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How KnowTechie Increase Media Relations Outreach Efficiency by 50% with Bardeen

“Bardeen didn't just save me time; it changed my entire approach to media relations.”
Kevin Raposo
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The Challenge

Kevin's process involved labor-intensive operations, manually searching for journalists, extracting their contact information, and compiling media lists. This mind-numbing work consumed significant time and effort, which could be better spent on strategic tasks.

Transforming Media Relations with Bardeen

Kevin discovered Bardeen when we first launched on Product Hunt. Initially using Zapier, he found it cumbersome due to its technical requirements. Bardeen simplified the process with its no-code automation capabilities, making it easy for Kevin to automate his workflow. “In just a few clicks, I was able to automate the tedious parts of my job,” Kevin said. Bardeen allowed him to quickly pull contact information from various sources and compile it into Google Sheets. This automation cut the time required for building media lists by half, freeing up Kevin's schedule for more impactful activities.

“Bardeen has significantly improved my efficiency,” Kevin explained. Tasks that used to take a week now only take a few days. By automating the data extraction and compilation process, Kevin saved approximately 15 hours per week, allowing him to focus on crafting better pitches and building stronger relationships with journalists.


  • KnowTechie now has an efficient and streamlined media relations process, significantly reducing the time required for media outreach by 15 hours per week.
  • Bardeen provided immediate improvements in efficiency, allowing KnowTechie to increase overall productivity by 50%.
  • KnowTechie benefits from the automation and accuracy provided by Bardeen, particularly in helping the team quickly compile comprehensive media lists.
  • With Bardeen’s no-code automation tools, the media team can work together seamlessly in a consistent environment with minimal manual effort.
  • -Bardeen has helped the team gain trust in their media relations process by accurately and efficiently gathering contact information.

By automating media list building, Bardeen has saved Kevin and his team significant time each week, allowing them to reallocate time to more strategic media relations activities and improving overall effectiveness.

About the author:
Lucy Keoni
Customer Success
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Media & Technology
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10 employees

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