-growing companies.

Additionally, using tools like Bardeen can complement these platforms by enriching contact data directly from your browser, enhancing the value of the data gathered from either platform.

If your focus is on identifying high-growth potential leads through funding and acquisitions data, provides a more tailored solution.

__wf_reserved_inherit provides unique signals like funding and job openings data. offers a comprehensive set of data points for lead enrichment, including some unique and valuable insights that go beyond the standard contact information. In addition to essential details like email addresses and phone numbers, provides data on a company's funding and acquisition activities, as well as their current job openings.

  • Buyer intent data: By tracking a company's funding rounds and acquisitions, helps identify leads that are likely to be in a buying or growth phase, making them high-value targets for outreach.
  • Hiring insights: Information on a company's active job openings can provide clues about their current needs and priorities, allowing sales teams to tailor their approach accordingly.
  • LinkedIn data: leverages LinkedIn data to provide additional context on leads, such as their professional background and connections.

These unique data points, combined with the standard contact information, make a powerful tool for sales teams looking to gain a deeper understanding of their leads and personalize their outreach for maximum impact.


Rocketreach provides intent data from a variety of sources.

Rocketreach offers a comprehensive set of data points for lead enrichment, going beyond standard information like email and phone number. In addition to basic contact details, the platform provides valuable insights such as intent data, which can help sales teams identify and prioritize leads that are actively researching solutions or ready to make a purchase.

  • Intent Data: Rocketreach gathers intent data from multiple sources, including branded content, websites, newsletters, event attendance, and public filings/PR. This information can be used to gauge a lead's interest and readiness to buy.
  • Firmographics and Technographics: The platform provides detailed company information, including firmographics (e.g., industry, revenue, number of employees) and technographics (technologies used by the company). This data can help sales teams tailor their approach and messaging to the specific needs and challenges of each prospect.
  • Hiring Data: Rocketreach also offers insights into a company's hiring trends, which can indicate growth, expansion, or potential opportunities for sales.
  • Business Card Data: The platform leverages business card data to enrich lead profiles, ensuring that contact information is accurate and up-to-date.

By aggregating data from a wide range of sources, Rocketreach enables sales teams to gain a more comprehensive understanding of their leads and make data-driven decisions to improve lead qualification, personalize marketing campaigns, and optimize sales strategies.

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Enrichment Integrations - Connecting and Syncing with CRMs

Rocketreach offers a broader range of integrations compared to, particularly including Zapier which allows for custom workflow creations.

Rocketreach connects with major CRMs and offers custom integrations via Zapier

While also connects well with major CRMs like HubSpot, Salesforce, and Pipedrive, it lacks the flexible, customizable integration options provided by Zapier, as seen in Rocketreach.

For businesses looking for versatility and the ability to tailor integrations to unique workflows, Rocketreach's inclusion of Zapier makes it a stronger candidate. Enhance your CRM and sales engagement tools by integrating with services like Salesforce or HubSpot using Bardeen.

__wf_reserved_inherit integrates with popular CRMs and email clients for seamless lead syncing. offers integrations with several popular CRM platforms and email clients, making it easy to sync leads and enrich your existing contact data. The integration process is straightforward, allowing you to connect your accounts with just a few clicks.

  • CRM Integrations: integrates with HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, and Zoho CRM, enabling automatic synchronization of leads saved in to your CRM account.
  • Email Client Integrations: The tool also connects with Gmail and Outlook, making it convenient to access's features directly from your email client.

These integrations streamline your workflow by eliminating the need for manual data entry and ensuring that your contact information stays up-to-date across all platforms. The ease of setup and the variety of supported integrations make a versatile tool for sales teams looking to enhance their lead generation and management processes.


RocketReach natively integrates with various apps, including CRMs and Zapier.

RocketReach provides native integrations with popular CRMs, outreach tools, and other platforms, making it easy to access and use enriched contact data across your sales and marketing stack. The integrations are designed to be user-friendly and can be set up with just a few clicks.

