vs Waalaxy: Top Cold Outreach Tools 2024

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May 23, 2024
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This article compares and Waalaxy to help you choose the best cold outreach tool, offering a detailed teardown of their features. While both tools offer more than just cold outreach capabilities, we focus solely on this aspect to guide your selection. Our goal is to save you time on repetitive tasks, and choosing the right tools is crucial. Bardeen is a task copilot powered by AI that lives in your browser, automating sequences of actions across your apps and tabs to save you time.

Campaign CreationIntuitive, multi-channel sequence creation with various communication options and AI assistance.Predefined LinkedIn and email templates for quick campaign setup.
DeliverabilityBasic email deliverability features with manual blacklist and rate limit settings.Rate limits and quotas on LinkedIn actions to manage deliverability.
PersonalizationExtensive personalization with AI assistance, templates, and custom variables.Personalization through custom variables in a user-friendly email editor.
AIJason AI for personalized content and sequence generation.AI-driven prospect finding and message optimization.
Native EnrichmentComprehensive data enrichment options using credits for detailed lead insights.LinkedIn data integration for dynamic lead information updates.
Social AutomationMulti-channel outreach capabilities with customizable tasks.CRM integration for streamlined lead generation from LinkedIn.
PricingPer-seat pricing model with multiple tiers and a free plan.Flexible pricing with free and paid plans, monthly or annual billing.

Campaign Creation - Multi-Channel Outreach with and Waalaxy offers a more versatile campaign creation experience compared to Waalaxy, particularly for teams looking to utilize a variety of communication channels. supports email, LinkedIn, SMS, and WhatsApp, making it a comprehensive tool for reaching sales leads through multiple mediums. This flexibility is ideal for businesses aiming to tailor their outreach strategy across different platforms.

__wf_reserved_inherit's interface for creating multi-channel communication sequences

Waalaxy, while offering robust LinkedIn integration and templates, focuses more on LinkedIn-driven campaigns and has limited email capabilities. It is particularly tailored for users who primarily engage through LinkedIn, with options like direct LinkedIn messages and connection requests. However, its less diverse channel support might limit outreach possibilities compared to

For businesses seeking to leverage detailed insights from LinkedIn for creating personalized outreach emails, consider using Bardeen's AI-driven workflows to enhance your campaign's effectiveness. This can be especially useful in complementing the capabilities of platforms like that support comprehensive multi-channel strategies.

If your strategy involves heavy use of LinkedIn and email for lead generation,'s broader channel support offers significant advantages, making it the preferred choice for a more integrated and adaptable outreach approach.

__wf_reserved_inherit's simple and intuitive sequence creation interface. offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface for creating sequences that enable sales teams to engage with leads across multiple channels. The platform supports various communication methods, including email, LinkedIn, SMS, and WhatsApp, allowing for a comprehensive outreach strategy.

Key features of's sequence creation:

  • Multiple communication channels: Engage leads through email, LinkedIn, SMS, and WhatsApp
  • Flexible creation options: Create sequences using templates, from scratch, or with the help of AI
  • Conditional variables: Personalize outreach with dynamic content based on lead data
  • Intuitive interface: Simple, user-friendly design for efficient campaign setup
  • Short, sweet, and personal emails: Built-in guidance encourages best practices for effective outreach


Waalaxy offers a variety of predefined sequence templates for LinkedIn and email outreach.

Waalaxy's Sequences feature streamlines the process of creating multi-channel outreach campaigns by providing a library of predefined templates. These templates are designed to help users quickly set up campaigns that leverage both LinkedIn and email for lead generation and sales engagement.

  • LinkedIn-focused templates: Many of the sequence templates are geared towards LinkedIn, with options for sending invitations, messages, and visits to prospects' profiles.
  • Email integration: Waalaxy also includes email steps in its sequences, allowing users to create campaigns that combine LinkedIn outreach with targeted emails.
  • Personalization options: Templates can be customized with variables and personalized content to tailor the outreach to each prospect.
  • Multi-channel campaigns: By combining LinkedIn and email touchpoints, Waalaxy enables users to create comprehensive, multi-channel campaigns that maximize the chances of engaging prospects.
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The focus on LinkedIn sets Waalaxy apart from other sales engagement platforms, making it an attractive choice for businesses that heavily rely on LinkedIn for prospecting and relationship-building.

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Deliverability - Avoiding Spam Filters and Maintaining Sender Reputation and Waalaxy both address email deliverability, but Waalaxy offers a more comprehensive solution with its integrated email warming functionality and rate limits.

Waalaxy's dashboard showing daily quotas and available credits provides basic rate limits and the ability to use manually curated blacklists; however, it lacks automated warming solutions, which are critical for maintaining a strong sender reputation.

