Apollo vs Waalaxy - Cold Outreach Comparison 2024

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May 23, 2024
Jason Gong
App automation expert

This article explores the cold outreach capabilities of Apollo and Waalaxy, aiming to help you decide which tool is best for your needs by offering a detailed comparison.

Although both tools offer a range of features, this review focuses solely on their functionality for cold outreach. We aim to assist you in selecting the most effective tool for this specific purpose.

Our motivation for this comparison stems from Bardeen's commitment to helping you save time on repetitive tasks. Bardeen is a task copilot powered by AI that lives in your browser, automating actions across your apps and tabs to save you time.
Campaign CreationAutomates emails and social tasksLinkedIn-focused, multi-channel campaigns
DeliverabilitySupports multiple mailboxesEmail warming, rate limits included
PersonalizationAdvanced AI, conditional contentCustom variable personalization
AIGenerates tailored emailsAI optimizes lead discovery
Native EnrichmentExtensive lead data integrationDynamic LinkedIn data integration
Social AutomationComprehensive LinkedIn automationCRM integration, LinkedIn lead sync
PricingFree plan, multiple paid tiersFree plan, two paid plans in Euros

Campaign Creation - Balancing Simplicity and Complexity with Apollo and Waalaxy

When comparing Apollo and Waalaxy for campaign creation in sequences, each platform has its strengths depending on your outreach strategy.

Apollo supports basic email and social media task sequences

Apollo offers a straightforward approach with basic sequencing for emails and LinkedIn tasks, suitable for linear sequences. However, it lacks advanced conditional and branching capabilities which are often needed for dynamic campaign strategies.

Waalaxy offers a variety of LinkedIn-focused sequences

Waalaxy, on the other hand, excels in LinkedIn integration and offers a diverse range of templates specifically designed for LinkedIn messaging and connections, making it ideal for users whose primary outreach channel is LinkedIn. Its multi-channel prospecting capabilities, combining LinkedIn and email, provide a more integrated approach to lead generation.

For businesses focusing on LinkedIn for lead generation, Waalaxy’s tailored solutions and automated multi-channel prospecting offer a significant advantage. To further enhance your campaign’s effectiveness, consider using Bardeen to personalize your outreach and manage leads more efficiently.


Apollo Sequences supports various automated and manual actions for campaign creation.

Apollo's Sequences feature allows users to create campaigns that reach out to leads through a combination of automated emails, manual tasks, and social media interactions. The tool simplifies the process of setting up linear sequences to engage with prospects and drive conversions.

Key features of Apollo's Sequences:

  • Automated emails: Set up email sequences that are delivered automatically to nurture leads.
  • Manual tasks: Create tasks within the sequence for personalized outreach, such as editing and sending emails manually.
  • LinkedIn integration: Engage with leads on LinkedIn by sending connection requests and direct messages as part of the sequence.
  • Phone calls and custom actions: Include phone calls and other custom actions in the sequence for a multi-channel approach.

While Apollo's Sequences provides a straightforward way to create linear campaigns, it may lack advanced features like conditional branching and complex workflows found in some other sales engagement platforms. However, the inclusion of social media tasks, particularly LinkedIn integration, sets it apart as a tool for building relationships with leads.

Reddit users have expressed mixed opinions about Apollo's Sequences feature:

😐 "Apollo has its own email sequence function and they've recently added email warm up too. So really, all you need is Apollo, and nothing else." - r/Emailmarketing
👎 "schedule emails to be sent out it doesn't work or it works so badly" - r/LeadGeneration


Waalaxy offers multi-channel outreach via LinkedIn and email for effective lead generation.

Waalaxy's Sequences feature streamlines the process of lead generation and sales outreach by providing automated multi-channel prospecting via LinkedIn and email. With a variety of pre-built templates and an intuitive campaign creation process, users can quickly set up and launch targeted campaigns to engage with potential leads.