  • CRM Integrations: RocketReach connects with leading CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Salesloft, enabling you to sync contact data and access RocketReach's enrichment capabilities directly within your CRM.
  • Outreach Tool Integration: The native integration with Outreach allows you to enrich your contact lists and personalize your outreach campaigns without leaving the platform.
  • Zapier Integration: For custom integrations with over 1,000 apps, RocketReach offers a Zapier integration. This allows you to build your own workflows and automate data syncing between RocketReach and your preferred tools.
  • Bullhorn Integration: Staffing and recruiting teams can benefit from RocketReach's integration with Bullhorn, streamlining their candidate sourcing and outreach processes.
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Data Quality & Accuracy - Keeping Contact Information Current has a substantial edge in data quality and updating frequency due to its continuous crawling of the Internet, which ensures the data remains fresh and extensive.

__wf_reserved_inherit synchronizes with the entire web to verify and update data.

Rocketreach, although it uses multiple data sources and offers detailed information like Firmographics and Technographics, does not explicitly state the frequency of its data updates, which can be a critical factor for users needing the most current data.

For users requiring up-to-the-minute data updates, is likely a better choice. Moreover, for marketers looking to enrich contacts efficiently, integrating Bardeen could streamline their workflow by automating data enrichment from live web sources.

__wf_reserved_inherit crawls millions of web pages daily to find and verify contact information. maintains a comprehensive and up-to-date database by continuously crawling the web for new leads and information. This ensures that the data provided is accurate, reliable, and synchronized with the entire web.

  • Extensive web crawling: visits millions of web pages every day to find contact information for businesses across all industries.
  • Vast data sources: The platform sources data from over 76M websites, providing a wide range of verified email addresses.
  • Continuous updates: Along with adding new leads, also updates existing data to maintain accuracy and relevance.
  • Indexed email addresses: With over 107M professional email addresses indexed, users have access to a substantial pool of potential contacts.


RocketReach gathers intent data from various sources to provide up-to-date information.

RocketReach provides high-quality data by leveraging multiple sources to gather and update information on a regular basis. The company's data mining process includes pulling information from branded content, firmographics, technographics, hiring data, websites, newsletters, and event attendance.

Key aspects of RocketReach's data quality:

  • Extensive coverage: Access profile and contact data for over 400 million professionals and 20 million companies worldwide.
  • Frequent updates: Continuous real-time updates, with over 85 million profiles refreshed every month.
  • High accuracy: RocketReach uses 95% of the Fortune 500 companies and delivers 98% deliverability for a grade verified email addresses.
  • Verified data: Credits are used only when a verified email address or phone number is provided for a searched contact.

By gathering intent data from a wide range of sources and consistently processing and updating this information, RocketReach offers users reliable and accurate data to support their sales and marketing efforts.

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Prospecting - Detailed Lead Search vs CRM Integration and RocketReach both provide robust tools for prospecting, but their approaches offer different advantages. stands out with its easy-to-use interface and the ability to directly integrate with CRMs, making it a potentially more seamless option for users who rely heavily on CRM systems.

__wf_reserved_inherit's clean layout and CRM integration options

RocketReach, however, provides a more extensive range of filters for detailed searches, which can be particularly beneficial for users needing very specific lead qualifications. This makes it a superior choice for users who prioritize depth in lead searching capabilities.

Additionally, for those looking to further enhance their prospecting efforts, Bardeen can be used to automate the enrichment of prospect lists with live, comprehensive data from various online platforms, substantially boosting the effectiveness of your outreach strategies.

In conclusion, if CRM integration is a priority for your workflow, might be the better option. However, if the depth and specificity of search capabilities are more critical for your needs, RocketReach is the way to go.

__wf_reserved_inherit domain search with filters for departments and seniority levels. offers a robust set of prospecting features to help build targeted lead lists for outreach campaigns. The key differentiator is the ability to search for specific domains and apply granular filters to narrow down the results to the most relevant contacts.

  • Domain search: Find email addresses associated with any company website
  • Department filters: Narrow results by job function like Sales, Marketing, HR, etc.
  • Seniority filters: Target leads by their role level from executives to junior employees
  • Export options: Easily export lead data via API or direct CRM integrations
  • Multiple lists: Create and manage separate lead lists for different campaigns

These advanced search capabilities, combined with the flexibility to segment leads into multiple lists, enable sales and marketing teams to efficiently build highly targeted prospect databases. The ability to further enrich this data and push to CRM systems via API integrations streamlines the workflow from prospecting to outreach.


RocketReach's advanced search filters allow for targeted prospecting.

