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How A Founder Saves 2 Hours Automating Business Development Every Day

This playbook saves me at least 1-2 hours everyday. It normally takes me 60-90 mins to copy-paste 20 restaurant’s contact info and important restaurant information each day. This playbook will do it in about 5 minutes. Absolute game changer!
Chris Ferrer
Founder at SuChef
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How A Founder Saves 2 Hours Automating Business Development Every Day

Today, we’re interviewing Chris Ferrer, the founder of SuChef.xyz - and how he uses Bardeen to automate the collection of data from various websites like Yelp and LinkedIn, SuChef is a platform with a focus on helping restaurants hire top chefs and chefs find great jobs. Working on this project, Chris found himself dealing with a time-consuming and tedious process of scraping data manually, which led him to seek an automated solution.

On a daily basis, Chris's tasks involve:

  • Copy-pasting restaurant information from various sites like Yelp for business development purposes
  • Searching for email, phone numbers or LinkedIn data for outreach
  • Automating the account creation process of new users on his site


SuChef was faced with time intensive manual data scraping from various websites, which was a time-consuming process and had a significant margin for error. Despite the availability of data, the inconsistency in the data formats made the process of data collection tedious and inefficient.

Originally, Chris wanted to collect information from CulinaryAgents.com but the data was inconsistent often missing website URLs and contact information.

Bardeen's Solution

Chris used Bardeen to automate the collection of information from sites like Yelp and LinkedIn.

Then, he was able to use Bardeen’s integration with OpenAI to find phone numbers on any website and automatically add the scraped data to Google Sheets.

Used automation(s)

Results & Benefits

Time Savings
By automating the data scraping process, SuChef could save more than 12 hours of manual work, allowing Chris to focus more on strategic tasks.
Increased Efficiency
With Bardeen's automation capabilities, SuChef could handle inconsistent data formats, improving the efficiency and accuracy of data collection.

Final Thoughts

Bardeen makes it super easy to automate the process of copy-pasting information from various websites for business development.

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