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How Base64 Automates Lead Gen and Outreach with HubSpot and Bardeen AI

"I love how this automation unifies our team! With Bardeen, we can automate our HubSpot sequences with a simple right-click!”
Kathleen Hoffman
Sales Manager
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Kathleen Hoffman is a Sales Manager at Base64 - an artificial intelligence service that instantly and accurately extracts data, handwriting, photos, and signatures from all types of documents.


Kathleen’s Sales team relied on a very manual process for capturing and managing website leads. Their sales development reps had to manually copy and paste every new lead from their admin dashboard into Google Sheets, clean the data, and then add it to HubSpot.

This tedious process took 1-2 hours each day to transfer basic lead contact data. It created a bottleneck that limited their ability to efficiently scale and qualify the high volume of leads coming in. Kathleen's goal was to get the right leads into the right HubSpot List to trigger the correct messaging sequence.

“Before, it was difficult to teach other members the intricate HubSpot loading process I participate in every morning. If I need to go on leave, or take vacation, it is stressful to try and train someone else who is already busy with important tasks to take over an involved process, especially for a short period of time. Some of our team members forgo the use of HubSpot simply because it’s too complicated, spreading our information across multiple platforms.”

Bardeen's Solution

Kathleen discovered that, with Bardeen, her Sales team could:

  1. Right-click on any LinkedIn profile, add that lead to a HubSpot List, and start the Outreach process.
  2. Copy-paste new leads from their admin dashboard directly into Google Sheets and then add to a HubSpot List to start the Outreach process.

This removed the need for their team to manually copy and paste the data, saving 1-2 hours every day. Now, her team is freed from this boring administrative work to focus on more strategic tasks.

Here’s how the first process looks:

Kathleen is on LinkedIn looking for qualified leads and she stumbles up a potential lead.

With a simple right-click, she can access several automations that allow her to add potential leads from any website to her HubSpot Lists.

In less than 10 seconds, this LinkedIn lead is added to her HubSpot List.

This is valuable for Kathleen’s Sales team because she has three lists inside HubSpot with different messaging sequences.

Results & Benefits


Time Savings

Implementing automation with Bardeen delivered significant time savings each day


Faster Response Times

Leads are now automatically processed, captured, and enriched for faster follow-up



Automation improved their workflow efficiency and eliminated a major scaling bottleneck

Final Thoughts

Overall, Bardeen integrated with their existing tools to automate a critical Sales process. Base64's experience highlights how Bardeen can eliminate tedious manual processes like copying data between web apps and databases. This is useful for any growing company with manual workflows that deter scaling.

Automating their top-of-funnel lead management helps Base64 scale more efficiently by removing friction and enabling faster lead conversions for their Sales team.

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