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Extract Google Maps Reviews and Save to Google Sheets

This workflow automates scraping reviews from Google Maps, saving them directly into Google Sheets for easy analysis and brand monitoring.
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Create new scraper template
Create new scraper template
Scrape data on active tab
Scrape data on active tab
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Add data to sheet

Workflow Overview

This workflow automates scraping reviews from Google Maps, saving them directly into Google Sheets for easy analysis and brand monitoring.
  • Target URL for Google Maps location
  • Google Sheets document for saving the data
  • New rows in Google Sheets with scraped reviews

This workflow automates the process of scraping reviews from Google Maps and saving them into a Google Sheets document. It simplifies gathering customer feedback or monitoring brand mentions across different locations on Google Maps.

The process begins by creating a custom scraper model for the target URL on Google Maps. Once the model is ready, it is then applied to the active tab to extract reviews. Finally, the extracted reviews are appended as new rows in the specified Google Sheets document. This automation is perfect for:

  • Business owners tracking customer satisfaction
  • Marketing professionals analyzing brand mentions
Note: The scraper model can be customized to extract specific details from the reviews, such as rating, date, and reviewer's name.

With Bardeen, you can schedule this task to run periodically, ensuring your Google Sheets document is always up-to-date with the latest reviews.

Step 1: Install the Bardeen App

To start, install the Bardeen app on your device by visiting the download page.

Step 2: Navigate to the Magic Box

After installation, open the Magic Box and input the following prompt:

Scrape Google Maps Reviews then save into Google Sheets

Step 3: Integrate the Workflow Integrations

Make sure to set up the necessary integrations within the workflow, which are Scraper for extracting reviews from Google Maps and Google Sheets for storing the data.

Step 4: Run the Workflow

Lastly, execute the workflow. This workflow is specifically designed to:

  • Create a scraper model targeted at Google Maps Reviews.
  • Utilize the scraper model on the active browser tab to collect reviews.
  • Append the scraped data into a new row within the specified Google Sheets document, effectively storing the Google Maps Reviews for further analysis or record-keeping.
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How Do I Scrape and Analyze Google Maps Reviews Efficiently?

Scrape Google Maps Reviews

Scraping Google Maps reviews is a valuable task for businesses and individuals looking to gather insights from customer feedback. This process involves collecting reviews from Google Maps listings, which can then be analyzed for various purposes such as improving services, monitoring brand reputation, or conducting market research. While there are several methods to scrape reviews, including using specialized software or coding scripts, this guide will focus on how to manually scrape reviews and how to automate the process using Bardeen.

Automate your Google Maps review scraping and save them directly into Google Sheets with Bardeen. Start now!

Google Maps Reviews Scraper

Manually scraping reviews from Google Maps involves navigating to the specific business listing on Google Maps, scrolling through the reviews section, and copying the reviews into a document or spreadsheet. This method is straightforward but can be time-consuming and inefficient, especially when dealing with a large number of reviews.

For a more efficient approach, using a Google Maps reviews scraper tool can automate the process. Tools like Outscraper offer services to scrape reviews directly from Google Maps into various formats such as CSV, Excel, or JSON files. These tools often provide options to filter and sort the reviews based on specific criteria, such as rating or date, making it easier to analyze the data.

Google Maps to Google Sheets

Once you have scraped the reviews using a scraper tool, the next step is to save this data into Google Sheets for further analysis. This can be achieved by exporting the scraped data from the scraper tool in a compatible format (usually CSV or Excel) and then importing this file into Google Sheets. Google Sheets offers powerful data analysis tools, allowing you to sort, filter, and visualize the review data effectively.

Bardeen automates this process by enabling you to scrape Google Maps reviews and directly save them into Google Sheets without the need for manual data transfer. This integration not only saves time but also ensures that your Google Sheets document is always up-to-date with the latest reviews.

Streamline your workflow by using Bardeen to scrape Google Maps reviews and automatically save them into Google Sheets. Try it now!
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