Pricing: How does the credit system work?

Credits are like tokens used for special premium features in our service. Regular features are free and unlimited. The number of credits you require depends on the number of automations you have running and their frequency. However, we'll send you friendly email notifications when you're getting close to your monthly limit at 70% and 90% usage, so you can keep track easily.

You can tell which are premium with the "Premium" tag in your playbooks:

The "Premium" label shows that it's a Playbook that contains premium actions, which consumes Bardeen credits. In this example, Bardeen will now consume credits when you run deep scraping workflows using the "Scrape data in the background" action.

Here is an example for autobooks: It runs on time every week and retrieves 10 results from a web page. It costs 1 credit per row processed on scrape data on the background.


For instance:

If the first premium scraper runs over 1 link and scrapes a list of 10 items, that’s 10 credits.

Then, if those 10 items go though the second scraper, and the output is 10 results (single page details for instance), then those are another 10 credits.

The entire autobook would consume 20 credits per trigger.

You can find a table for calculations at:


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