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Nesting Pages in Notion: A Simple Guide (3 Steps)

Jason Gong
App automation expert
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April 15, 2024

Nesting pages in Notion is done by creating subpages within a parent page, using the '/page' command, the sidebar, or drag-and-drop methods for organization.

  • Use '/page' command to create a subpage within an existing page.
  • Create a subpage from the sidebar and utilize breadcrumb navigation for structure visibility.
  • Rearrange pages by dragging them in or out of parent pages to adjust workspace structure.

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How do you nest pages in Notion?

Nesting pages within Notion allows for a more organized and hierarchical structure of your workspace. This method is beneficial for categorizing related information, projects, or documents under a common parent page. Notion doesn't use traditional folders; instead, it utilizes a system where you can create pages inside other pages, known as subpages. Here's how you can nest pages in Notion:

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Create a Subpage

To create a subpage within an existing page, you can use the '/page' command. After typing '/page', you'll be prompted to give your new subpage a title and start adding content to it, just like you would with any new page. Once you navigate back to the parent page, you'll see the newly created subpage listed inline, indicating that it is nested within the parent page.

Use Your Sidebar and Breadcrumbs

Another method to create a subpage is directly from the sidebar. First, open the sidebar using the '≡' button located at the top left of your workspace. Then, hover over any existing page in the sidebar and press the '+' button that appears to the right of the page name. This action quickly adds a new page inside the selected page. The nested structure will be visible in your sidebar, showing the subpage underneath its parent. Additionally, this hierarchy is reflected in the breadcrumb navigation at the top left, helping you understand the location and structure of your pages.

Rearrange Your Page Structure

Notion offers flexibility in organizing your workspace, allowing you to rearrange pages as needed. To un-nest a subpage, click on it in the sidebar and drag it out of the parent page's toggle. Conversely, to nest a page within another, click and drag it into the desired parent page. This drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to adjust the structure of your workspace to better suit your organizational needs.

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Automate Your Notion with Bardeen Playbooks

While nesting pages within Notion can be done manually as described above, automating your Notion workspace management can significantly enhance productivity and organization. Bardeen offers a range of playbooks to automate various Notion tasks, from creating pages to organizing data.

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  2. Save data from the Google News page to Notion: Keep up with the latest news and trends by automating the transfer of information from Google News directly into your Notion database for easy reference and analysis.

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