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May 22, 2024
Automating Boring Work
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Each day at Bardeen is the most important day, as we’re working hard to innovate, troubleshoot, and help address our community’s biggest work challenges. (And keep the lights on while doing so!) Today is another massive day for us on our journey to bring automation to the masses – as we introduce Bardeen Pro to unlock the full potential of Bardeen for you.

As we roll out more AI-enabled features and cloud-based automations, the time is right for these changes. In order for Bardeen to be sustainable, and for users to get the most out of it, we updated our pricing. Read more about Bardeen Pro and the premium features you can use them toward on our Pricing page

We want to bring automation to everyone, no matter if you use Bardeen once or a million times – and we will keep offering a powerful unlimited free plan to help make this possible. Our “freemium model” enables us to continue offering Bardeen to new users everywhere while supporting advanced features for those that want them. If you want to rely on your automations to run 24/7 via the cloud service “always on”, or you’d like to utilize one of the many premium integrations, you can now upgrade to the Pro plan to do so. Bardeen Pro also includes unlimited OpenAI usage through our integration without needing your own OpenAI subscription. 

We’re just getting started at Bardeen and we have some amazing things in store for you – we sincerely appreciate your support as we adjust to make it all possible, and set ourselves and our users up for long-term success. 

We owe everything to our passionate user community – thanks for sticking with us and we’ll keep pouring our hearts into saving you time and empowering your creativity.

As always, please let us know how you feel and help us keep improving Bardeen, from reporting issues to suggesting the features you’ve been dreaming about! Stay tuned to our Twitter page and release notes as we launch more game-changing AI features in the coming months.

And join us on Slack where you can share all your pro tips, feedback, and questions with our team and the global user community. Thank you again for being the most important part of Bardeen, and helping to bring these ideas to life!

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