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How a SaaS Startup Saves 2 Hours Automating Lead Gen with HubSpot and Bardeen AI

About the company:
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This playbook saves me at least 1-2 hours every day copy-pasting 20 new jobs daily. With Bardeen, this playbook does it in about 10 minutes!
Aliosha Milsztein
CEO at Aurio
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Aurio is a SaaS Startup that is transforming the active-sourcing process in recruiting. They use AI to help match talent with hiring companies via auto-generated personalized videos. Here's how he gets his leads from Stepstone to Google Sheets to his HubSpot CRM.


Before Bardeen, his problem was the manual, tedious, and time-consuming process of sourcing job platforms like Stepstone to find companies with job postings and saving the number of open offers.

He went to Stepstone to manually copy the job information

Then he pasted the information to his Google Sheet

This process was not only inefficient but also limited their ability to scale and qualify leads quickly.

He tried various manual methods, including using conventional scraping tools and manual copy-pasting, but these were far from ideal.

Bardeen's Solution

He went to Stepstone to search for a specific job position.

Then, he runs a Bardeen automation to copy-paste all the job positions for “Marketing Managers” with one-click to his Google Sheet.

He is able to collect very important information like:

  • Number of Job Openings 
  • Company Website URL 

Now, he needs to find a decision maker at the company to introduce himself. He uses Bardeen to search for the company’s name on LinkedIn - he’s looking for “Head of HR”.

And voila! He found several decision makers for one of the companies! We save these results to a new tab. Now, we need to add these as contacts to HubSpot.

Using this automation, Bardeen will add each these rows in Google Sheets to HubSpot

And in less than 10 seconds, all of these contacts are added to HubSpot!

And here's that contact inside HubSpot!

Used automation(s)

How it works

Results & Benefits

Efficiency and Time Saving
Automating the scraping process with Bardeen has resulted in a drastic reduction in time spent on manual tasks, saving him 1-2 hours every day.
Enhanced Lead Qualification
By scraping the number of open job offers, he can now qualify his leads more effectively, ensuring a more targeted and successful outreach.
Bardeen's automation capabilities allowed him to scale his lead generation efforts, enabling them to handle a larger volume of leads without additional resources.

Final Thoughts

In today's fast-paced business environment, automation is the key to staying ahead.

Aurio's experience with Bardeen shows the transformative power of smart automation tools for a SaaS startup.

By eliminating manual, tedious tasks, Aurio was able to dedicate more time to strategic endeavors, enhance its lead qualification, and scale its operations efficiently.

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About the author:
Chris Viglietta
Solutions Engineer

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