How to scrape Facebook business pages with a few clicks

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As a growth hacker, Facebook might be one of your gold mines for growth.

Now, extracting information from Facebook pages is made super easy. And the best part is that you don’t need to install some weird desktop software, share passwords and cookies, or figure out how to build an automation.

In this article, we are going to cover two pre-built automations:

  1. Extracting a list of Facebook pages from search
  2. Enriching a list of Facebook pages with contact information and additional data

You can use these playbooks individually or together. 

💡️ This article uses our old UI. Now, it's even easier to build custom automations. Check out the latest scraper tutorial here.

Scrape a list of facebook pages from search

First, let’s build a list of target Facebook pages. The better you target, the better the outreach results will be. 

Start with typing a keyword in Facebook’s search bar. 

Then click on pages and feel free to narrow down your search by specifying location and “verified” tag.

Almost done! 

Now, go ahead and run the scraper automation from that page (we call them “playbooks”).

ℹ️ If you don’t have Bardeen installed yet, that’s ok! Just click on “try it” above and you will be redirected to download the browser extension. The playbook will be pinned automatically. 

And boom! Here is your Google Sheet with the results.

Scrape contact information from a list of facebook pages

If you need to collect additional information such as email addresses, Instagram handles, websites, or phone numbers, this playbook is designed to do exactly that. 

The playbook will scrape:

  • Page Name
  • Url
  • Description
  • Likers
  • Website
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • IG
  • Youtube
  • WA

To run this playbook, you will need a list of Facebook business pages handy! So you might as well run the playbook above 😉️. 

This playbook takes in two arguments: 1) a list of Facebook pages and 2) a Google Sheet to add the data to. 

Building a custom scraper with Bardeen

We’ve built this automation real-time in just 5 minutes (see the video above).

And you can do the same and so much more with our data scraper. Want to extract Facebook posts? No problem. 

Want to collect a list of Facebook friends? Easy peasy!

LinkedIn? You got it!

Just give our scraper a shot. 

And…. done! 🚀

 If you need help, ping us here or drop your message in our Slack community. We’d be happy to build a custom playbook for you and get you all set up. 

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