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Embed Links in Notion Pictures Easily in 4 Steps

Jason Gong
App automation expert
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April 8, 2024

Embed a link in a Notion picture by using the image caption for the URL. Here's a quick guide:

  • Upload the image to Notion.
  • Click on the image to access the caption area.
  • Type or paste the URL into the caption to create a clickable link.
  • No extra formatting needed; Notion handles the hyperlink conversion.

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How do I embed a link in a picture Notion?

Embedding a link in a picture within Notion can be achieved through a simple yet effective method. This process involves utilizing the caption feature of an image block to hold the desired URL. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Upload the image to a Notion page by dragging and dropping it or using the upload option.

       2. Once the image is in place, click on it to bring up its options. Look for the caption area usually found at the bottom of the image.

       3. In the caption, type or paste the URL you want the image to link to. Ensure that the text is converted into a clickable hyperlink. Notion automatically converts URLs into clickable links when they are typed or pasted into text areas.

      4. There's no need for additional formatting or embedding codes. Simply having the URL in the caption turns the image into a clickable link that redirects to the specified address when clicked.

This method leverages Notion's built-in features to create a link from an image to a URL, making it an easy and straightforward way to embed links in pictures.

While manual methods have their charm, automation can take your Notion experience to the next level. Check out how Bardeen can automate tasks within Notion, enhancing productivity. Download Bardeen.
Interested in embedding more than just links in your Notion pages? Discover 12 popular elements you can embed into Notion, enhancing your workspace's functionality and aesthetics. Learn more at our Notion Embed Guide.

Automate Your Notion Tasks with Bardeen

While embedding a link in a picture within Notion is done manually as described above, there's a world of automation that can significantly enhance how you interact with Notion. Specifically, Bardeen offers a suite of playbooks that can automate various tasks within Notion, streamlining your workflow and boosting productivity.

Here are some examples of what Bardeen's automation can do for you in Notion:

  1. Create a new Notion page and send the link as a text message every day: This automation ensures you start your day with a fresh page in Notion for your journaling, task management, or project tracking, sent directly to your phone for easy access.
  2. Copy LinkedIn profile to Notion, when I right-click: Ideal for networking and recruitment, this playbook lets you effortlessly transfer LinkedIn profile data into your Notion workspace with just a right-click.

Each of these playbooks leverages Notion's flexibility as a workspace, bringing automation directly into your daily routines. Start exploring these and other automation possibilities by downloading the Bardeen app at

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