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How Bardeen Boosted Operational Efficiency by Over 80% for Open

“Implementing Open’s automation tools has transformed our data scraping process, eliminating tedious manual tasks and empowering our team to focus on strategic initiatives.”
Lindsay Barlow
Head of Critical Projects
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The Challenge

Open's primary goal was to automate the process of scraping food distributor websites into Google Sheets, significantly reducing the time spent on manual copy-pasting. Additionally, they faced challenges in pulling invoice numbers and dates into the Sheets accurately.

Lindsay Barlow discovered Open's automation capabilities as the key to overcoming their operational hurdles. By leveraging Open's advanced data scraping tools, Open was able to automate the extraction of data from food distributor websites, ensuring seamless integration into Google Sheets.

“Open’s automation tools have been a game-changer for us,” Lindsay emphasized. By implementing these cutting-edge solutions, Open reclaimed significant hours previously spent on manual data entry, leading to a substantial efficiency boost.


  • Unmatched Efficiency: Open now benefits from a fully automated data scraping process, saving over 20 hours per week that were previously spent on manual tasks.
  • Increased Accuracy: Open’s tools ensure precise extraction of invoice numbers and dates, eliminating errors and improving data reliability.
  • Strategic Focus: The team at Open can now redirect their efforts from mundane data entry to more strategic initiatives, driving business growth and innovation.
  • Consistency and Reliability: With Open, Open enjoys a consistent and reliable data management process, reducing the need for manual intervention and enhancing overall productivity.

With Bardeen as a workflow automation partner, Open has unlocked unprecedented opportunities for operational efficiency and growth. This has empowered the team to focus on high-impact projects, driving their mission to support independent restaurants with the power of scale.

About the author:
Lucy Keoni
Customer Success
About the company:
Software Development
Company Size:
11-50 Employees

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