Smartlead vs Salesloft: Best Cold Outreach Tool 2024

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May 23, 2024
Jason Gong
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This article provides a detailed comparison of Smartlead and Salesloft focusing on their cold outreach capabilities. Our aim is to help you decide which tool is best for your needs by breaking down key features and performance aspects. Although both platforms offer a range of sales engagement tools, we'll concentrate specifically on their cold outreach functionalities. Writing this comparison is part of our effort at Bardeen to help you save time on repetitive tasks by selecting the most effective tools, including Bardeen, an AI-powered task copilot that automates actions across your apps.

Campaign CreationSimple, intuitive email sequence setupRobust, multichannel campaign tools
DeliverabilityFocuses on email warming and spam avoidanceUtilizes best practices for high deliverability
PersonalizationUnlimited custom fields for detailed tailoringBehavioral data for dynamic personalization
AILimited AI personalization capabilitiesAdvanced AI for personalized email drafts
Native EnrichmentIntegrates with Clay for lead data enrichmentSupports third-party integrations for enrichment
Social AutomationSupports multiple social platforms for outreachLacks direct social media integration in sequences
PricingTransparent pricing with a free trialMust contact sales for pricing details

Campaign Creation - Simplifying or Expanding Sales Strategies

Comparing Smartlead and Salesloft in the realm of campaign creation for sequences, Salesloft stands out with its robust multichannel capabilities.

Salesloft's detailed multichannel sequence creation

Smartlead offers a straightforward approach with unlimited auto-rotating email accounts, which simplifies the process but lacks the depth of Salesloft's offerings. Salesloft provides a detailed scheduling system and supports sequences that include emails, phone calls, and social interactions, making it more versatile for complex sales strategies.

For those looking to enrich and automate their sales processes further, consider Bardeen. It can automate repetitive tasks and enrich your lead data, enhancing your overall campaign effectiveness.

For businesses needing comprehensive and detailed campaign tools, Salesloft provides a superior solution, especially for teams that engage across multiple communication channels.


Simple and straightforward campaign creation in Smartlead Sequences.

Smartlead provides a simple and intuitive interface for creating email sequences to engage with sales leads. While it may not have all the complex branching and conditional options of some other tools, it focuses on making the core process of setting up email campaigns quick and easy.

Key features of Smartlead's campaign creation:

  • Linear sequence builder: Campaigns follow a straightforward step-by-step flow, making setup simple
  • Unlimited auto-rotating email accounts: Easily add multiple email accounts that automatically rotate sending
  • Wait periods: Set delays between steps to control pacing
  • Manual tasks: Insert manual follow-up tasks like calls in between automated emails

On Reddit, users have expressed a preference for Smartlead over some competitors:

👍 "So i prefer to instantly. It's better for warmup, everything else in between in my opinion." - r/Emailmarketing


Salesloft's campaign dashboard showing member count, hierarchy, and next steps.

Salesloft's Sequences feature provides a comprehensive toolkit for creating multichannel campaigns that engage leads through email, phone calls, and social interactions. The intuitive interface and detailed scheduling system make it easy to craft personalized sequences that drive results.

Key features of Salesloft Sequences:

  • Multichannel engagement: Combine emails, calls, and social touches in a single sequence
  • Intuitive campaign creation: Simple interface for building and managing sequences
  • Detailed scheduling: Set specific dates, times, and delays for each step in the sequence
  • Campaign hierarchy: Organize related sequences for easy management and reporting
  • Performance tracking: Monitor key metrics like member count and upcoming actions

Reddit users have shared mixed experiences with Salesloft's sequence creation:

👎 "Our reply rates on sequences are terrible" - r/sales
👍 "Salesloft is easier to use and adopt" - r/sales
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Deliverability - Preventing Emails from Landing in Spam

Smartlead provides a more comprehensive solution for email deliverability compared to Salesloft by offering unlimited mailbox warmups, auto-rotating email accounts, and support for multiple inboxes.

Smartlead's email automation and deliverability features

Salesloft, on the other hand, does not offer email warming but relies on best practices such as using reputable IPs and gradually increasing email volumes to enhance deliverability.

For businesses that require a robust system to manage and enhance email deliverability, Smartlead's proactive features provide a significant edge. Additionally, consider using Bardeen's Playbook to further boost your email response rates by crafting tailored outreach emails.


Smartlead's email warming and spam avoidance features for high deliverability.

