Why is Bardeen free? Do you have plans for pricing in the future?

We plan to have a Freemium model.

  • Most core features on the edge (in your browser) will always be free.
  • There will be "premium integrations" stuff like Salesforce, SAP, Shopify, etc., paid on a SaaS subscription model.
  • We're considering launching an automation marketplace (like the AppStore for automation), where creators can build and sell automation for specific use cases. We will take a cut from there as other marketplaces do.
  • There may be a hosted version on the cloud (so your Autobooks will run even when your laptop is off) - that will be pay-per-use.

This is our current plan, yet, things might change as we learn more.

Our mission is to bring automation to everyone. This means that we'll always have a powerful free plan, especially for our early users!

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