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How This Design Agency Lands More Clients with Automated Lead Generation

About the company:
Flexy Global
Company Size:
Flexy Global
"This playbook saves me at least 1-2 hours everyday! Absolute game changer!"
Anastasia Budaghyan
Sales/Business Development Specialist
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Meet Anastasia, a Business Development Specialist at a UI/UX agency called Flexy Global. Her main responsibilities involve lead generation and prospecting new potential clients.


Anastasia spent 1-2 hours creating lists within LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find decision makers and tediously copy/pasted their information into a Google Spreadsheet - this was inefficient and she wanted to automate this process.

Anastasia wanted to find Founders, CEOs, COOs, and Project Managers at public and private companies with 11-50 Employees in the software development space to pitch their services. Scraping Sales Navigator was the perfect solution to extract this data.

Bardeen's Solution

Now, Flexy Global can use Bardeen to automate the process of copy-pasting leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Google Sheets with a one-click playbook.

The result? 

All the leads from Sales Navigator in her Google Sheet!

This process saves Anastasia 1-2 hours of manual searching and copying/pasting contacts from Sales Navigator to Google Sheets on a daily basis.

Now, she needs to enrich these leads with email info – easy with our Apollo integration!

Used automation(s)

How it works

Results & Benefits

Save Time
Bardeen reduced Flexy Global’s lead gen prospecting process from 1-2 hours per day down to minutes.
Increased Lead Gen
These automations enable their team to scale lead generation and prospect outreach as we grow.

Final Thoughts

Automating tedious sales tasks with Bardeen will transform Flexy Global’s sales prospecting process. It saves their Sales team hours of work and will enable smooth scaling. On top of that, the ability to enrich lead info with emails will save Flexy even more time while they begin cold email outreach.

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About the author:
Chris Viglietta
Solutions Engineer

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