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Quick Guide to Archiving Emails in Gmail (3 Steps)

Jason Gong
App automation expert
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February 18, 2024

Removing the Inbox label in Gmail means archiving emails to organize your inbox better. Here's how:

  • Select emails and click the 'Archive' button to remove them from the Inbox.
  • Use the bulk selection feature for multiple emails or the search bar for a large number.
  • Archived emails are accessible in the 'All Mail' folder.

Streamline your email management by automating the archiving process with Bardeen.

How to Remove Inbox Label in Gmail

Removing the Inbox label in Gmail essentially means moving emails out of the Inbox folder, which can help in organizing your emails better. This process is commonly referred to as 'archiving' emails. When you archive an email, it is removed from the Inbox but remains accessible in the 'All Mail' folder, unless you've applied another label to it.

How to Remove Inbox Label from Multiple Emails in Gmail

To remove the Inbox label from multiple emails, you can use the bulk selection feature in Gmail. First, select the emails you want to remove from the Inbox by checking the boxes next to them. Once selected, click on the 'Archive' button, which looks like a box with a downward arrow, located at the top of your email list. This action will archive the selected emails, effectively removing them from the Inbox without deleting them.

How to Bulk Remove Inbox Label in Gmail

If you're looking to remove the Inbox label from a large number of emails in bulk, the process is similar to removing it from multiple emails. Start by using the search bar or any of Gmail's filtering options to find the group of emails you wish to archive. After your search, you can select all emails in the current view by clicking the checkbox at the top left corner above your emails. Then, click the 'Archive' button to remove them from the Inbox in bulk. If you have more emails than can be displayed on one page, Gmail may offer you the option to select all conversations that match your search criteria.

How to Remove Inbox Label in Gmail in Bulk

The process for removing the Inbox label in bulk does not differ from the previously mentioned methods. Whether you're dealing with a handful of emails or a large collection, the key is to select the emails using Gmail's checkboxes and then use the 'Archive' function to remove them from the Inbox. Remember, archiving emails does not delete them. It simply removes them from the Inbox view, and you can always find these emails later in the 'All Mail' folder or under any other labels you've applied.

Automate Your Gmail with Bardeen's Email Management

Removing the Inbox label in Gmail can be handled manually or automated using Bardeen's Google Mail integration. Automating the process of managing emails can save time and ensure your inbox remains organized without constant manual intervention. For instance, automating the labeling and archiving of emails based on specific criteria can streamline your email management.

Here are examples of automations that can be built with Bardeen:

  1. Classify and update the labels of newly received emails: This playbook automatically categorizes incoming emails and updates their labels in Gmail, keeping your inbox organized.
  2. Create ClickUp task when label is added to an email: Automate task creation in ClickUp for emails labeled in Gmail, ensuring important emails are actioned timely.
  3. Save labeled emails to ClickUp, including attachments stored on Google Drive: Save emails and their attachments to ClickUp tasks directly, streamlining project management and documentation.

By leveraging Bardeen's playbooks, you can automate repetitive email management tasks and focus on what's truly important. Download the Bardeen app to start automating your Gmail today at

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