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Scrape LinkedIn Comments and Replies to Google Sheets

Automates scraping LinkedIn comments and replies, saving the data into Google Sheets for analysis. Ideal for marketers and researchers.
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Scrape data on active tab
Scrape data on active tab
Add data to sheet tab
Add data to sheet tab

Workflow Overview

Automates scraping LinkedIn comments and replies, saving the data into Google Sheets for analysis. Ideal for marketers and researchers.
  • Scraper model
  • Target Google Sheet tab for results
  • Appended data in Google Sheets tab

This workflow automates the process of scraping LinkedIn comments and replies, then saving the scraped data into a specified Google Sheets tab. It is particularly useful for social media analysis, sentiment analysis, and competitive research.

The process begins by using a combined scraper model on the active LinkedIn page tab to scrape comments and replies. Following the scraping, the extracted data is automatically appended to the specified Google Sheets tab. This allows for easy analysis and sharing of the scraped data.

Note: The scraper model can be customized for specific data extraction requirements on LinkedIn, making this workflow highly adaptable for various research needs.

This automation is an excellent tool for marketers, researchers, and social media managers looking to gain insights from LinkedIn interactions without manual data entry. Try this workflow with Bardeen to streamline your LinkedIn analysis.

Step 1: Install the Bardeen App

To start, install the Bardeen app on your device by visiting the Bardeen download page.

Step 2: Navigate to the Magic Box

With the app installed, open the Magic Box and enter the following prompt:

Scrape LinkedIn Comments and Replies then save into Google Sheets

Step 3: Integrate the Workflow Integrations

Make sure to set up the integrations needed for the workflow. This includes the Scraper for collecting data from LinkedIn and Google Sheets for storing the data.

Step 4: Run the Workflow

To execute the workflow, run it. This workflow performs the following tasks:

  • Scrapes comments and replies from LinkedIn from the currently active tab.
  • It then saves the scraped data into a specified tab in Google Sheets.
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How to Automate LinkedIn Data Extraction to Google Sheets?

Scrape LinkedIn Comments and Replies

Scraping LinkedIn comments and replies is a crucial task for professionals involved in market research, sentiment analysis, or competitive intelligence. While LinkedIn does not provide a direct way to export comments and replies to Google Sheets, there are methods and tools that can help automate this process, enhancing productivity and data analysis capabilities.

Automate the task of scraping LinkedIn comments and replies with Bardeen and save your valuable time. Try this workflow now at

LinkedIn to Google Sheets Integration

Integrating LinkedIn data directly into Google Sheets requires a combination of tools and techniques. One manual method involves using Google Sheets' built-in capabilities or scripts to fetch LinkedIn profile data. For example, a custom Google Sheets formula can perform a domain-constrained search via the Google Custom Search API to find LinkedIn profiles. This method, however, is limited to profile data and does not directly apply to comments and replies.

For a more automated approach, leveraging automation platforms like Zapier or custom solutions like Bardeen can streamline the process. These tools can connect LinkedIn with Google Sheets, enabling the automatic transfer of data, including comments and replies, into a spreadsheet. This method is ideal for those looking to conduct detailed analysis or track comments over time without manual data entry.

Streamline your LinkedIn analysis by automating the scraping of comments and replies into Google Sheets with Bardeen. Start automating today at
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Google Sheets
Google Sheets
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