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Easy Steps to Delete Your Account in 2024

Jason Gong
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April 15, 2024

To delete your account, follow specific steps to remove personal information or cancel a subscription. For personal data removal, use the opt-out page and complete the identity verification process. Subscription cancellations vary by plan type, with direct options in account settings or requiring contact with Apollo Support for custom plans.

Streamlining sales and marketing workflows can reduce the need for manual account deletions.

Enhance productivity by automating sales and marketing tasks with Bardeen.

How to Delete Account

Deleting an account involves a few steps, primarily because is a comprehensive sales intelligence and engagement platform that caters to various user needs, including data brokering. The process to delete your account or opt-out of's services can vary depending on whether you're looking to remove your personal information from their database or cancel a subscription.

While manually deleting an account is straightforward, automating your workflow with Bardeen can save time and enhance productivity. Download Bardeen to streamline repetitive tasks. Delete Account

To remove your personal information from, follow these steps:

  1. Search for your profile on Google using the structure “job title company”, e.g., “Business Development Manager Daily Planet”.
  2. Click on the link to your profile and copy the URL of your profile page.
  3. Visit the opt-out page at
  4. Enter your work email address, paste the URL of your profile, and click “Get Verification Information”.
  5. Check your email inbox for an identity verification email from and click “Download File” within the email.
  6. Complete the CCPA and GDPR Identity Verification Form and email it back to
  7. Your information should be removed within 7-10 business days.

How to Cancel Subscription

If you have an subscription and wish to cancel it, the process may differ based on the type of subscription you have. For Apollo Studio subscriptions, you can cancel directly through the Settings tab by navigating to the Plan and Billing section and finding the “Cancel subscription” button. If this button is not visible, you should contact Apollo Support for assistance.

For managing or customizing Apollo plans, including upgrading, downgrading, or canceling:

  1. Access your Apollo account and go to Settings > Manage Plan.
  2. From the Plan Overview tab, you can view your plan details, add or remove seats, and customize credits.
  3. To change your subscription, click on the “Manage Subscription” button and follow the prompts to select a new plan or adjust your current plan settings.
  4. Finalize your changes by reviewing the price breakdown and confirming your purchase.

Remember, any changes to your subscription will sync with your billing cycle, and charges are not pro-rated. Upgrades take effect immediately, while downgrades and cancellations will occur at the end of your billing cycle.

How to Cancel Subscription for Large Enterprises or Custom Plans

For users with custom or organization plans, it's recommended to contact the Apollo sales team for personalized assistance with plan adjustments or cancellations. This ensures that your specific needs and requirements are met.

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Automate Your Tasks with Bardeen

While manually deleting an account is straightforward, automating your workflow with Bardeen can save time and enhance productivity, especially for repetitive tasks. For instance, automating data extraction and enrichment from various platforms can streamline your sales and marketing efforts, making manual deletions less frequent or necessary.

Explore how Bardeen can automate tasks related to

  1. Get social profiles from the current website using This playbook automates the process of extracting a company's social information from any website, streamlining your lead generation and research tasks.
  2. Find and save a GitHub profile's contact info using into SmartSuite: Perfect for tech recruiters, this playbook automates finding and saving GitHub profile contact information directly into SmartSuite, enriching your talent pool with valuable data.
  3. Enrich company information from a website to Coda using Automate the enrichment of company information from a website and save it to Coda, optimizing your business development and sales prospecting.

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