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LinkedIn Messaging: Insert Line Breaks Easily (4 Steps)

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February 10, 2024

To insert a line break in LinkedIn messages without sending, disable the 'Press Enter to Send' feature. Here's how:

  • Start composing a message and click the three dots in the message box.
  • Select 'Click Send' to disable 'Press Enter to Send'.
  • Press Enter for new lines without sending the message.
  • Click 'Send' when your message is complete.

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How to Go to Next Line in LinkedIn Message

When composing messages on LinkedIn, users often encounter the challenge of going to the next line without inadvertently sending the message. The default setting in LinkedIn messaging is 'Press Enter to Send', which can lead to messages being sent prematurely. However, there are solutions to this issue that allow for better control over message formatting.

To disable the 'Press Enter to Send' feature and gain the ability to insert line breaks:

  1. Open your LinkedIn messages and start composing a message by typing the recipient's name.
  2. Look for three horizontal dots at the bottom right of the message box and click on them.
  3. A pop-up will appear with two options: 'Press Enter to send' and 'Click Send'. Select 'Click Send' to disable the 'Press Enter to Send' functionality. This change allows you to press Enter for a new line without sending the message.
  4. With 'Click Send' enabled, you can now compose your message freely, using Enter to go to the next line. When your message is complete, click the 'Send' button to dispatch it.

Another method for creating line breaks, especially in sections like the Summary where formatting can be more rigid, involves using non-breaking space characters or other whitespace characters. However, this method has mixed results and may not work consistently across different devices or sections of LinkedIn.

For consistent results and to avoid sending fragmented messages, adjusting the messaging settings as described above is the recommended approach. This ensures that you have full control over when your messages are sent and how they are formatted.

Boost Your LinkedIn Efficiency with Bardeen Automation

While the manual approach described can help with formatting messages on LinkedIn, automating your LinkedIn activities can significantly enhance your efficiency and network engagement. Bardeen offers a suite of automation playbooks that can transform how you interact on LinkedIn, from sending personalized connection requests to managing outreach campaigns.

Explore how Bardeen can streamline your LinkedIn tasks:

  1. Connect with a LinkedIn user and display a message: Personalize your LinkedIn connection requests by automatically extracting information from profiles. This playbook helps in making your networking efforts more personalized and effective.
  2. Send an email to the currently opened LinkedIn user: Directly engage with LinkedIn profiles by sending personalized emails, enhancing your outreach and communication strategy.
  3. Create a job application email draft in Microsoft Outlook from the currently opened LinkedIn job post: Automate your job application process by generating personalized email drafts for job applications based on LinkedIn job posts, streamlining your job search.

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