Scraper: Why won't the scraper model let me select an element on the website?

Some websites are harder to scrape then others. It might be that your case requires the scraper to be edited with custom CSS selectors.

If that’s the case, here are some options you can consider:

1. Learn how to refine your scraper with the right CSS selectors.

Here are 2 workshops where we thought about how to address these cases and how you can fix it yourself.

           • Sept 14 -  Bardeen Workout! Mastering Bardeen's Scraping - Class 1: The Overview 📢 Announcements

Oct 6 -  Bardeen Workout! Mastering Bardeen’s Scraping - Class 2: The Overview 📢 Announcements

2. If you’re still blocked, share your case in detail on our Bardeen Community.

          • If the case is not too complex, our team or other community members can help find the right selectors for you.

          • Make sure to include details like the website URL, and the link to the scraping automation.

3. or email us at

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