Do we need another automation tool?

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May 22, 2024
Jason Gong
Jason Gong
Artem Harutyunyan
Artem Harutyunyan
Co-founder & CTO

For the last few decades, it’s been a clear advantage to learn the latest tools.

Calculators, personal computers, powerpoint, the internet; sometimes, you didn’t need them to do your job. But they did help you do your job better and faster than those who didn’t use them.

Now, advances in AI make doing more with less a necessity. Automating parts of your job is no longer a luxury. You’re not just competing against humans with AI; you’re competing against AI itself.

The problem is, the right tools didn’t exist to fix this - to offload your slow, repetitive workloads. Even worse, you get so used to doing them that you don’t realize they’re mundane and repetitive.

This time, it’s different.

The word “computer” used to mean an actual person who computed. Then, processing power got so small that a computer was a machine. 

What if the same thing happens to sales? Marketing? How will automation eat those roles?

It’s easy to think of automation as renaming files or moving data from one place to another. Up until now, we reserved it for niche tasks in domain-specific use-cases. 

But soon, automation will reach out to clients and answer pricing questions. It might not be called SalesAI, but it’ll automate what used to be a manual process. History repeats itself.

How we solve this: AI-driven automation

Bardeen meets you where you work to future-proof your most valuable asset: you.

The web browser is the default operating system for most people, and there’s no first-class productivity platform serving it. We designed Bardeen from the ground up to work as a browser extension, seamlessly fitting into your daily workflow. Its automations never leave your browser, and allow you to complete all of your tasks without distractions, copy-pasting, or context switching.

But all of what we just described is great for an automation platform in, say, 2022. Bardeen’s built for the future; its goal is to learn how you work. To do this, it quietly observes your repetitive tasks, learning which ones devour your time. Then, it presents what it learned back to you, as a draft automation. You can edit and tweak however you want, and bam. A custom automation based on your habits.

Bardeen surfaces automations you didn’t know you needed.

Great, another tool?

We get it. Most tools out there excel at a single task but completely fall flat when they try to scale. You end up with a hacked-together one-trick platform, instead of a robust solution.

AI is finally at a place where tools can act as copilots. One automated workflow without breaking concentration or context. And this isn’t some low-level clunky platform; it’s an intelligent companion that adapts and anticipates.

Our vision

We’re not just building another automation tool. Been there, done that. We’re fundamentally changing how to interact with the tools you use to do your job.

You’re the best in your role, understanding your customers better than anyone. But being “the best” doesn’t mean clicking buttons the fastest, or copy-pasting more than someone else. We’re using our platform to liberate you from the monotonous tasks. We pledge to enhance, not replace.

It might take some learning, but if you want to reclaim your time, we’re here to help. Check out our field guide on automation for SDRs.

Once you figure it out, you won’t look back.

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