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Send Mass Emails in Salesforce Lightning: A Step-by-Step Guide

Jason Gong
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March 3, 2024

Sending mass emails in Salesforce is achieved through the "List Email" feature in the Lightning Experience, allowing communication with numerous contacts simultaneously. It's essential to be aware of Salesforce's daily email limit of 5,000 to external addresses. For more advanced campaigns, integrating with email marketing tools like Pardot or Mailchimp is recommended.

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How to Send Mass Email in Salesforce

Sending mass emails in Salesforce allows you to communicate with a large number of contacts or leads at once. This feature is useful for marketing campaigns, announcements, and other mass communication needs. Salesforce has transitioned from the classic "Mass Email" feature to the "List Email" feature in the Lightning Experience, offering a more streamlined interface and additional functionalities.

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Salesforce Mass Email Limits

Before sending mass emails, it's important to be aware of Salesforce's mass email limits. The platform restricts the number of emails you can send to 5,000 per organization per day to external email addresses. However, there's no limit on emails sent to internal users. These limits can vary based on your Salesforce edition and other factors, so it's recommended to check with Salesforce support for the most accurate information. Additionally, Salesforce imposes other limitations such as file attachments appearing as downloadable links and the inability to use Visualforce templates for mass emails.

Send Mass Email Salesforce Lightning

To send a mass email in Salesforce Lightning, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the 'Contacts' section and ensure you select 'All Contacts' to view your full list.
  2. Select the recipients for your email, then click the arrow box in the right corner and choose "Send List Email".
  3. In the email editor, attach any necessary files and compose your message. Once ready, click 'Send'.
  4. To exclude certain recipients, use the "Edit List Filters" option to apply filters to your contact list before sending the email.
  5. Select or create an email template to use, incorporating merge fields if needed. Click 'Send' when your email is ready.

You will receive an email notification once your Salesforce email has been sent.

Mass Email Campaign Salesforce

For more sophisticated email campaigns, Salesforce offers integration with various email marketing tools like Pardot, Mailchimp, and others. These tools provide advanced features for creating, sending, and tracking email campaigns, including analytics on email opens, clicks, and more.

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Salesforce Mass Email Lightning

The process for sending mass emails in Salesforce Lightning involves using the "List Email" feature, as described above. This feature is part of the Lightning Experience and offers a user-friendly interface for sending emails to lists of contacts or leads.

Salesforce Mass Email Report

To analyze the effectiveness of your mass email campaigns, Salesforce and integrated email marketing tools provide reporting features. These reports can include metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and more, helping you to understand the impact of your emails and make data-driven decisions for future campaigns.

Send Bulk Email in Salesforce

Sending bulk emails in Salesforce follows the same process as sending mass emails. The key is to ensure you're aware of Salesforce's email limits and to use the "List Email" feature within the Lightning Experience for a streamlined process.

Salesforce Email Blast

An email blast in Salesforce can be executed using the "List Email" feature in the Lightning Experience. This allows you to quickly send a single email to a large group of recipients, making it an effective tool for broad communication efforts.

Boost Salesforce Email Efficiency with Bardeen Automation

While the manual method of sending mass emails in Salesforce is straightforward, automating this process can significantly enhance efficiency, allowing sales teams to focus more on strategy and less on repetitive tasks. Bardeen offers a suite of automation playbooks that integrate seamlessly with Salesforce to streamline various aspects of email communication and CRM management.

  1. Send an email to a Salesforce contact: This playbook automates the process of sending targeted emails to Salesforce contacts, enhancing the efficiency of sales prospecting efforts. It's especially useful for maintaining consistent communication with leads and customers within Salesforce's robust CRM environment.
  2. Create draft email for a Salesforce contact using OpenAI: Leverage the power of OpenAI to draft personalized emails to your Salesforce contacts. This playbook ensures that each communication is tailored and relevant, significantly enhancing engagement with potential clients without spending hours on manual writing.
  3. Create a draft email in Gmail for a Salesforce contact using OpenAI: Automate the creation of personalized draft emails in Gmail directed to Salesforce contacts. This playbook uses OpenAI's advanced language models to quickly craft tailored messages that resonate with your contacts, enhancing your email outreach strategy.

Embrace the power of automation with Bardeen to revolutionize how you manage email communications and CRM tasks within Salesforce. Start by downloading the Bardeen app at

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