  • LinkedIn-focused outreach: While Waalaxy offers email capabilities, its strength lies in LinkedIn prospecting. Users can easily import leads from LinkedIn searches and send connection requests and messages at scale.
  • Pre-built campaign templates: Waalaxy provides a range of sequence templates for different outreach scenarios, allowing users to get started quickly without building campaigns from scratch.
  • Multi-channel campaigns: Sequences can include a mix of LinkedIn actions (connection requests, messages) and emails, enabling users to reach leads through multiple touchpoints for better engagement.
  • Personalization options: Campaigns can be personalized using prospect data to improve response rates and build stronger connections with potential leads.

A Reddit user shared a step-by-step guide on using Waalaxy to create and manage LinkedIn outreach campaigns:

🤖 "Step 2: Create your first outreach campaign. Choose a campaign type and define your target audience." - r/Waalaxy
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Deliverability - Ensuring Emails Reach Their Destination

Waalaxy offers a more comprehensive solution for email deliverability compared to Apollo by including email warming and rate limits as part of its native features.

Waalaxy's user interface displaying daily quotas and email features

Apollo, although it supports multiple mailboxes, lacks integrated solutions for email warming, which is essential for maintaining good deliverability and avoiding spam flags. This might require Apollo users to seek additional tools or services.

For improving deliverability and managing email sequences effectively, consider using Bardeen to automate and personalize your email outreach.

If email deliverability is a priority in your sales or marketing strategy, Waalaxy presents a more advantageous option due to its all-inclusive approach to maintaining deliverability, making it a better choice over Apollo in this aspect.


Apollo's mailbox management settings for multiple email aliases.

Apollo provides support for multiple mailboxes to help manage deliverability when sending email sequences, but does not offer built-in email warming services. Users need to rely on external solutions to properly warm up their domains and maintain a healthy sender reputation.

  • Multiple mailboxes: Apollo allows linking multiple email aliases to a single account, enabling the distribution of email sends across different mailboxes. This can help avoid triggering spam filters by not overwhelming a single mailbox with a high volume of outgoing messages.
  • Deliverability monitoring: The platform provides deliverability scores for each linked mailbox, giving users visibility into the health of their email domains. However, there is no data available on the specific factors that influence these scores or how to improve them within the Apollo interface.
  • Lack of email warming: Unlike some other sales engagement platforms, Apollo does not include native tools for gradually warming up new email accounts to establish a positive sender reputation. Users must handle this process separately before using Apollo for their outreach campaigns.

Reddit users have reported mixed results with Apollo's impact on deliverability:

👎 "Could click tracking have caused this?" - r/Emailmarketing
😐 "Beyond bugs and data quality I've read that it can screw up your domain reputation and create deliverability issues if you're not careful." - r/sales

To ensure optimal deliverability when using Apollo, it's crucial to properly warm up email accounts, monitor sending limits, and diversify outreach strategies. Relying solely on the platform's multi-mailbox support may not be sufficient to maintain a strong sender reputation and consistently reach prospects' inboxes.


Waalaxy's credit system and daily quotas ensure high deliverability.

Waalaxy provides robust deliverability management for its users, ensuring that their campaigns reach the intended audience without getting flagged as spam. The platform supports multiple inboxes and leverages techniques like email warming and rate limiting to maintain a high sender reputation.

Key deliverability features:

  • Credit system: Waalaxy uses a credit system that resets every month, allowing users to send a certain number of messages while staying within safe limits.
  • Daily quotas: The platform enforces daily quotas for LinkedIn messages, invitations, and profile visits to prevent accounts from being flagged for suspicious activity.
  • Multiple inboxes: Users can connect multiple inboxes to their Waalaxy account, enabling them to distribute their outreach across different email addresses and maintain a healthy sender reputation.
👍 "The best two growth hacking tools are waalaxy.com, naystack.com" - r/LeadGeneration
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Personalization - Targeting Email Campaigns Specifically for Each Lead

Apollo provides a more robust personalization feature set, making it a preferable choice for users needing comprehensive customization and integration capabilities in their email campaigns.

Apollo's advanced personalization options using dynamic variables

While Waalaxy allows for basic custom variable insertion, Apollo extends functionality with advanced conditionals, enabling dynamic content adjustments based on specific lead data. This level of detail supports highly targeted communications.

Moreover, Apollo's integration capabilities, particularly with enrichment data, provide a richer dataset for personalization. This is crucial for crafting emails that resonate more deeply with each recipient.

