What’s a credit? What can I do with credits?

Credits are the currency that equate to different premium actions and outcomes. 

Only premium playbook runs will consume credits. All non-premium playbooks remain available for unlimited usage, free of charge.

Please see the full table of equations below.

Integration Actions Credit cost
Bardeen Get table/data/text from image 1 image = 30 credits
Bardeen Convert text to speech 1 min of transcription = 30 credits
Premium Scraper 1 returned row of result = 1 credit
Clearbit 1 email sent for enrichment = 25 credits
OpenAI 1000 words generated by OpenAI = 2 credit
Pipedrive 1 record = 1 credit
Affinity 1 record = 1 credit
Snov 1 email result = 25 credits

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