Find LinkedIn Hiring Managers: A Step-by-Step Guide

Jason Gong
June 23, 2024

Enter company name and hiring manager title in LinkedIn search.

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Finding the hiring manager on LinkedIn can enhance your job search efforts. Here are the steps to locate and connect with them:

Use LinkedIn's Search Function

  • Enter the company name and keywords related to the hiring manager's title in the LinkedIn search bar.
  • Filter the search results by selecting 'People' and choose the target company under 'Current Company'.
  • Review the list to identify the potential hiring manager and prepare to reach out.

Explore Company Pages

  • Visit the company's LinkedIn page and click on the 'People' tab to see current employees.
  • Look for individuals with titles that suggest they could be the hiring manager.
  • Consider reaching out to other employees who might refer you to the hiring manager.
Visit the company's LinkedIn page and click on the 'People' tab to see current employees.

Check Job Postings

  • Search for relevant job postings on LinkedIn.
  • Some job listings include a 'Meet the hiring team' section which may reveal the hiring manager.
  • If you have LinkedIn Premium, you can directly message the hiring manager listed.
Search for relevant job postings on LinkedIn

Utilize Posts to Identify Hiring Managers

  • Search for terms like 'hiring' along with the job title you're interested in.
  • Filter the results to show 'Posts' and use the 'Author Company' filter to narrow down to specific companies.
  • Look for posts where hiring managers mention they are hiring for the role you're interested in.

Reach Out with a Personalized Message

  • When you find a hiring manager, send a personalized connection request or message.
  • Highlight commonalities, express genuine interest in the role, and mention how your skills align with the job requirements.
  • Be concise and professional, and offer to provide more information or discuss how you can contribute to the team.

Remember, not every hiring manager will respond, but a well-crafted message can significantly increase your chances of making a valuable connection.

Automate LinkedIn Outreach with Bardeen Workflows

While finding the hiring manager on LinkedIn can be done manually, automating the process can save you time and increase your efficiency. Using Bardeen's LinkedIn automation, you can create workflows that simplify the process and allow you to connect with hiring managers quickly.

Here are a few examples of how Bardeen can automate your LinkedIn tasks:

  1. Create an Asana task from a LinkedIn profile and draft a recruiting email: This automation streamlines the process of reaching out to potential candidates by scraping their LinkedIn profile, drafting a personalized email, and organizing tasks in Asana.
  2. Create a job application email draft in Microsoft Outlook from the currently opened LinkedIn job post: Automate the drafting of job application emails in Outlook by pulling information from LinkedIn job postings.
  3. Create a recruiting email from the current LinkedIn profile: Generate a personalized recruiting email from a LinkedIn profile and save it as a draft in Gmail for further customization and outreach.

Get started by downloading the Bardeen app at

Automate LinkedIn data scraping

Use Bardeen's LinkedIn Data Scraper to find and save hiring managers' info quickly.

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