For users who require automated, high-impact solutions to improve deliverability and avoid spam filters, Waalaxy's features like automated email warming make it a superior choice. Additionally, to further enhance email effectiveness, consider using Bardeen to streamline networking and outreach efforts through LinkedIn.

Email safety settings in for deliverability management. provides some basic email deliverability features to help users manage their email campaigns and avoid issues like bounces, spam filters, and reputation damage. While not as comprehensive as dedicated email deliverability tools, these features can help users maintain good email hygiene and stay within sending limits.

  • Multiple inboxes: supports sending from multiple inboxes, though a single campaign cannot be sent from multiple inboxes simultaneously.
  • Rate limits: Users can set a delay before sending the first email in a sequence and limit the maximum number of emails sent per day to avoid hitting sending limits and triggering spam filters.
  • Bounce & auto-reply handling: allows users to customize how out-of-office replies, auto-replies, and bounces are handled to keep contact lists clean.
  • Domain blacklists: Users can manually input domain blacklists to avoid sending emails to certain domains that may cause deliverability issues.

While these features provide a foundation for maintaining email deliverability, users may still benefit from using dedicated email warming and deliverability services in addition to's built-in functionality to further improve their email campaigns' chances of reaching the inbox.


Waalaxy's dashboard showing daily quotas and credits for LinkedIn actions.

Waalaxy addresses deliverability by implementing rate limits and quotas on LinkedIn actions to avoid triggering spam filters or account restrictions. The platform provides transparency into these limits, allowing users to monitor their usage and maintain a positive sender reputation.

Key deliverability features in Waalaxy:

  • Daily quotas: Clearly defined limits on LinkedIn actions like connection requests, messages, and profile visits to stay within acceptable usage levels.
  • Credit system: Users are allocated a certain number of credits each month, which are consumed as they perform actions. This helps prevent overuse and maintain account health.
  • Usage monitoring: The dashboard provides real-time insights into remaining credits and daily quotas, enabling users to adjust their outreach accordingly.

While Waalaxy focuses primarily on LinkedIn automation, these deliverability management techniques help ensure that campaigns reach their intended recipients without risking account suspensions or damaging the sender's reputation on the platform.

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Personalization - Tailoring Outreach for Better Engagement offers a more comprehensive personalization toolkit compared to Waalaxy, primarily due to its integration with AI tools like Jason AI and GPT-3, and a vast array of pre-made templates.

Advanced personalization features in

While Waalaxy also supports customization through the use of variables like {FirstName} and {CompanyName}, it lacks the advanced AI-driven capabilities and diverse content options provided by

For users looking to maximize engagement through highly tailored emails,'s rich feature set, including the ability to preview and modify content on the fly, provides a significant edge. Additionally, for those wanting to further personalize their outreach, Bardeen's workflow to craft personalized emails using LinkedIn insights can be a potent tool.

Overall, is the superior choice for users seeking deep customization and sophistication in their email campaigns.

Extensive personalization options in, including variables, AI assistance, and templates. offers a range of personalization features to tailor emails to individual leads, making it easy to create engaging and relevant content. With a combination of pre-made templates, AI-powered content generation, and the ability to insert custom variables, users can quickly craft personalized emails that resonate with their target audience.

  • Pre-made templates: provides a library of templates for various situations, allowing users to quickly start crafting emails without starting from scratch.
  • AI-powered content creation: Integrated AI tools like Jason AI and GPT-3 can help generate or refine email content, ensuring that messages are optimized for engagement.
  • Custom variables: Users can easily insert personalized variables using { } brackets, pulling information from contact data to create a more tailored experience.
  • Preview functionality: The built-in preview button allows users to see how their email will appear to recipients, ensuring that personalization elements are correctly displayed.
  • Rich media support: supports the addition of links, images, videos, and meeting links, enabling users to create more engaging and interactive email content.


Waalaxy's email editor showing personalization variables for first name, last name and company.

Waalaxy's email editor makes it easy to personalize your outreach at scale using custom variables. This allows you to tailor each email to the individual recipient, increasing the chances of engagement and response.

Key features of Waalaxy's email personalization:

  • Custom variables: Easily insert variables like first name, last name, and company to dynamically populate emails with recipient-specific information.
  • Intuitive interface: The user-friendly editor allows you to quickly add personalization by selecting variables from a dropdown menu.
  • Previewing: See how your email will look with the variables populated before sending to ensure everything looks correct.
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AI - Boosting Email Sequence and Outreach Efficiency stands out with it's Jason AI feature, which not only writes entire sequences based on initial prompts but also suggests additional outreach methods.'s Jason AI effortlessly crafts and optimizes email sequences

Waalaxy, while utilizing AI for contact finding and message optimization, lacks the integrated full-sequence writing and multi-channel strategy suggestions that Jason AI provides.

