Failed to open Database

Error: Failed to open Database. at Function.from(chrome-extension://ihhkmalpkhkoedlmcnilbbhhbhnicjga/3352.js:2:7704) at Object.from(chrome-extension://ihhkmalpkhkoedlmcnilbbhhbhnicjga/6099.js:1:28943) at IDBOpenDBRequest.t.onerror(chrome-extension://ihhkmalpkhkoedlmcnilbbhhbhnicjga/6024.js:1:5745)

What does it mean?

Your browser wasn’t able to connect to its internal database. Bardeen needs that connection to store data retrieved by your integrations.

How you can fix it

Please try restarting your browser. If that doesn’t work, please restart your computer. If the issue persists, it may be an indication that your browser profile is corrupted. In that case, please follow the steps outlined here:

Please reach out to us if none of these steps can mitigate the issue. You’ll get extra Karma points if you reach out and tell us what fixed the issue for you.

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