Scraper: My scraper template (Ex: Facebook pages) is getting mixed results for some fields, what causes this?

Pages like Facebook are highly dynamic, so some fields (like getting the phone from a Facebook page) can be located differently from page to page. That's why even if you selected a field, it might be getting mixed results.

In this case, we advise checking the existing playbooks if there’s one that’s already built to scrape that page. Here’s a tutorial on how you can modify a playbook from the existing ones.

If you don’t find a playbook for the page you need, you need to build a scraper template with advanced CSS selectors to reliably get the fields every time.

This takes some technical knowledge, so in these cases, we support you by building a playbook that has those advanced selectors included.This is a manual effort that can take some days. Let us know your case on the Slack Community and we'll help you build a more reliable scraper for your case.

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