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Export LinkedIn Contacts to Excel & Gmail: A Guide (2024)

Jason Gong
App automation expert
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April 15, 2024

LinkedIn allows users to download or export their contacts' information, which can be useful for backing up contacts, analyzing networks, or importing into services like Gmail or Excel. The process involves navigating to 'Settings & Privacy', selecting 'Data privacy', and requesting an archive of your connections.

This feature is particularly useful for professionals looking to manage their network more effectively.

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How to Download Contacts from LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides a feature that allows users to export or download their connections' information. This can be useful for various purposes, such as backing up your contacts, analyzing your network, or importing contacts into another service like Gmail or Excel for further communication or networking purposes. Below, we explore the steps and methods to download your LinkedIn contacts effectively.

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LinkedIn Download Contacts

To download your LinkedIn contacts directly from LinkedIn, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  2. Select Settings & Privacy from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click Data privacy on the left pane.
  4. Under the How LinkedIn uses your data section, click Get a copy of your data.
  5. Select Want something in particular? Select the data files you’re most interested in.
  6. Select Connections.
  7. Click Request archive.
  8. Enter your password and click Done.
  9. You'll receive an email to your Primary Email address which will include a link where you can download your list of connections.


  • Some email addresses may be missing if your connections have not allowed their email addresses to be downloaded.
  • The CSV and vCard formats may not support all characters, affecting languages with extended character sets.
  • You cannot export contacts that aren’t 1st-degree connections.
  • If exporting your connections due to a duplicate account, remember to close the extra account and import your connections list to another LinkedIn account.

Download LinkedIn Contacts to Excel

After receiving your LinkedIn contacts in a CSV file, you can easily open this file with Excel to view, manage, or analyze your contacts further. Here are the steps to open your CSV file in Excel:

  1. Locate the CSV file you downloaded from LinkedIn in your email.
  2. Open Excel and go to File > Open and navigate to the location of the CSV file.
  3. Select the CSV file and click Open to view your LinkedIn contacts in Excel.
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This method allows you to leverage Excel's functionalities to sort, filter, and organize your contacts as needed.

Export LinkedIn Contacts

Exporting LinkedIn contacts involves the same steps as downloading them. The term 'export' is often used interchangeably with 'download' in the context of extracting your LinkedIn contacts for use outside of LinkedIn.

How to Import LinkedIn Contacts into Gmail

If you wish to import your downloaded LinkedIn contacts into Gmail, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Apps icon in the top right corner of your Gmail account.
  2. Click the blue Contacts icon.
  3. Click the Import contacts prompt in the middle of your page.
  4. Select the CSV file you downloaded from LinkedIn.
  5. Your connections will automatically populate in the Contacts section of your Gmail account.
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This method is useful for adding your professional connections to your email contacts, facilitating easier communication and networking through Gmail.

Automate Your LinkedIn Networking with Bardeen

Downloading contacts from LinkedIn can be manually done following the steps provided above, but for a more streamlined and automated approach, Bardeen offers powerful automation capabilities. Automating this process can save you time, reduce manual errors, and allow for the seamless integration of LinkedIn data with other tools and platforms. Let's explore how Bardeen can make networking and data management on LinkedIn more efficient.

  1. Copy LinkedIn profile to Coda, when I right-click: This playbook simplifies the process of storing LinkedIn profiles into a Coda table with just a right-click. It's particularly useful for researchers and recruiters looking to organize contacts efficiently.
  2. Save LinkedIn profile to HubSpot as a new contact: Seamlessly transfer LinkedIn profile data to HubSpot as new contacts. This automation is a game-changer for sales and marketing professionals aiming to enhance their CRM data without manual input.
  3. Save LinkedIn profile & company to HubSpot as a new contact: Elevate your CRM by not only adding new contacts from LinkedIn but also their associated companies to HubSpot. This playbook ensures a more comprehensive data collection for business development efforts.

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