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Copy GitHub contributors to a Google Sheet
Google Sheets
Copy GitHub contributors to a Google Sheet
Copy GitHub contributors to a Google Sheet
Copy GitHub contributors to a Google Sheet

Copy GitHub contributors to a Google Sheet

This playbook will get all contributors of a given repository and add them to a Google Sheet.

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Is there a way to get a list of GitHub contributors with their contact info as a simple Google Sheet? 

There are over one million contributors on GitHub who push thousands of lines of code every single day. Each time a pull request is merged into a repository, the person who generated the pull request will get added as a contributor to the repository.

GitHub displays the contributors at the bottom right-hand corner of the repository, and it isn’t very convenient given that it only displays names and avatars.

What if you want an updated list of contributors with details like Username, Profile URL, and organization URL?

The answer is to use this automation!

The automation has two arguments to input when you run it:

1- GitHub repository

2 - Google sheet name

Boom! Just like that, you have a list of contributors for the repository in a Google Sheet. No copy-pasting!

This automation is helpful if you want access to an updated list of contributors for a repository or if you want to display the contributors in a file.

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