For those looking to elevate their email outreach strategy, consider Bardeen to further automate and personalize your email efforts, leveraging rich lead data and AI-driven content adjustments to enhance engagement and effectiveness.


Apollo's AI assistant generates personalized email openers based on recipient data.

Apollo offers a range of personalization options to customize emails for each lead. By leveraging Apollo's extensive contact enrichment data, users can easily insert dynamic variables into email templates to create tailored messages at scale.

Key personalization features:

  • Dynamic variables: Insert any field from Apollo's enrichment database into email templates using {{placeholder}} syntax.
  • AI-generated openers: Apollo's AI assistant automatically creates personalized email openers based on recipient data and the user's selected opener style.
  • Conditional logic: Show different content based on whether a dynamic variable exists for a given contact.
  • Preview and testing: Easily preview personalization by selecting an existing contact or sending a test email to yourself.
  • Attachments and media: Personalize emails further by adding meeting invites, Vidyard recordings, and images.


Personalization options for emails in Waalaxy using custom variables.

Waalaxy provides powerful personalization features to customize emails for each lead, making outreach more targeted and effective. By utilizing custom variables, you can dynamically insert personalized information into your email templates.

Key personalization features:

  • Custom variables: Easily insert variables like {{FirstName}}, {{LastName}}, and {{Company}} to automatically populate lead-specific information
  • Preview personalization: See a real-time preview of how the personalized email will appear for a specific contact
  • Validate variables: Quickly check that all custom variables are properly formatted and will render correctly for each recipient
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AI - Crafting Personalized Emails and Optimizing Lead Discovery

Apollo's AI capabilities in the Sequences feature are more comprehensive compared to Waalaxy, offering a variety of options like generating and customizing entire emails, one-liners, and subject lines based on detailed company and product information.

Apollo's AI assistant interface for generating personalized emails

Waalaxy, while effective in utilizing AI for lead discovery and contact management, does not provide the same level of depth in email creation and customization.

For businesses aiming to enhance their outreach strategies with detailed, AI-driven personalized emails, Apollo is the preferred choice. Additionally, you can augment your email strategies by using Bardeen's workflows to personalize sales outreach emails in Outlook from LinkedIn, providing a more targeted and efficient approach to email campaigns.


Apollo AI assistant generates personalized email content based on key details.

Apollo's AI-powered email generation tool allows users to create highly personalized outreach emails with minimal effort. By leveraging information about the user's company, product, and target persona, the AI assistant can generate tailored subject lines, opening lines, and even entire email bodies.

  • Customizable generation: Users can choose to generate one-liners, openers, subject lines, or complete emails.
  • Persona-based personalization: The AI considers the target persona's pain points and how the user's product can address them.
  • Company and product tailoring: By incorporating details about the user's company and product, the generated content is highly relevant and targeted.
  • Regeneration and customization: Users can easily regenerate content for further personalization and fine-tuning.

In addition to AI-assisted email generation, Apollo offers other powerful features for enhancing sales engagement:

  • Custom signals: Leverage custom data points on each lead for even more targeted outreach.
  • Video call analysis: Automatically record, transcribe, and analyze video call meetings for valuable insights.


AI prospect finder in Waalaxy automatically finds relevant leads.

Waalaxy leverages AI to automate and optimize various aspects of sales engagement, making it easier to find and connect with relevant leads. The AI Prospect Finder feature automatically identifies potential prospects based on custom criteria, saving time and effort in the prospecting process.

Key AI capabilities in Waalaxy:

  • AI Prospect Finder: Automatically finds relevant leads based on custom criteria
  • LinkedIn Visit/Follow: AI-powered actions to engage with prospects on LinkedIn
  • Personalized messaging: Utilizes AI to optimize and personalize outreach messages
  • Campaign optimization: Leverages AI insights to improve campaign performance over time
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Native Enrichment - Improving Lead Data for Personalized Outreach

Apollo has a robust data enrichment feature that integrates deeply with its platform capabilities, offering extensive data on companies and leads that can be directly utilized to personalize communications.

Detailed lead insights directly within Apollo's interface

Waalaxy, on the other hand, focuses on dynamic LinkedIn data integration, which is highly beneficial for users whose primary lead generation channel is LinkedIn.

