Lowercase Conversion in Google Sheets: A Step-by-Step Guide

Jason Gong
June 6, 2024

Use the LOWER function to convert text to lowercase in Google Sheets.

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How to Convert Uppercase to Lowercase in Google Sheets

Converting text from uppercase to lowercase in Google Sheets is a common task that can be accomplished through various methods, including functions, add-ons, and even external applications like Google Docs. This guide will walk you through the different ways to change case in Google Sheets, specifically focusing on converting uppercase letters to lowercase.

Google Sheets Change Case

Google Sheets does not have a built-in feature in the menu for changing text case. However, it offers several functions that can be used to manipulate text case, including converting uppercase to lowercase.

Change Case in Google Sheets

The primary method for changing text case in Google Sheets is by using functions. You'll need to prepare an extra column where you will enter formulas to see the result.

Google Sheets Change Upper Case to Lower Case

To convert uppercase text to lowercase, use the LOWER function. This function requires only one argument: the text or a reference to a cell containing the text you want to convert. The syntax for the LOWER function is:


For example, if you have an uppercase text in cell A2 and you want to convert it to lowercase, you would enter the following formula in a different cell:


If you want to apply this to an entire column, you can use the ArrayFormula function:


This will convert all text in the range A2:A9 from uppercase to lowercase.

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How to Change Case in Google Sheets

Aside from the LOWER function, Google Sheets also offers the PROPER and UPPER functions for changing text case. The PROPER function capitalizes the first letter of each word, and the UPPER function converts all letters to uppercase. While these functions are useful for other case conversion needs, the LOWER function is your go-to for converting text to lowercase.

For users looking for a more straightforward solution without using formulas, Google Sheets add-ons like Power Tools offer a change case feature that can convert text to lowercase, uppercase, proper case, and even toggle text case with just a few clicks. This method does not require formulas and can be a time-saver for large datasets.

Another alternative is using Google Docs to change the case of your text. You can copy your data from Google Sheets to a new Google Doc, use the capitalization feature under 'Format > Text > Capitalization' to change your text to lowercase, and then copy it back to Google Sheets. This method is suitable for small datasets.

Regardless of the method you choose, converting uppercase to lowercase in Google Sheets is a simple task once you know the right functions and tools to use.

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