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Easy Steps to Import Data into Pipedrive CRM

Jason Gong
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April 15, 2024

Importing data into Pipedrive involves preparing a properly formatted spreadsheet, ensuring mandatory fields are included, creating custom fields if necessary, and following the import process in your Pipedrive account. This method allows for the import of leads, deals, contacts, and more, enhancing your CRM's effectiveness.

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How to Import Data into Pipedrive

Importing data into Pipedrive is a straightforward process that allows users to add various types of data such as leads, deals, contacts, and more from spreadsheets into their Pipedrive account. This guide will walk you through the steps to successfully import your data into Pipedrive.

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Preparing Your Spreadsheet for Import

Before importing your data, ensure your spreadsheet is properly formatted. Remove any formulas, use only one tab per spreadsheet, avoid special symbols in numeric or monetary fields, and adhere to the maximum file size of 50MB or 50,000 rows per spreadsheet. Download Pipedrive's sample spreadsheet for a practice import and consider the type of data you're importing to format your spreadsheet accordingly.

Mandatory Fields for Import

Each type of data you import into Pipedrive requires specific mandatory fields. For example, importing leads requires a lead title and either a person name or organization name. Deals, people, organizations, products, notes, and activities each have their own set of mandatory fields. Ensure these fields are included in separate columns in your spreadsheet and mapped correctly during the import process.

Custom Fields

If your spreadsheet contains data that doesn't match Pipedrive's default fields, you'll need to create custom fields in Pipedrive before importing. This ensures your data has a place to be mapped. You can also create custom fields during the mapping stage of your import.

Initiating the Import

To start importing your data, go to '...' (More) > Import data > From a spreadsheet in your Pipedrive account. Pipedrive supports Excel (.xls and .xlsx) and .csv files. Follow the steps to upload your file, map your spreadsheet columns to the corresponding fields in Pipedrive, and preview your data before starting the import.

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After Your Import

Once the import is complete, you'll see a confirmation page with an overview of the imported data. If any items were imported incorrectly, they'll be compiled into a 'Skip File', which you can download, correct, and re-import to ensure all your data is accurately added to Pipedrive.

Reverting an Import

If necessary, you can revert a spreadsheet import within 48 hours of its initial import. This option is available only to global admin users or users with the import items permission enabled. If the revert button is unavailable, contact Pipedrive support for assistance.

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Boost Pipedrive Efficiency with Bardeen Automations

While importing data into Pipedrive can significantly improve your CRM's effectiveness, automating this process can take your productivity to the next level. Bardeen offers several playbooks that seamlessly integrate with Pipedrive, enhancing your data management processes and ensuring your sales team has the most up-to-date information at their fingertips.

  1. Copy LinkedIn company data to Pipedrive: This playbook automates the process of creating new Pipedrive organizations with data extracted directly from LinkedIn, streamlining the process of populating your CRM with valuable company information.
  2. Copy LinkedIn profile data to Pipedrive contacts: Enhance your contact management by automatically creating new Pipedrive contacts using LinkedIn profile data, making lead generation and networking efforts more efficient.
  3. Copy all Pipedrive deals to a Google Sheet: For teams that manage sales data across multiple platforms, this playbook ensures that all Pipedrive deals are automatically copied to a Google Sheet for easy access and analysis.

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