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How John Burns Real Estate Consulting Cut Research Time by 90% with Bardeen.ai

“Bardeen didn't just save me time; it changed our entire data collection strategy for the better..”
Eric Hubbard
Manager, Data R&D
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The Challenge

John Burns Real Estate Consulting (JBREC) provides independent research and consulting services related to the US housing industry. The team produces custom consulting advice to help executives make informed decisions. However, this required spending an extensive amount of time scouring nearly 1000  US home builder websites to gather home specifications and pricing.This analysis and research is specifically tailored to real estate and housing organizations.

Eric Hubbard, Manager of Data R&D at JBREC, ultimately had to hire contractors so his team could avoid spending countless hours manually collecting data, which significantly impacted their productivity. The need for an efficient solution to automate this process became paramount.

The Solution

Bardeen.ai stepped in to revolutionize JBREC's approach to data collection. The goal was to establish an automated process to scrape high-priority builder websites, reducing manual labor and increasing efficiency.

  • Scraper Models: Developed to effectively scrape data from the initial 100 high-priority builder websites provided by JBREC.
  • Custom Playbooks: Implemented to streamline the scraping process and handle the complexities of different websites.
  • Continuous Support and Maintenance: Ensured smooth operation and provided ongoing improvements to the scraping capabilities.


The implementation of Bardeen.ai’s scraping solution yielded remarkable results for JBREC:

  • John Burns Real Estate Consulting now has an efficient and streamlined data collection process, significantly reducing research time by 90%.
  • Bardeen provided immediate improvements in efficiency, saving the research team an average of 20 hours per week.
  • JBREC benefits from the automation and accuracy provided by Bardeen, particularly in generating xxx reports
  • With Bardeen’s custom scraper models, the research team can work together seamlessly in a consistent environment with minimal manual effort.
  • Bardeen has helped the team gain trust in their data collection process by accurately and efficiently gathering comprehensive information from builder websites.

About the author:
Lucy Keoni
Customer Success
About the company:
John Burns Real Estate Consulting
Company Size:
51 - 200 Employees

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