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Get comments from a Youtube video
Get comments from a Youtube video
Get comments from a Youtube video
Get comments from a Youtube video

Get comments from a Youtube video

This Playbook will scrape Youtube comments from the currently opened Youtube video.

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Have you ever wanted to save or analyze the comments on a particular video, but found it difficult to do so manually? Well, we have some exciting news for you! With this playbook, you can easily get comments from any YouTube video!

Manually copying and pasting comments from YouTube can be a time-consuming and tedious process, and it's easy to miss important details or make mistakes along the way. This playbook solves that pain point by automating the entire process for you, saving you valuable time and effort.

The potential use cases for this playbook are numerous. For example, you could use it to analyze the sentiment of comments on a particular video, or to identify patterns in the topics or themes that people are discussing. If you're a content creator, you could use the data to better understand your audience and to tailor your content to their interests and preferences.

Overall, this playbook is a powerful tool that can help you extract and analyze data from the comments section of any YouTube video in a way that's both efficient and effective.

Let’s set it up!

Step 1: Pin the playbook

Click the “Pin it” button at the top of this page to get this automation saved to your Playbooks, if you already have the Bardeen extension installed. If not, you will be redirected to install the extension.

Activate Bardeen (or hit OPTION + B on your keyboard) and click to run the playbook. Click on the playbook card, and the setup flow will start. 

Step 2: Run the playbook

Navigate to a YouTube video’s comment section and Press Option + B on your keyboard to launch Bardeen. Click on the playbook card and run the playbook. Bardeen will ask you to specify the maximum number of comments you would like to get. Run the playbook to extract the YouTube comments. It will get information like page title, page URL, commenter, commenter link, comment, number of likes, commenter image and even the reply link.

The playbook will then show you the result on the screen.

You can also edit the playbook and add your next action to further customize the automation. You can send the data to Google Sheets, Notion, Coda, or your CRMs.

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You can also find more about how to automate your data sourcing and research process..

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