For businesses seeking a more comprehensive AI-driven approach to email and multi-channel communication, provides a more robust solution. Enhance your outreach strategy by integrating Bardeen to personalize your sales outreach and manage prospect interactions more effectively.

Jason AI generates personalized email content based on prospect data.'s AI assistant, Jason AI, simplifies the creation of entire email sequences, including initial outreach, follow-ups, and social touches. This powerful tool leverages prospect data to generate personalized content, helping sales teams save time and improve engagement.

Key features of Jason AI:

  • Sequence generation: Creates complete email sequences with a single prompt
  • Personalized content: Uses prospect data to tailor email openings and body content
  • Multi-channel outreach: Suggests additional channels for reaching prospects
  • Effortless editing: Allows users to easily modify AI-generated content
  • Comprehensive support: Offers writing, editing, and translation in over 100 languages


AI-powered prospect finder in Waalaxy's Sequences feature.

Waalaxy's Sequences feature leverages AI to automate and optimize messaging and campaign strategies, helping users find and engage with the right prospects more effectively. The AI Prospect Finder is a powerful tool that enables users to quickly identify and import relevant contacts and leads into their campaigns.

  • AI-powered prospect discovery: The AI Prospect Finder scans and identifies potential leads based on user-defined criteria, making it easier to build targeted prospect lists.
  • Seamless prospect import: With just a few clicks, users can import the AI-discovered prospects directly into their Waalaxy campaign, streamlining the process of lead generation and outreach.
  • Customizable search parameters: Users can fine-tune the AI Prospect Finder's search parameters to ensure that the discovered leads align with their ideal customer profile and campaign objectives.
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Native Enrichment - Boosting Contact Information Accuracy and Waalaxy both offer compelling native enrichment features, but they cater to different needs and workflows. provides a more versatile approach to data enrichment, allowing users to add detailed information to contacts using data credits.

__wf_reserved_inherit's interface for selecting data enrichment workflows

Waalaxy, on the other hand, integrates directly with LinkedIn for dynamic updates, which is particularly useful for those heavily reliant on LinkedIn for lead generation and management.

Waalaxy's prospect list with LinkedIn integration

For users looking for a more tailored enrichment that pulls data from a broad spectrum of sources, might be preferable. However, for LinkedIn-focused sales strategies, Waalaxy's direct integration might offer more immediate value.

Further enhance your sales intelligence capabilities by integrating with platforms like LinkedIn through Bardeen, which can automate the gathering of detailed contact information, supplementing the native features provided by tools like and Waalaxy.

__wf_reserved_inherit offers standard and extended enrichment options for contact data. provides native data enrichment capabilities to enhance your contact and account records with additional relevant information. This feature enables you to gather more insights about your leads, helping to inform and personalize your outreach efforts.

  • Comprehensive data: For each contact or account, Reply's database provides essential details such as email addresses, phone numbers, department, company address, and more.
  • Regularly updated: The enriched fields are kept accurate and current through regular updates to the database.
  • Flexible enrichment options: You can choose between standard fields enrichment, which populates unoccupied default fields, or extended enrichment with custom fields. Extended enrichment allows you to create up to 24 unique custom fields for your contacts.
  • Easy to use: Enriching data for any contact or account added to Reply is a straightforward process, regardless of how they were initially added to the platform.
  • Cost-effective: Enriching one contact consumes one data credit, making it a cost-effective way to gather valuable insights about your leads.


Waalaxy Sequences integrates LinkedIn data to enrich lead information

Waalaxy Sequences provides native enrichment of lead data by integrating buyer signals and information directly from LinkedIn. This dynamic approach ensures that your prospect lists are always up-to-date with the most relevant information.

Key features of Waalaxy's native enrichment:

  • LinkedIn data integration: Automatically pulls in data like job title, company, and location from prospects' LinkedIn profiles
  • Dynamic updates: Lead information is continuously updated as changes occur on LinkedIn
  • Actionable insights: Enriched data provides valuable context for personalizing outreach and identifying high-priority leads
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Social Automation - Diversify and Automate Your Outreach Channels provides a broader range of social automation features compared to Waalaxy, supporting multiple channels like email, LinkedIn, SMS, and WhatsApp.'s task interface allows easy management of diverse communication channels.

While Waalaxy focuses on LinkedIn lead generation with CRM integration capabilities, it lacks the multi-channel outreach options that offers, limiting its utility for broader social media strategies.

