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Step-by-Step Guide to Export Data from HubSpot


Exporting data from HubSpot involves navigating to the respective CRM, deals, or reports section, selecting the data, and choosing the export option. You can export data in CSV or Excel formats, and customization options allow for a tailored export. Always check your email for the download link.

This guide simplifies the process of exporting contacts, deals, and analytical reports from HubSpot.

Enhance your workflow and ensure data accuracy by automating your HubSpot data export tasks with Bardeen.

Export Data from HubSpot

Exporting data from HubSpot is a multifaceted process, given the platform's comprehensive nature encompassing CRM, sales, marketing, and service data. The process varies slightly depending on the specific type of data you're looking to export, such as contacts, deals, or analytical reports. Below, we explore the methodologies to export various data types effectively from HubSpot.

Automate your HubSpot data export tasks with Bardeen and save time while ensuring accuracy. Download the app today!

Export Contacts from HubSpot

To export contact data, navigate to the CRM section, then to Contacts. Identify the contact(s) you wish to export. If exporting a single contact, open their profile, click the Actions dropdown, and select Export contact data. For multiple contacts, utilize the list view to select contacts, then choose Export from the More dropdown menu. You can customize the export by selecting specific properties to include. Once done, you'll receive an email with a download link to your export file.

Get more out of your HubSpot data by integrating it with other platforms. Automate your workflows by integrating HubSpot with Salesforce, HubSpot with LinkedIn, or HubSpot and Slack for instant alerts.

Export Deals from HubSpot

Exporting deals involves accessing the CRM section, then navigating to Deals. Similar to contacts, if you're exporting data for individual deals, you'll need to open each deal and use the export option within. For bulk exports, utilize views to filter and select the deals you want to export. HubSpot allows exporting all properties added as columns to the view you are exporting, excluding notes or other engagements. After configuring your export, an email with the download link will be sent to you.

Export HubSpot Data to Excel

For exporting HubSpot data into Excel, the process involves selecting the data or records you wish to export, choosing the export option, and then selecting Excel as your file format in the export dialog box. Whether you're exporting contacts, deals, or custom reports, HubSpot facilitates the export in CSV or Excel formats, making it convenient to analyze data outside the platform. Ensure to customize the export settings to include all necessary properties or columns before finalizing the export.

Regardless of the data type, exporting from HubSpot typically involves navigating to the respective section (CRM, reports, etc.), filtering or selecting the specific records, and choosing the export option. Customization options allow for a tailored export, ensuring you receive all required information in your preferred format. Always check your email associated with your HubSpot account for the export link, as this is where HubSpot sends the downloadable file.

Automate Your HubSpot Data Tasks with Bardeen

Exporting data out of HubSpot can be a manual task, but with Bardeen, you can automate the process, saving time and ensuring accuracy. Automating your data export tasks allows you to seamlessly integrate HubSpot data with other tools, enhancing your workflow and data analysis capabilities.

  1. Export All HubSpot Products to a Google Sheets Tab: Simplify product data management by automatically exporting all HubSpot product information into a Google Sheets tab for easy sharing and reporting.
  2. Sync LinkedIn Messages to HubSpot Contact: Keep track of your LinkedIn conversations by syncing messages directly to a HubSpot contact, streamlining lead nurturing and follow-up.
  3. Copy all HubSpot products to Airtable: Enhance your product data workflow by automating the transfer of HubSpot product details to Airtable, ensuring up-to-date information across platforms.

Embrace automation with Bardeen and download the app to streamline your HubSpot data management today.

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