How to find people on Facebook by job

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May 22, 2024
Renat Gabitov
Renat Gabitov
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Facebook can be a great resource for finding people by the company they work at. Whether you’re a recruiter, jobseeker, entrepreneur, or just trying to get back in touch with an old colleague, Facebook has most of the info you need.

Unfortunately, this isn’t exactly an easy process, and you need to know the right steps to avoid going down the rabbit hole. 

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In this article, you’ll find out two main ways to do this successfully and how to save their profiles to a spreadsheet or CRM with a shortcut. Let’s dive right in…

Use the People filter

If you want to find Facebook users who are associated with a certain company, follow these steps..

I. Type in the company name into the search bar

Click on the search bar and type in the company name. 

How to find people on Facebook by job

In the list of filters, click on ‘People’. 

On the results page, you’ll be shown a list of all the users who have added that company to their profile, which they either work at currently or were associated with in the past.

II. Narrow down search results

From the drop-down menu below People, you can further filter down the results. Try adding the city or education.

Use Facebook filter to narrow down the people search on Facebook

Here is a cool hack. When you find the person you like, you save their profile info into a Google sheet with one click like this:

This method is more viable if you’re a recruiter, jobseeker, or entrepreneur and just want to stay on top of your relationships. 

Search by name

If you are looking for a specific person on Facebook, then you can try searching for this person by name directly. 

Even if you only remember the individual’s first name and the name of the company they work at, you’ll be able to find them easily in the ocean of users! But looking them up on LinkedIn first might be a better idea. 

 Here are the steps.

I. Type their name into the search bar

Type their name into the search bar and then use the ‘People’ filter, same as before.

II. Use the work filter

Click on the “Work” filter and type in the name of the company the person works at.

Use the work filter to find people on Facebook

Once you click on the business from the drop-down menu, you’ll see all the users with the name you entered who are associated the company.

You can also check out the official Facebook group created by the company. Many companies that have Facebook pages run a group on Facebook.

The odds are, that group admins work at that company. 

You can try to look up group members to find the person you are looking for. 

Search for people on Fcaebook groups

If you use copy people, companies, and Facebook pages to a list, you can do this with one click. For that, check out this automation that uses a no-code web scraper.

Unlike LinkedIn, where you can directly see the employees for each company on their official page, that’s not possible with Facebook. You need to find a creative way to get the info you want. So, it’s inconvenient. But, that raises a question…

Why not just use LinkedIn?

Let’s be honest, when it comes to professional networking, LinkedIn is the place to be. It is purposefully designed for people to post resumes and other work information to find jobs and develop work relationships.

The truth is, Facebook is more focused on personal relationships than work. Why do you think they removed the “Jobs” feature earlier this year? Even if a person is present on both platforms, it’s possible that they’ve chosen not to share their current employment details on their Facebook profile.

This is why LinkedIn is the optimal platform to find people by their job. When any person creates an account, they’re asked to add their current position and also specify the company they’re working for.

You can find everything you need on their personal profile page or on the company page. 

Just type the name of the company in the search bar, open the company page, and click on the ‘People’ section.

Find people on Linkedin company page

Now, you can access the entire list of employees! Based on this, you can find the person that you are looking for and then look them up on Facebook. Many employers do this when making the final call if they want to hire someone or not. 

If you do use LinkedIn, you can save people’s profiles to Google Sheets (or Notion) with a click too! 


Although people put their job details on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn are your best bet when trying to find someone by job.

If you’re following this process with the eventual goal of landing a side-gig or a full-time position, check out the Dream Job Hub by Bardeen. You can download it for free and get access to multiple templates, pre-built databases, and one-click automations ,which will streamline the job hunting process.

Now, without further ado, log in to your Facebook account and start following the steps above to find the people you want to connect with!

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