Waalaxy's interface shows LinkedIn data integration

For users seeking comprehensive data enrichment across various platforms, Apollo's native capabilities provide a clear advantage. However, Waalaxy is the go-to option for those prioritizing LinkedIn as their main source of leads. Enhance your data enrichment strategies with Bardeen to automate workflows and integrate sales intelligence platforms seamlessly.


Apollo's contact overview page showing enriched data and engagement signals.

Apollo's native data enrichment capabilities provide users with valuable insights and signals to personalize their outreach and engage with prospects more effectively. By leveraging Apollo's extensive database, users can access a wealth of information about their leads, enabling them to tailor their messaging and improve their chances of success.

Key features of Apollo's data enrichment:

  • Comprehensive contact data: Apollo enriches lead profiles with accurate and up-to-date information, including job titles, work history, and contact details.
  • Buyer signals: Users can view engagement signals, such as opened emails and website visits, to gauge a lead's interest and tailor their approach accordingly.
  • Seamless integration: Enriched data can be easily inserted into email templates and sequences, allowing for highly personalized outreach at scale.
  • Data health insights: Apollo provides an overview of the overall health and completeness of a user's contact data, helping them identify areas for improvement and prioritize enrichment efforts.


AI Prospect Finder integrates LinkedIn data to enrich lead profiles in Waalaxy.

Waalaxy's AI Prospect Finder feature enriches lead data by dynamically integrating information from LinkedIn, providing users with valuable insights to help guide their outreach efforts. This native enrichment capability enhances the platform's ability to deliver targeted, personalized engagement at scale.

Key benefits of AI Prospect Finder:

  • Automated data enrichment: Dynamically pulls in relevant data points from LinkedIn to flesh out lead profiles
  • Buyer signals: Surfaces key insights that can indicate a lead's likelihood to convert, such as job title changes or company growth
  • Improved targeting: Enables users to fine-tune their outreach based on enriched lead data for better response rates
  • Time savings: Eliminates the need for manual research by automatically syncing data from LinkedIn
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Social Automation - Automate LinkedIn Engagement and CRM Syncing

For social automation, Apollo provides a more comprehensive set of features compared to Waalaxy.

Apollo's interface showing diverse LinkedIn task automation

Apollo supports a variety of tasks directly on LinkedIn, including sending connection requests, messages, and interacting with posts, which can all be automated without manual intervention. In contrast, Waalaxy focuses mainly on LinkedIn lead generation and offers CRM syncing capabilities, but does not provide the same breadth of automated interactions directly within its platform.

For businesses looking to engage deeply on LinkedIn with minimal manual effort, Apollo's richer functionality makes it the preferable choice. However, for those who prioritize CRM integration and lead management over direct social media interaction, Waalaxy's streamlined approach may be sufficient.

Further enhance your sales and marketing workflows by integrating Apollo with Bardeen, which can automate tasks and enrich data directly from LinkedIn, streamlining your lead management process.


Apollo's social automation tasks for LinkedIn engagement.

Apollo's sequences allow users to automate social engagement, particularly on LinkedIn, as part of their outreach campaigns. This feature enables sales teams to build relationships and foster engagement without the need for manual interaction on the platform.

  • LinkedIn connection request: Send personalized invitations to connect with contacts for a positive first impression.
  • LinkedIn message: Send personalized direct messages to contacts you're connected with to build relationships.
  • LinkedIn view profile: View a contact's LinkedIn profile to gather key information for more effective engagement.
  • LinkedIn post interaction: View a contact's activities and interact with their recent posts to foster engagement and boost visibility.

In addition to social automation, Apollo also supports creating tasks for manual emails and phone calls. Users can set priority levels and due dates for these tasks, ensuring that no critical outreach falls through the cracks.

By combining automated social engagement with manual outreach tasks, Apollo provides a comprehensive solution for managing and executing sales sequences. This mix of automation and personalization helps sales teams efficiently build relationships and drive conversions.


Waalaxy integrates with multiple CRMs to sync prospect data.

Waalaxy's social automation features allow users to easily capture leads from LinkedIn and sync them directly with their CRM system. This integration streamlines the process of adding new prospects to sales engagement campaigns.

