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How A Recruitment Business Saves 2 Hours Every Day Collecting New Job Posts from LinkedIn

"This playbook saves me at least 2 hours everyday. It normally takes me 60-90 mins to scrape 30 new jobs and the accompanying information each day. This playbook will do it in about 5 minutes. Absolute game changer!"
Eric Bai
CEO at Tabpro Solutions
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Imagine saving 2 hours every day on a repetitive task that used to consume your valuable time. That's exactly what happened to Eric Bai Yerbol Baimencheyev, CEO at Tabpro Solutions, a recruitment company, that discovered the power of Bardeen AI. In this case study, we'll explore how Eric was able to save 2 hours everyday by automating the collection of new job posts from LinkedIn.

On a daily basis, here are the tasks that Eric focuses on:

  • Build lists of “ideal” companies with certain employee headcount
  • Check if they have job openings
  • Analyze job requirements to see if we are able to find the best talent
  • Find decision makers and message them regarding their hiring needs


Eric was visiting LinkedIn and manually copy-pasting job ads (including the requirements and position details) for 30 new positions on a daily basis. This time-consuming task took 60-90 minutes each day, leaving little room for strategic recruitment activities.

Bardeen's Solution

With Bardeen, Eric can save the job ads into the Google Sheets with just one click!

Used automation(s)

Results & Benefits


Time Saving

Eric can stop manually copy-pasting jobs and save 2 hours every day.


Increased Accuracy

With this automation, Eric will make fewer mistakes copy-pasting hundreds of job listings.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to this Bardeen, Eric can save 2 hours every day and focus on more important activities such as:

  • Improving his outbound campaigns by personalizing each message
  • Engaging and networking with the best talent

Good job, Eric!

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