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Enroll Lists in HubSpot Sequences: A Step-by-Step Guide


Enrolling a list in a HubSpot sequence involves a few key steps: ensuring you have the necessary subscription, navigating to Automations > Sequences, selecting your sequence, and enrolling individual or multiple contacts. This process streamlines outreach efforts, making communication consistent and timely.

Automating this process with Bardeen can significantly enhance operational efficiency and lead nurturing.

Learn how to automate your HubSpot sequences with Bardeen.

How to Enroll a List in a Sequence HubSpot

Enrolling a list in a sequence in HubSpot is a powerful way to automate your outreach efforts, ensuring that your communication with contacts is consistent and timely. Whether you're following up after an event, nurturing leads, or engaging inactive accounts, HubSpot's sequences tool can help streamline these processes. This guide will walk you through the steps to enroll a list in a sequence, leveraging HubSpot's capabilities to enhance your sales and marketing strategies.

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Before You Get Started

Before enrolling contacts in a sequence, there are several prerequisites to consider:

  • You must have a Sales Hub Professional or Enterprise or Service Hub Professional or Enterprise subscription.
  • Ensure you have an assigned paid seat and a connected email inbox within HubSpot.
  • Be aware of the daily send limit for sequence emails, as exceeding this limit could impact your outreach efforts.
  • Understand that each contact can only be enrolled in one sequence at a time. They must be unenrolled from any current sequence before being enrolled in a new one.

Enrolling Individual Contacts

To enroll individual contacts in a sequence:

  1. Navigate to Automations > Sequences in your HubSpot account.
  2. Click the sequence name you wish to use.
  3. In the sequence page, click Enroll contacts.
  4. Select the contacts by ticking the checkbox next to their names.
  5. Click Next and adjust any sequence settings as needed before starting the sequence.

Alternatively, you can enroll contacts directly from their contact record by selecting the Email icon > Sequences.

Enrolling Multiple Contacts

To enroll multiple contacts at once, which is particularly useful for targeted outreach campaigns:

  1. Create a list of contacts you wish to enroll in the sequence.
  2. Go to Contacts > Lists, and open the list.
  3. Select the contacts by checking the boxes next to their names. You can select all contacts by ticking the checkbox in the table's header.
  4. Click Enroll in sequence at the top of the table.
  5. Choose the sequence, adjust settings as necessary, and start the sequence.

Note that you can only enroll up to 50 contacts at a time due to HubSpot's throttling limits to ensure deliverability.

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Using Workflows for Sequence Enrollment

For Sales and Service Hub Enterprise users, automating sequence enrollment and unenrollment through workflows is an advanced method to manage your sequences efficiently:

  1. In your HubSpot account, navigate to Automations > Workflows.
  2. Create a new workflow or edit an existing one to include an action to enroll contacts in a sequence based on specific triggers or criteria.
  3. Configure the workflow settings to specify when and how contacts should be enrolled or unenrolled from sequences.

This method allows for more granular control over sequence enrollment, enabling you to automate processes based on contact behavior, lifecycle stages, or other custom criteria.

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By following these steps and utilizing HubSpot's robust automation tools, you can efficiently manage your outreach efforts, ensuring that your contacts receive timely, relevant communications that drive engagement and conversions.

Boost HubSpot with Bardeen: Automate for Success

Enrolling a list in a sequence in HubSpot can significantly enhance your sales and marketing automation efforts. While the manual process provides a good foundation, automating this process with Bardeen takes your operational efficiency to the next level. For instance, automating the enrollment process can ensure that your leads are nurtured without delay, increasing the chances of conversion. Furthermore, automation can help maintain a clean and organized CRM by updating contact records in real-time.

Here are some impactful automations you can implement using Bardeen's playbooks:

  1. Sync LinkedIn Emails with HubSpot CRM: This playbook enriches LinkedIn emails with additional information and updates or creates contacts in HubSpot accordingly, bridging the gap between your LinkedIn networking efforts and your CRM.
  2. Create a HubSpot contact from an email: Streamline the process of adding new contacts to your CRM by automatically creating HubSpot contacts from email information, ensuring no potential lead is missed.
  3. Create HubSpot ticket: Enhance your customer service by automating ticket creation in HubSpot. This playbook ensures that every customer issue is captured and tracked systematically, improving response times and customer satisfaction.

Automating your HubSpot processes not only saves time but also ensures your marketing and sales efforts are more effective and less prone to human error. Start enhancing your HubSpot automation by downloading the Bardeen app.

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