  • CRM integrations: Waalaxy supports syncing prospect data with popular CRM platforms like Hubspot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, and Zoho. This ensures that lead information is always up-to-date across systems.
  • LinkedIn lead generation: Users can utilize Waalaxy to automate lead generation on LinkedIn, quickly adding new prospects to their database for outreach campaigns.
  • Data synchronization: With the CRM sync feature, any interactions or updates made within Waalaxy are automatically reflected in the connected CRM, keeping all prospect information consistent and accurate.
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Pricing Plans - Comparing Apollo and Waalaxy Costs

Apollo offers a more flexible pricing structure, featuring a free plan and multiple paid tiers that cater to varying needs, including a 14-day free trial for basic and professional plans.

Diverse Apollo pricing options with unlimited email credits

Waalaxy, on the other hand, offers its pricing exclusively in Euros and includes a free plan and two paid plans. Additional features like its own Inbox and extra credits for the email finder tool are available for purchase, which adds to the overall cost.

For businesses operating globally and needing a detailed, usage-based pricing model, Apollo's varied plans and inclusive features like unlimited email credits provide a more adaptable solution. Conversely, Waalaxy could appeal more to EU-based customers or those who prefer straightforward tiered pricing with optional add-ons.


Apollo offers a range of pricing plans to suit different needs, from free to enterprise.

Apollo provides a flexible pricing model that caters to various user requirements, from individual sales reps to large organizations. The platform offers a free plan as well as paid memberships, which include a 14-day trial for Basic and Professional options.

  • Billing model: Apollo's pricing is based on credits per year, with different prices for monthly and annual billing. All plans include unlimited credits for email, with a 10,000 credit limit per account per month to prevent abuse.
  • Free plan limitations: The free plan has a limit of 100 credits per account per month for email if the email used does not have a valid and verified corporate domain.
  • 14-day trial: Basic and Professional plans offer a 14-day trial, limited to 50 lead credits per user.
  • Pricing tiers: Apollo offers four main pricing tiers: Free ($0), Basic ($49/user/month), Professional ($79/user/month), and Organization ($119/user/month, minimum 3 users).
  • Enterprise features: The Organization plan includes advanced features such as AI-Assisted Email Writing, Advanced Salesforce & HubSpot Integration, and more.
  • Sales contact: For enterprise-level requirements or custom configurations, users can contact Apollo's sales team for personalized assistance.


Waalaxy offers three pricing tiers, including a free plan.

Waalaxy provides a flexible pricing model to suit different user needs, with a free plan and two paid tiers. All prices are shown in Euros, and the cost varies based on the subscription duration, with discounts for longer commitments.

Key aspects of Waalaxy's pricing:

  • Free plan: Includes basic LinkedIn features and 80 invitations per month, but lacks advanced functionality
  • Paid plans: "Advanced" at €112/month and "Business" at €160/month (when billed annually), offering more features and higher usage limits
  • Add-ons: Users can purchase additional features, such as the Waalaxy Inbox and extra credits for the email finder tool
  • Billing cycle: Monthly and annual billing options, with a discount for annual subscriptions
  • Free trial: Not mentioned on the pricing page

The paid plans provide access to features like pre-filled message templates, CRM synchronization, auto-imports of prospects, and cold emailing automations. Users can start with the free plan to test the basic functionality before upgrading to a paid tier for more advanced features and higher usage limits.

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Which Tool is Best for Complex Sales Campaigns?

When comparing Apollo and Waalaxy for complex sales campaigns, each offers unique strengths. Apollo excels with its robust features for email and LinkedIn tasks, making it ideal for diverse, multi-channel campaigns. Waalaxy, with its strong LinkedIn focus and CRM integration, is perfect for those prioritizing LinkedIn as their main outreach platform.

If your campaigns rely heavily on detailed LinkedIn interactions and CRM synchronization, choose Waalaxy for its streamlined functionalities. For broader, more varied campaign needs that span emails and multiple social platforms, Apollo's comprehensive toolset is more suitable.

Both tools offer significant advantages, but your choice should align with your specific campaign goals and the channels you use most.