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Export Salesforce Reports to Excel & Google Sheets in 4 Steps


Exporting reports from Salesforce involves manual downloads for Excel and CSV formats, or using add-ons for Google Sheets integration. Additionally, automating exports to Excel or other platforms can streamline data management.

Learn how to efficiently manage your Salesforce data exports and automate the process for enhanced productivity.

Automate your Salesforce report exports with Bardeen to save time and ensure data is always up-to-date.

Export Salesforce Report to Excel

Exporting reports from Salesforce to Excel is a fundamental need for data backup, analysis, and sharing with stakeholders. Salesforce offers native functionality to manually download reports either in a formatted Excel file or as raw data in both Excel and CSV formats. This process involves navigating to the Reports tab, selecting the report, and choosing the export format. For Salesforce Lightning Experience users, this is done through the Edit drop-down menu, while Salesforce Classic users have direct export buttons like "Printable View" for formatted reports and "Export Details" for raw data exports.

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How to Export Salesforce Report to Google Sheets

Exporting Salesforce reports to Google Sheets requires the use of add-ons like the "Data connector for Salesforce". This process begins by downloading the add-on from Google Sheets, connecting to Salesforce, and then importing, updating, or deleting Salesforce data directly within Google Sheets. Users can import existing Salesforce reports or use SOQL to query and import data. This method not only facilitates the transfer of data but also allows for the updating and deletion of Salesforce data from within Google Sheets.

Salesforce Export Report to Excel Automatically

Automating the export of Salesforce reports to Excel can significantly streamline data management processes. One effective method involves using third-party tools like, which allows for scheduling automatic data exports from Salesforce to Excel. This process entails setting up an importer in, connecting Salesforce as the source, and Excel as the destination. Users can then schedule exports at desired intervals, ensuring that data is regularly updated without manual intervention.

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Salesforce Automate Report Export

For broader automation capabilities beyond Excel, Salesforce data can be exported to various destinations like Google Sheets, BigQuery, or Looker Studio using platforms like This approach supports the automation of report exports on a defined schedule, allowing for near real-time data analysis and reporting. Additionally, Salesforce's own data export tool and custom scripts offer alternative methods to automate data exports, although they may require more technical setup and maintenance.

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Automate Your Salesforce Workflows with Bardeen

Exporting a report from Salesforce can be a manual task requiring several steps, but with Bardeen, you can automate this process to save time and enhance productivity. Automating report exports not only streamlines your workflow but also ensures that your data is consistently up-to-date and readily available for analysis. For instance, automating the export of sales data to a Google Sheet for real-time analysis can provide invaluable insights for quick decision-making. Let Bardeen take care of the routine tasks, so you can focus on what matters most. Start automating by downloading the Bardeen app.

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