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Automatically add ClickUp card to HubSpot ticket

This workflow streamlines task management by automatically creating HubSpot tickets from new ClickUp tasks.
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Find ClickUp tasks
Find ClickUp tasks
Create HubSpot Ticket
Create HubSpot Ticket

Workflow Overview

This workflow streamlines task management by automatically creating HubSpot tickets from new ClickUp tasks.
  • ClickUp Task Name
  • HubSpot Ticket Pipeline ID
  • HubSpot Ticket Stage ID
  • New HubSpot Ticket

This workflow automates the process of creating a HubSpot ticket whenever a new task is generated in ClickUp.

Firstly, the workflow retrieves tasks from ClickUp based on the specified task name. Then, it leverages the details of the ClickUp task, including the task name and description, to create a new ticket in HubSpot. The ticket is categorized according to the specified pipeline and stage ID in HubSpot. Key use cases include:

  • Seamless task management across platforms
  • Ensuring customer service requests in ClickUp are promptly addressed in HubSpot

With Bardeen, this workflow can be further customized to fit specific business processes, such as triggering notifications in Slack or continuing building personalized emails to stakeholders.

Step 1: Install the Bardeen App

Begin by installing the Bardeen app on your device to get started.

Step 2: Navigate to the Magic Box

After installation, open the Magic Box and enter the prompt:

Create HubSpot ticket when ClickUp card generated

Step 3: Integrate the Workflow Integrations

Make sure to configure the integrations needed for this workflow. This involves linking your ClickUp for source tasks and HubSpot for ticket creation.

Step 4: Run the Workflow

To activate the workflow, simply run it. This sequence is set to:

  • Create a new HubSpot ticket each time a card is generated in ClickUp, automating your ticket creation process between ClickUp and HubSpot.
  • The workflow will retrieve tasks by name from ClickUp and use those details to create a corresponding ticket in HubSpot, including task name, description, and specifying the ticket pipeline and stage.
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How to Automate HubSpot Ticket Creation from ClickUp Tasks?

Integrating ClickUp with HubSpot for Efficient Workflow Automation

Automating the process of creating HubSpot tickets from ClickUp tasks can significantly streamline operations, ensuring that customer service requests or project tasks are efficiently managed across platforms. This integration facilitates seamless task management and prompt attention to customer service requests, leveraging the strengths of both ClickUp and HubSpot.

Run this workflow with Bardeen to automatically create a HubSpot ticket whenever a new task is generated in ClickUp, enhancing your team's productivity and customer service efficiency.

Setting Up ClickUp and HubSpot Integration

To initiate this automation, you need to have the HubSpot integration enabled in your ClickUp workspace. This setup requires you to be a workspace owner or admin in ClickUp. Navigate to the App Center in ClickUp, search for HubSpot, and follow the prompts to authenticate and connect your HubSpot account.

With the integration in place, you can create tasks in ClickUp based on deal-based triggers from HubSpot, or vice versa, automate actions in HubSpot based on triggers from ClickUp tasks. This bi-directional functionality ensures that both platforms are synchronized, providing a comprehensive overview of customer interactions and project management tasks.

Automating Ticket Creation in HubSpot via API

For those looking to automate the creation of tickets in HubSpot directly, the HubSpot Create Ticket API offers a powerful tool. By making a POST request to the /crm/v3/objects/tickets endpoint, you can include details such as the ticket's name, pipeline stage, and associated contacts or companies. This method is particularly useful for developers looking to customize the automation process further or integrate it into custom applications.

Enhancing Automation with Bardeen

While direct integration and API methods provide robust solutions for linking ClickUp tasks with HubSpot tickets, leveraging a tool like Bardeen can simplify the automation process. Bardeen allows you to automate workflows without the need for extensive technical knowledge, making it accessible to a broader range of users.

Download Bardeen and discover how it can transform your workflow automation, enabling you to focus on delivering value to your customers while it handles the routine tasks.


Integrating ClickUp with HubSpot streamlines project management and customer service processes, ensuring that tasks and tickets are managed more efficiently across platforms. Whether through direct integration, API utilization, or automation tools like Bardeen, businesses can enhance their productivity and responsiveness to customer needs.

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