Smartlead provides a comprehensive approach to email deliverability, offering features that help users maintain high inbox placement rates and avoid spam filters. By focusing on key aspects like email warming, rate limits, and support for multiple mailboxes, Smartlead enables users to effectively reach their target audience without compromising their sender reputation.

  • Unlimited mailbox warmups: Smartlead offers unlimited mailbox warmups, ensuring that new email accounts are properly warmed up before sending campaigns, reducing the risk of being flagged as spam.
  • Auto-rotating email accounts: The platform automatically rotates email accounts, distributing the sending load across multiple mailboxes to maintain a healthy sender reputation and avoid triggering spam filters.
  • Support for multiple inboxes: Users can connect and manage multiple email accounts within Smartlead, allowing for greater flexibility and scalability in their email outreach efforts.
  • Automated rate limits: Smartlead enforces automated rate limits during the email warmup process, preventing users from sending too many emails too quickly and potentially damaging their sender reputation.

While Smartlead does not currently offer email accuracy checking, its focus on email warming, spam avoidance, and support for multiple mailboxes contributes to enhanced deliverability and overall campaign success.

Reddit users have expressed mixed views on Smartlead's features, with some appreciating its API and warm-up pool, while others highlight general user interface issues among email marketing tools.

😐 "Best warmup pool too" - r/Emailmarketing
👍 "So i prefer to instantly. It's better for warmup, everything else in between in my opinion." - r/Emailmarketing


Salesloft focuses on best practices to maintain high deliverability for its email sequences, even without a dedicated email warmup feature. The platform utilizes reputable IP addresses and gradually increases email volume to avoid triggering spam filters and maintain a positive sender reputation.

Key aspects of Salesloft's deliverability approach:

  • Reputable IP addresses: Salesloft sends emails from well-established IP addresses to minimize the risk of being flagged as spam.
  • Gradual volume increase: The platform slowly ramps up email volume for new accounts, allowing them to establish a positive sending history and avoid sudden spikes that could trigger spam filters.
  • Best practice recommendations: Salesloft provides guidance on email content and sending behavior to help users maintain high deliverability rates.

While Salesloft may not offer all the bells and whistles of dedicated email warmup tools, its focus on deliverability best practices helps users effectively reach their target audience without messages landing in spam folders.

Reddit users have mixed opinions on Salesloft's email deliverability:

👍 "Get Salesloft. I have all 3 and Hubspot is not even close on sales automation. Salesloft is… Much easier to use and adopt." - r/sales
👎 "emails are going to the prospects spam folder at a higher rate" - r/sales
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Personalization - Tailoring Your Outreach to Each Lead

Smartlead and Salesloft both offer compelling personalization features for email sequences, but they approach customization differently.

Smartlead allows mapping of unlimited custom fields for targeted emails.

Smartlead excels with its unlimited custom fields, which allow for extensive customization options for each lead's data. This feature is ideal for users who require detailed, varied personalization based on multiple lead attributes.

Salesloft uses behavioral data to dynamically personalize emails.

Salesloft, on the other hand, focuses on behavioral personalization. It uses engagement data to tailor emails, which can be more effective in responding to the lead’s current interaction level and interests.

If you need deep customization based on static data, Smartlead has the advantage. However, for dynamic content adaptation based on user behavior, Salesloft may be more beneficial. To further enhance email campaign effectiveness, consider using Bardeen to automate the integration of lead data into your campaigns, ensuring each message is as relevant as possible.


Mapping custom fields to personalize email campaigns in Smartlead.

Smartlead offers robust personalization options for email campaigns, enabling users to tailor their outreach to each individual lead. By mapping CSV columns to variables, users can add an unlimited number of custom fields to their campaigns.

Key personalization features:

  • Unlimited custom fields: Add as many custom fields as needed to personalize emails for each lead.
  • CSV mapping: Easily map CSV columns to variables for seamless personalization.
  • Wide range of fields: Personalize based on name, job description, age, company, gender, LinkedIn profile, and more.
  • Dynamic content: Insert personalized content into email templates for targeted outreach.


Salesloft offers custom columns to personalize emails for each lead.

Salesloft provides several options to customize and personalize emails for each lead in a sequence. By leveraging data from custom columns, you can tailor your outreach to be more relevant and engaging for the recipient.

