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Export LinkedIn Job Posts to Google Sheets

Automates scraping LinkedIn job posts and appends data to Google Sheets, ideal for job seekers and HR professionals.
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Scrape data on active tab
Scrape data on active tab
Add rows to Google Sheet
Add rows to Google Sheet

Workflow Overview

Automates scraping LinkedIn job posts and appends data to Google Sheets, ideal for job seekers and HR professionals.
  • Predefined scraper model for LinkedIn job posts
  • Target Google Sheet and tab for output
  • Job post data appended to a Google Sheets tab

This automation streamlines the process of scraping data from LinkedIn job posts and appending it directly to a Google Sheets tab. It leverages a predefined scraper model tailored for LinkedIn's job posting structure, ensuring accurate data extraction.

The workflow initiates with the scraper model activated on the currently active tab, which should be a LinkedIn job post. Once the data is extracted, it is immediately appended to the specified Google Sheets tab. This workflow is particularly useful for:

  • Job seekers tracking applications and opportunities
  • HR professionals monitoring competitor job postings
Note: The modularity of this workflow allows for customization, such as changing the scraper model or appending data to different platforms like Airtable or Notion.

Bardeen's integration with LinkedIn and Google Sheets makes this workflow a powerful tool for professionals looking to automate their job search or recruitment tracking processes.

Step 1: Install the Bardeen App

To start, ensure you install the Bardeen app on your device for this workflow.

Step 2: Navigate to the Magic Box

With Bardeen installed, open the Magic Box and input the prompt:

Scrape data from LinkedIn job posts and append to a Google Sheet

Step 3: Integrate the Workflow Integrations

Make sure to set up the integrations required for the workflow. This includes integration with Scraper to collect data from LinkedIn and Google Sheets for storing the scraped data.

Step 4: Run the Workflow

To execute the workflow, simply run it. The process is structured as follows:

  • First, it scrapes data from a LinkedIn job post using a predefined scraper model.
  • Then, it appends the scraped job post data into a specific tab in a Google Sheets document.
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How to Efficiently Transfer LinkedIn Job Postings to Google Sheets?

Scrape LinkedIn Job Postings to Google Sheets Manually

Scraping LinkedIn job postings and transferring them into Google Sheets can be a powerful way to organize your job search or keep track of competitor job listings. However, scraping data from LinkedIn can be quite a challenge due to its dynamic content and the legalities around web scraping. Before proceeding, ensure you're familiar with LinkedIn's terms of service regarding data scraping.

Looking to automate this task effortlessly? Check out Bardeen for an easy solution at

Firstly, you'll need a method to scrape LinkedIn job postings. One approach is using Python with libraries such as BeautifulSoup and requests. You'll need to analyze the structure of LinkedIn's job postings, identify the data you want to scrape (e.g., job title, company name, location), and write a script to extract this information. This process involves sending a GET request to the job listing page and parsing the HTML content to extract necessary details.

To save the scraped data into a CSV file, you can use the pandas library in Python. This allows you to easily convert your scraped data into a DataFrame and then export it as a CSV file. Here's a simplified version of the process:

  • Install necessary libraries: BeautifulSoup, requests, and pandas.
  • Write a script to scrape job postings from LinkedIn.
  • Extract the required information and store it in a structured format.
  • Use pandas to save the data into a CSV file.

However, manually transferring data from a CSV file to Google Sheets can be time-consuming. A more streamlined approach involves using Google Sheets' IMPORTDATA function or scripts within Google Apps Script to automate data import.

Automating the Transfer to Google Sheets

For those looking for a more automated solution, Bardeen offers a powerful tool to scrape LinkedIn job postings and append them directly to Google Sheets without the need for coding. This solution is ideal for job seekers and HR professionals who want to save time and streamline their workflows.

Automate your LinkedIn job posting scraping with Bardeen. Get started now at

Bardeen's automation involves a predefined scraper model tailored for LinkedIn's job posting structure, ensuring accurate data extraction and immediate appending to a specified Google Sheets tab. This method is not only efficient but also customizable, allowing for adjustments based on specific needs.

Whether you're manually scraping data and looking for a method to transfer it to Google Sheets or seeking an all-in-one automated solution, understanding the options and tools available is crucial. While manual methods offer a good learning opportunity, automation tools like Bardeen provide a seamless, efficient way to manage data, saving valuable time and resources.

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Google Sheets
Google Sheets
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