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Step-by-Step Guide to Upload Lists to HubSpot

Jason Gong
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March 27, 2024

Uploading a list to HubSpot involves preparing your file in CSV, XLSX, or XLS format, ensuring it meets specific requirements, and using the import function within HubSpot to add or update contacts, companies, deals, or custom objects. This process is crucial for efficient CRM data management and targeted outreach.

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How to Upload a List to HubSpot

Uploading a list to HubSpot is a fundamental task for managing contacts, companies, deals, or custom objects within your HubSpot CRM. This process allows for bulk additions or updates to your database, enabling efficient data management and segmentation for targeted marketing, sales, and service efforts. The process varies slightly depending on the type of list you're importing (e.g., contacts, companies) and the file format (e.g., CSV, XLSX).

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HubSpot Import Contacts to List

To import contacts or any other records into HubSpot, you must have the necessary user permissions. Specifically, you need 'Import' permissions and 'Edit' permissions for the object record you're importing into HubSpot. The import process supports various objects, including contacts, companies, deals, tickets, calls, and custom objects. You can perform a single object or activity import to create and/or update records, or a multiple object and activity import to create, update, and/or associate multiple objects and activities.

HubSpot CSV Import

CSV files are commonly used for importing data into HubSpot. Before importing a CSV file, ensure it meets HubSpot's file requirements: it must be in CSV, XLSX, or XLS format, contain only one sheet, have less than 250,000 rows and 1,000 columns, and be smaller than 150MB. The file should include a header row with column headers corresponding to HubSpot properties. For successful import, your file must contain the required properties for the object/activity you're importing, such as 'Email' for contacts or 'Company domain name' for companies.

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Add Contacts to List HubSpot

After importing contacts or other records, you may want to add them to a static or active list within HubSpot for segmentation and targeted outreach. Active lists automatically update their members based on criteria, while static lists do not change after creation. You can manually add or remove records from static lists, or use workflows (available in Professional and Enterprise subscriptions) to automate the process. Additionally, when setting up your import, HubSpot allows you to directly create a list of the imported contacts for immediate use in marketing emails, workflows, or other HubSpot tools.

Automate Your HubSpot with Bardeen's Key Playbooks

Uploading a list to HubSpot can significantly streamline your CRM data management, enabling efficient contact segmentation and targeted outreach. While manual uploads serve their purpose, automating this process with Bardeen can save you precious time and reduce the risk of human error, ensuring your data is always up-to-date and accurately categorized.

Here are some powerful automations that Bardeen offers to enhance your HubSpot data management:

  1. Copy all HubSpot products to Google Sheets: This playbook automates the transfer of your HubSpot products into a Google Sheets spreadsheet, facilitating easy access and analysis of your product data.
  2. Copy all HubSpot products to Airtable: Seamlessly sync your HubSpot product data with Airtable, enabling a dynamic and collaborative environment for managing your products.
  3. Generate a list of tasks from a HubSpot ticket using OpenAI and save them to ClickUp as new tasks: This playbook uses OpenAI to analyze HubSpot tickets and create actionable tasks in ClickUp, streamlining your customer service and project management processes.

Explore these automations by downloading the Bardeen app today and transform how you manage your HubSpot data.

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