RocketReach offers a powerful prospecting tool that enables users to build targeted lists of leads for outreach campaigns. The platform provides an extensive set of search filters, allowing users to narrow down their search based on specific criteria such as location, occupation, years of experience, employer, industry, and more.

  • Saved Searches: Users can save their search criteria for future use, making it easy to quickly access and update targeted lead lists.
  • Advanced Filters: RocketReach offers a wide range of filters, including non-standard fields like intent, revenue, and employee count, enabling users to create highly specific lead lists.
  • Data Export: The platform allows users to export their lead data using the provided API, making it simple to integrate with other tools and workflows.
  • Multiple Lists: Users can create and manage multiple lead lists within the platform, allowing for organized and efficient prospecting.

By leveraging RocketReach's advanced search capabilities and data export features, users can streamline their prospecting process and focus their outreach efforts on the most promising leads.

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Pricing Plans - Evaluating Cost and Value offers greater flexibility and accessibility with a free trial available, making it an attractive option for users who want to test services before committing financially. Pricing Overview: Multiple Plans with a Free Trial Option

Rocketreach, while offering detailed plans for both individuals and teams, does not provide a free trial, which may limit its appeal to those unsure about the value before purchase. Both platforms offer multiple pricing tiers and substantial discounts on annual payments, but the absence of a free trial in Rocketreach could be a decisive factor for new users.

For users looking to integrate pricing data into their workflows, Bardeen's playbooks can automate the extraction of such information directly into Google Sheets.

If you're undecided or cautious about initial investments,'s free trial gives it a notable edge over Rocketreach.

__wf_reserved_inherit offers multiple pricing tiers with monthly and yearly billing options. provides a range of pricing options to suit different needs and budgets. The pricing model is based on the number of monthly searches, verifications, and connected email accounts included in each plan.

  • Free plan: Offers 25 monthly searches and 50 monthly verifications at no cost
  • Paid plans: Starter, Growth, and Business tiers with increasing monthly limits and additional features
  • Yearly discount: Save 30% by opting for annual billing instead of monthly
  • Unlimited seats: All plans allow for unlimited users, with the ability to upgrade or downgrade at any time
  • Additional usage: Extra searches and verifications are available for purchase on top of the monthly limits

The main differences between the paid plans are the monthly limits for searches, verifications, and connected email accounts. Higher-tier plans also include access to additional features such as CSV exports, SMTP/IMAP accounts, email account rotation, and attachments & images in emails.

Users can get started with any plan directly from the pricing page without the need to contact a sales representative.


RocketReach offers monthly and annual plans for individuals and teams with varying lookup limits.

RocketReach provides a straightforward pricing model with monthly and annual plans for both individuals and teams. While they do not offer a free trial, users can choose from three tiers: Essentials, Pro, and Ultimate.

  • Billing model: Monthly or annual subscription
  • Free trial: Not available
  • Price per seat or usage: Plans are priced per user, with higher tiers offering more lookups per user
  • Key features in paid tiers:
    • Essentials: Personal & Professional Emails, Person Search, Browser Extension
    • Pro: All Essentials features plus Mobile & Direct Phone Numbers, Company Search, Outreach, Hubspot, & Zapier Integration, Bulk Lookups, Technographics
    • Ultimate: All Pro features plus API access, Salesforce Integration, Org Charts & Company Trends, CRM Enrich
  • Sales contact required: Not mentioned, likely not required for self-serve plans

RocketReach's pricing is based on the number of lookups per user, with the Essentials plan offering 80 lookups/user, Pro providing 200 lookups/user, and Ultimate allowing for 500 lookups/user. The company also offers a discount of up to 51% for annual plans compared to monthly subscriptions.

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The Verdict: Which is Best for Targeting High-Growth Leads? and RocketReach both provide powerful tools for lead enrichment, but they excel in different areas.'s unique selling point is its focus on funding and job openings data, making it ideal for identifying fast-growing companies. RocketReach, however, offers a broader intent data collection, which is great for understanding lead readiness across various industries.

If your main goal is to target companies experiencing growth through funding and acquisitions, is the better choice. For a wider lens on lead readiness and intent across more diverse data points, RocketReach is the way to go. Both platforms offer valuable insights, but your specific needs will dictate the best fit.