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How SDRs at Kinsta Automate Competitive Listening with HubSpot and Bardeen AI

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IT Services and IT Consulting
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This playbook is a valuable asset for identifying sales triggers in our outbound strategy. Rather than initiating completely cold outreach to potential leads, we now have the ability to pinpoint compelling reasons to get in touch.
Felix Savino
Sales Development Representative
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Felix Savino is a Sales Development Rep (SDR) at Kinsta.com. With more than 300+ employees, Kinsta manages Wordpress hosting for 55,000+ users around the world.


As an SDR, the problem that Felix faces on a daily basis is lead generation and competitive listening. Like many SDRs, Felix kept track of his competitor’s social media profiles looking for unhappy customers to offer Kinsta as a better alternative.

Previously, Felix would look at review websites like G2 to find these customers.

Then, Felix would look for reviews that had less than 3.1 stars as this signaled a “warm” lead to Felix’s Sales team.

Finally, these warm leads were manually added to their HubSpot CRM.

Clearly, this process wasn’t scalable. Felix wanted to track 300+ competitors on G2.com and doing this manually was simply impossible. There had to be a better way.

Bardeen's Solution

Enter Bardeen AI. Felix approached Bardeen with a request to automate the process of watching 300+ competitor pages on G2.com and adding the ones with less than 3.1 Review Rating to their HubSpot CRM.

The result was an Autobook - an automation that runs every morning at 1030AM as Felix drinks his morning coffee.

This automation copy-pastes all product reviews with less than 3.1 Rating Review from 300+ competitor pages that offer Managed Hosting on G2.com to a Google Sheet.

Then, once Felix has reviewed this list, he runs a Playbook that adds these leads to his HubSpot CRM

And voila! All of the leads were successfully added to his HubSpot CRM in less than 30 seconds.

Used automation(s)

How it works

Results & Benefits

Time Savings
Using 300+ Autobooks to track competitors saved Felix’s team 20+ hours per week.
Increased Revenue Opportunities
More importantly, now that Felix’s team can track negative reviews from 300+ competitors, this greatly increases the surface area of potential revenue opportunities that his team would’ve otherwise missed.

Final Thoughts

If you’re an SDR or manage a Sales team, it’s clear from Felix’s story that using Bardeen to automate Competitor Listening can increase your company’s revenue while saving your team valuable time better spent elsewhere.

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About the author:
Chris Viglietta
Solutions Engineer

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