Key personalization features:

  • Custom columns: Add specific data points for each lead, such as their role, industry, or engagement level, which can be dynamically inserted into emails.
  • Behavioral personalization: Salesloft adapts email content based on a lead's behavior and engagement, ensuring the message resonates with their current stage in the sales process.
  • Dynamic tags: Insert personalized snippets, such as the lead's name, company, or other custom attributes, directly into the email template.
  • AI-powered suggestions: Get real-time recommendations for personalizing emails based on the lead's profile and previous interactions.
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AI - Boosting Personalization and Efficiency in Lead Engagement


Smartlead's Sequences feature offers some AI-powered personalization capabilities, though it has limitations compared to more advanced AI writing tools.

Key aspects of Smartlead's AI for Sequences:

  • Personalization using custom column values: Smartlead can pull data from custom columns in your lead database to personalize emails, but it does not generate entire sentences from scratch using AI.
  • Hard-coded values: The AI personalization relies on pre-defined, hard-coded values rather than dynamically generating unique content for each lead.

One Reddit user shared a positive experience with Smartlead for email campaigns:

👍 "So i prefer to instantly. It's better for warmup, everything else in between in my opinion." - r/Emailmarketing


Salesloft uses AI to generate personalized email drafts for efficient prospecting.

Salesloft leverages AI to help users work more efficiently and personalize their outreach at scale. The platform's AI capabilities are designed to prioritize actions, generate tailored content, and provide insights based on each lead's unique data.

  • Workflow prioritization: Salesloft's AI engine, Rhythm, guides users on which actions to take to build pipeline and close deals. It prioritizes the actions that matter most based on lead data and user behavior.
  • Personalized email drafts: Users can generate AI-powered email drafts by providing key details about the recipient, such as their role, company name, and character limit. The AI then creates a personalized message tailored to the lead, saving time while maintaining a human touch.
  • Customized insights: Salesloft's AI analyzes data points for each lead, offering customized suggestions and insights to help users engage with prospects more effectively. This includes recommending the best times to reach out, identifying key talking points, and more.

By harnessing the power of AI, Salesloft enables sales teams to prospect more efficiently, personalize their outreach at scale, and ultimately close more deals.

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Native Enrichment - Boosting Lead Personalization Capabilities

When comparing native enrichment capabilities, Smartlead edges out slightly over Salesloft due to its explicit integration with Clay for lead enrichment.

Smartlead's integration page highlighting Clay for lead enrichment

Smartlead does not provide direct native enrichment but offers a clear pathway to enrich leads through its integration with Clay, facilitating personalized outreach campaigns. This setup can be more streamlined for users who prefer a more integrated solution within a single platform.

Salesloft, while also lacking direct native enrichment, supports the use of external services to enrich lead data. The flexibility to choose from various third-party services can be beneficial for users who already have preferences or subscriptions with specific data providers.

For teams looking for a more integrated and user-friendly setup without needing to manage multiple third-party relationships, Smartlead with its Clay integration might be the better option. However, if your team values flexibility and has established workflows with specific third-party data providers, Salesloft's approach could be more advantageous.

Additionally, to enhance your lead enrichment processes, consider using Bardeen to automate and streamline manual data collection tasks, ultimately saving time and improving data accuracy.


Smartlead integrates with Clay to enrich leads with personalized data.

While Smartlead does not offer direct native lead enrichment, it provides a built-in integration with Clay, a tool that scales personalized outbound campaigns. This integration allows users to enrich their leads with valuable data to create more targeted and effective outreach.

Key aspects of Smartlead's lead enrichment capabilities:

  • Clay integration: Seamlessly connect Smartlead with Clay to access enriched lead data
  • Personalized campaigns: Use the enriched data to craft highly personalized outreach at scale
  • Efficient workflow: Enrich leads directly within Smartlead, eliminating the need for manual data imports


Salesloft does not offer native lead enrichment capabilities within its Sequences feature. However, it supports integrations with third-party services that can provide additional data and insights on your leads, helping you make more informed decisions in your sales outreach.

While native enrichment is not available, Salesloft's integration options still allow you to:

  • Connect with external data providers
  • Enrich your lead data with relevant information
  • Gain valuable insights into your prospects
  • Personalize your outreach based on enriched data

To take advantage of lead enrichment, you'll need to utilize one of Salesloft's supported third-party integrations.

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Social Automation - Expanding Multi-Channel Outreach

Smartlead offers more flexibility in social automation for outreach sequences compared to Salesloft.

