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Sync New Facebook Data to Google Sheets

This workflow automates fetching new data from Facebook and saves it into Google Sheets, enhancing marketing analytics and content curation.
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Take action following defined goal in background
Take action following defined goal in background
Add data to sheet tab
Add data to sheet tab

Workflow Overview

This workflow automates fetching new data from Facebook and saves it into Google Sheets, enhancing marketing analytics and content curation.
  • Facebook data source URL
  • Target Google Sheet for saving data
  • New data from Facebook saved in Google Sheets

This automation fetches new data from a Facebook source and saves it directly into a specified Google Sheets tab.

Initially, it acts in the background to fetch new data from the specified Facebook URL. Following this, it appends the freshly fetched data into the designated Google Sheets tab. This workflow is particularly useful for:

  • Marketing analytics and tracking social media engagement
  • Automating content curation processes
Note: This workflow is highly adaptable and can be tailored to fetch and save data from other social platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram into various data storage solutions such as Airtable, Coda, or even your CRM.

Whether you're a social media manager or a data analyst looking to streamline data collection processes, this workflow can significantly enhance your productivity. Try it now with Bardeen.

Step 1: Install the Bardeen App

Start by installing the Bardeen app on your device. Visit the official download page to get started.

Step 2: Navigate to the Magic Box

With the app installed, proceed to the Magic Box and enter the following prompt:

Fetch New Data from Facebook then save into Google Sheets

Step 3: Integrate the Workflow Integrations

Ensure the necessary integrations are in place. This workflow requires integrations with Facebook to fetch data and Google Sheets to save it.

Step 4: Run the Workflow

To complete the setup, run the workflow. This workflow is configured to:

  • Automatically fetch new data from Facebook whenever new data appears.
  • Once fetched, the data is saved into a specified Google Sheets tab, ensuring your information is always up to date.
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How Can Automating Facebook Data Collection Boost Your Productivity?

Fetching New Data from Facebook

Automating the process of fetching new data from Facebook and saving it into Google Sheets can significantly enhance your productivity, especially if you're handling tasks like marketing analytics, tracking social media engagement, or automating content curation processes. While manual methods exist, they can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Fortunately, tools like Bardeen offer a more efficient solution.

Try automating your Facebook data fetching workflow with Bardeen. Get started here.

For those looking to manually scrape Facebook data or connect Facebook Ads to Google Sheets, understanding the available tools and methods is crucial. This guide will walk you through both manual and automated processes, focusing on how to efficiently gather and utilize Facebook data.

Manual Methods for Scraping Facebook Data

Manually exporting Facebook Ads data to Google Sheets involves downloading CSV files from Facebook Ads Manager and uploading them to Google Sheets. This method, while free, requires repeated effort for each new query and lacks the efficiency of automated tools. Alternatively, web scraping with Chrome extensions or using automation tools like Zapier or Make can offer more streamlined processes, though they come with their own limitations, such as cost and complexity.

For those interested in a direct connection between Facebook Ads and Google Sheets, tools like Coefficient and Zapier offer solutions. Coefficient, a Google Sheets add-on, allows for real-time data syncing without the need for manual CSV exports. Zapier, on the other hand, automates data transfer from Facebook Lead Ads to Google Sheets through configured workflows, known as Zaps. Both methods aim to simplify the data import process, though they may require some setup and maintenance.

Automated Solutions with Bardeen

For a seamless and efficient approach to fetching new data from Facebook and saving it into Google Sheets, automation tools like Bardeen offer a significant advantage. Bardeen automates the process, allowing for real-time data updates without manual intervention. This not only saves time but also ensures accuracy and up-to-date information in your Google Sheets. Whether you're tracking ad performance, engagement metrics, or curating content, automating this workflow can drastically improve your efficiency and data management capabilities.

Streamline your data collection process by automating the fetch and save workflow from Facebook to Google Sheets with Bardeen. Start now by visiting
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Google Sheets
Google Sheets
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