For users seeking to optimize their social media outreach and follow-ups, consider using Bardeen to automate tasks on social platforms and enrich data from these interactions.

If your priority is a comprehensive tool that manages multiple communication channels efficiently, is the preferable choice. offers a wide range of task types for social automation.'s Sequences feature enables users to automate their outreach across multiple channels, including email, LinkedIn, SMS, WhatsApp, and more. This social automation functionality allows for a comprehensive approach to sales engagement, meeting prospects where they are most active and responsive.

Key features of's social automation:

  • Multi-channel outreach: Engage prospects through email, LinkedIn, SMS, WhatsApp, and other platforms.
  • Customizable tasks: Create tasks for each step of the sequence, such as sending emails, making calls, or scheduling meetings.
  • Personalization options: Tailor your messages to each prospect using dynamic placeholders and variables.
  • Intuitive email editor: Craft professional-looking emails with a user-friendly editor that supports rich text formatting and attachments.


Waalaxy allows connecting to multiple CRMs like Hubspot, Pipedrive, and Salesforce.

Waalaxy offers social automation features that enable users to generate leads from LinkedIn and sync them directly with their CRM. This integration streamlines the process of capturing prospect information and ensures that data is consistent across platforms.

  • CRM integrations: Waalaxy supports connections with popular CRMs like Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Zoho. This allows users to send prospect data from LinkedIn directly to their CRM of choice.
  • Automated data sync: With the click of a button, users can connect Waalaxy to their preferred CRM and automatically sync prospect information. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces the risk of errors.
  • Streamlined lead generation: By leveraging LinkedIn as a source for leads and automating the data transfer to a CRM, Waalaxy simplifies the lead generation process. Sales teams can focus on engaging with prospects rather than managing data across multiple platforms.

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Pricing Plans - Evaluate Cost and Features for and Waalaxy

__wf_reserved_inherit offers 4 pricing tiers, including a free plan and 3 paid plans billed annually per user. employs a per-seat pricing model with 4 tiers: Free, Starter, Professional, and Ultimate. The paid plans are billed annually, with prices ranging from $49 to $139 per user per month. The feature set expands with each tier, catering to different business needs.

  • Free plan: Includes basic features like an AI sequence generator, 200 data search credits, and unlimited data export to CSV.
  • Starter plan ($49/user/month): Adds email automation, 1 mailbox per user, 5,000 data search credits, and 50 AI credits.
  • Professional plan ($89/user/month): Enables multichannel automation, 5 mailboxes per user, 10,000 data search credits, and 300 AI credits.
  • Ultimate plan ($139/user/month): Offers premium support, 15 mailboxes per user, 30,000 data search credits, and 1,000 AI credits.

A 14-day free trial is available for all paid plans. For the "Agency" tab and "Reply Unlimited" options, interested users must contact the sales team for pricing details and to discuss their specific requirements.


Waalaxy offers a free plan and two paid plans with different feature sets.

Waalaxy provides a flexible pricing model to suit different user needs and budgets. The tool offers a free plan and two paid plans, with prices shown in Euros. Users can choose between monthly or annual billing, with discounts available for annual subscriptions.

  • Free plan: The free plan costs €0/month and includes basic LinkedIn features, 80 invitations per month, and pre-filled message templates.
  • Advanced plan: Priced at €112/month, the Advanced plan includes all LinkedIn features, 800 invitations per month, a cloud-based solution, CRM synchronization, auto-imports of prospects, and 25 email finder credits.
  • Business plan: The Business plan, at €160/month, offers the same features as the Advanced plan but with increased limits, such as 800 invitations per month and 500 email finder credits. It also includes cold emailing automations and live chat with real humans for support.

Additional features can be purchased separately:

  • Waalaxy Inbox: Users can buy Waalaxy's own inbox solution.
  • Email Finder Credits: Extra credits for Waalaxy's email finder tool are available for purchase.

The pricing page does not mention a free trial or whether users need to contact a sales representative for enterprise-level plans. The prices are clearly listed, allowing users to sign up for a plan directly from the pricing page.

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The Verdict: Which is Best for Multi-Channel Campaigns? and Waalaxy serve different needs in the realm of sales engagement. excels with its versatile communication options across multiple platforms, including email, LinkedIn, SMS, and WhatsApp. This makes it ideal for businesses seeking a broad outreach capability.

Waalaxy, however, focuses more on LinkedIn integration, offering robust template options and LinkedIn-focused outreach. It's particularly suited for users whose strategies rely heavily on LinkedIn.

If you need a comprehensive tool that covers multiple channels, is the better choice. For LinkedIn-centric campaigns, Waalaxy's specialized features make it a strong contender.