Smartlead's social automation feature supports multiple communication platforms.

While Salesloft lacks the capability to integrate social media channels such as LinkedIn into its sequences, Smartlead enables outreach via SMS, Twitter, and WhatsApp, broadening the scope of engagement possibilities.

For businesses looking to leverage a wider range of social platforms in their outreach strategies, Smartlead provides a significant advantage. It allows for a more diverse and potentially more effective communication approach with prospects across different channels.

In an age where social media plays a critical role in communication, integrating platforms like Bardeen can automate and enhance your outreach strategies, making your processes more efficient and connected.


Smartlead's social automation options for outreach sequences

Smartlead offers social automation options as part of its sequences feature, allowing users to send messages via multiple channels beyond just email. While LinkedIn outreach is not currently supported, the platform enables sending messages through SMS, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Key aspects of Smartlead's social automation:

  • Multi-channel outreach: Engage leads through SMS, Twitter, and WhatsApp in addition to email
  • Customizable wait times: Set specific wait periods between each step in the sequence
  • Manual steps: Include personalized touch points like manual calls or connection requests
  • Unified interface: Manage all outreach channels within a single, user-friendly interface


Salesloft's Sequences feature does not include social automation capabilities, such as sending LinkedIn messages as part of email campaigns. This means that users are limited to engaging with prospects through email, phone calls, and other channels supported by Salesloft, but cannot incorporate social media outreach directly into their sequences.

While social media integration can be a valuable tool for sales engagement, Salesloft has chosen to focus on other areas of functionality to help users connect with potential customers and drive conversions.

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Pricing Structure - Comparing Smartlead and Salesloft

Smartlead offers a more accessible pricing structure compared to Salesloft, making it easier for potential users to understand and select a suitable plan.

Smartlead's pricing ranges from $39 to $94 per month with a 14-day free trial available, allowing businesses to test the service before committing. Salesloft, however, requires potential users to contact their sales team for pricing, and does not offer a free trial, which may deter some users who prefer to try the service before purchasing.

While Salesloft provides structured packages aimed at enhancing sales performance, the lack of transparent pricing and trial options could be a drawback for businesses seeking flexibility and immediate access. For users looking for a straightforward pricing model and the ability to test services without initial commitments, Smartlead holds the advantage.


Smartlead offers three pricing tiers with a 14-day free trial.

Smartlead provides a transparent pricing structure with three tiers designed to fit the needs of marketers and businesses of varying sizes. Plans are billed monthly, with prices ranging from $39 to $94 per month.

Key aspects of Smartlead's pricing:

  • 14-day free trial: All plans come with a 14-day free trial, allowing users to test the platform before committing to a paid plan.
  • Monthly billing: Plans are billed on a monthly basis, providing flexibility for users.
  • Per-email pricing: In the Basic plan, the cost per email sent is approximately $0.0065.
  • Feature differences: Higher-tier plans include additional features such as custom CRM, email guide assistance, and active support.
  • No sales call required: Users can directly purchase Basic, Popular, and Pro plans without the need to speak with a sales representative. The Enterprise plan requires a sales call for custom pricing and features.


Salesloft offers three pricing tiers with varying features.

Salesloft provides three pricing packages designed to help sales teams generate results, but does not list specific pricing on their website. To get started, you must request a demo to discuss your needs with the Salesloft team.

Key points about Salesloft's pricing:

  • No free trial: Salesloft does not offer a free trial period for any of its packages.
  • Contact sales for pricing: Specific per-user pricing is not listed on the website. Interested customers must contact the Salesloft sales team for a custom quote based on their needs.
  • Three pricing tiers: Essentials, Advanced, and Premier packages are available, each with an increasing number of features.
  • Feature differences: Higher-tier packages include additional functionality such as conversation intelligence, opportunity management, and AI-driven forecasting.
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Which is Best for Streamlining Sales Campaigns?

Comparing Smartlead and Salesloft, each tool has its strengths for different sales campaign needs. Smartlead excels with its straightforward interface and essential features, making it great for simple, quick campaign setups. Salesloft, however, offers more detailed controls and multichannel capabilities, suited for complex, in-depth campaign strategies.

If your priority is ease of use and fast setup, Smartlead is the way to go. For more elaborate campaigns that touch on multiple communication platforms, Salesloft is the better choice. Both tools bring valuable features to the table, catering to varying needs in the sales process.

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