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Save eBay products from search to Notion
Save eBay products from search to Notion
Save eBay products from search to Notion
Save eBay products from search to Notion

Save eBay products from search to Notion

This Playbook will save eBay products from the search page to a Notion Database.

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Searching for products on eBay can be an exciting adventure, but managing and organizing your findings can quickly turn into a chaotic mess. Wouldn't it be great to have a simple and efficient solution? Look no further – we've got you covered!

This automation will improve the way you save and track eBay products. No more juggling multiple tabs, struggling to remember which item caught your eye, or wasting time manually entering data. With this automation, you can effortlessly save your favorite eBay discoveries directly to a Notion database.

You can have all your product information neatly organized in one place. Whether you're a serial shopper, an e-commerce entrepreneur, or a research enthusiast, this automation will save you precious time and energy. Stay on top of your purchases, monitor price fluctuations, or share your curated finds with others – the possibilities are endless. Get ready to take your eBay experience to a whole new level with this playbook!

Let’s set it up!

Step 1: Create a Notion database

The first step is to create a Notion database with all the information you want to save.

Bardeen will extract information from the currently opened tab and get profile information like product name, product image, price, condition, shipping price, location, and more. 

Step 2: Install the extension and run the playbook

You will be redirected to install the browser extension when you run it for the first time. Bardeen will also prompt you to integrate Notion.

Click the “Pin it” button at the top of this page to get this automation saved to your Playbooks. 

Click on the playbook card, and the setup flow will start.

You will be asked to enter the maximum number of items you would like to save and specify a Notion database to save the data to. After you choose the database you will get a prompt to map the information to the fields in Notion.

The left side consists of all the fields Bardeen will scrape for you. On the right side, specify the fields in Notion that you want to associate with the information on the left. If you don’t want a piece of information, leave that field empty, and it will be skipped. That’s it!

Click on “Save Input” and checkmark Notion. This will save you time from setup in the future. You can edit Inputs later by hovering over the playbook. 

Step 3: Start saving!

Navigate to an eBay search results page.


Activate Bardeen (press Option + B on Mac or Alt + B on a Window machine on your keyboard to launch Bardeen) and run this playbook. It will get all the item information and save them to the Notion database that you specified in Step #1.

This automation is fantastic if you are a reseller and e-commerce entrepreneur, this automation streamlines inventory management by automatically populating a Notion database with product details. It enables you to monitor stock levels, track sales, and analyze profitability.

Researchers and analysts can leverage this playbook to compile data on eBay products too. By gathering information such as pricing trends, seller ratings, and product availability, you can gain valuable insights into market dynamics and make informed business decisions.

This automation also enables easy collaboration among teams. Multiple users can access and contribute to the Notion database, facilitating seamless information sharing, brainstorming, and decision-making.

You can also stay ahead of the curve by tracking emerging trends and popular products on eBay. This automation can help you to monitor and analyze patterns, helping you identify market opportunities and adapt your strategies accordingly.

You can also edit the playbook and add your next action to further customize the automation.

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Action Flow


When running a Play- or Autobook you'll be asked for following information:

You can also edit the playbook and add your next action to further customize the automation.

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September 15, 2023

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