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How A Chief Of Staff Automates Sending Personalized Cold Emails With AI

About the company:
Site Marker Inc.
Civil Engineering
Company Size:
This playbook saves me hours when I’m sending out emails. It usually takes me 20 minutes to get the data and format it into an email. This playbook will help me go from my LinkedIn account to drafted email in 5 minutes!
Troy Brennan
Chief of Staff at Site Marker Inc
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Meet Troy Brennan, the Chief of Staff at Site Marker Inc. His responsibilities include managing their product and building marketing, sales. investment campaigns, and workflow automations.


Troy was spending a lot of time looking through numerous LinkedIn profiles to create personalized cold emails.

Previously, Troy solved this problem by manually copy-pasting information from LinkedIn and adding it to their HubSpot template in Gmail.

Troy starts with a LinkedIn profile he wants to collect information on

Then, he uses information from this LinkedIn profile to create a personalized email with his HubSpot template

Bardeen's Solution

Bardeen helps Troy to automate this process!

With one-click, Bardeen automates copy-pasting all the information from a LinkedIn account and uses OpenAI to create a personalized email for each LinkedIn profile.

this is what an AI-generated personalized email looks like after using Bardeen's integration with OpenAI

This automation saves Troy 15 minutes - per email!

Good job Troy!

Used automation(s)

How it works

Results & Benefits

Time Saved
With Bardeen's automation, Troy saved 15 minutes per email. This adds up significantly when sending out multiple emails daily, translating to hours of saved effort each week.
Personalized Messages
The automated process ensures that every email is tailored to the recipient, enhancing the chances of engagement and response.
Consistent Accuracy
Automation minimizes the risk of human errors. Each email drafted is accurate, with data directly pulled from LinkedIn profiles.

Final Thoughts

Bardeen's AI automations are a game-changer for Troy Brennan and Site Marker Inc.

By minimizing manual efforts needed to craft personalized emails for each recipient, Bardeen enables Site Marker to send more cold emails efficiently with increased accuracy.

This increased outreach capacity positions Site Marker Inc. to close more deals than ever before.

Whether you're a Chief of Staff, a marketer, or in sales, using Bardeen's automations can increase your outreach.

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About the author:
Chris Viglietta
Solutions Engineer

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