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Install Salesforce Extension in Gmail: A Step-by-Step Guide

Jason Gong
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April 17, 2024

To add the Salesforce extension to Gmail, start by navigating to the Chrome Web Store, search for 'Salesforce' or 'Sales Cloud Everywhere', and click 'Add to Chrome'. After installation, configure the extension with your Salesforce credentials.

This integration enhances your CRM efficiency by allowing direct interaction with Salesforce records within Gmail, streamlining email communication and customer management.

Maximize your CRM efficiency by automating Salesforce tasks with Bardeen, from sending meeting invites to syncing data, and improve your sales process.

Add Salesforce Extension to Gmail

To integrate Salesforce with Gmail, enhancing your email experience and CRM efficiency, follow these steps to add the Salesforce extension to Gmail. This process primarily involves using the Chrome Web Store to find and install the Salesforce extension.

How to Add Salesforce Extension to Gmail

Begin by navigating to the Chrome Web Store. Here, you can search for the Salesforce extension, which is designed to work seamlessly with Gmail. The extension, known as 'Sales Cloud Everywhere', allows for direct interaction with Salesforce records within your browser, facilitating tasks such as email sending, record updating, and engagement tracking without the need to switch between Salesforce and Gmail.

  1. Open the Chrome browser and go to the Chrome Web Store.
  2. In the search bar, type 'Salesforce' and press Enter to search for the extension.
  3. Look for 'Salesforce' or 'Sales Cloud Everywhere' from the search results. Ensure it's the official extension offered by Salesforce.
  4. Click on 'Add to Chrome' next to the Salesforce extension. A confirmation dialog will appear, detailing the data the extension can access and other permissions.
  5. Click 'Add extension' to confirm the installation. The Salesforce extension will be added to your Chrome browser.

After installation, you might need to configure the extension by signing in with your Salesforce credentials and granting necessary permissions. This step is crucial for syncing your Salesforce data with Gmail.

Automate Salesforce tasks to enhance your productivity further. Check out Salesforce automation playbooks by Bardeen.

Salesforce Gmail Integration Chrome

The Salesforce Gmail integration via Chrome enhances your workflow by allowing access to Salesforce functionalities directly from Gmail. This integration supports various features like viewing, sorting, and completing tasks, connecting Salesforce to your calendar, receiving real-time notifications, and creating or updating records without leaving Gmail. It's an efficient way to bridge your communication and CRM tools, streamlining your sales and customer relationship management processes.

If you encounter any issues accessing Salesforce through the extension, it is recommended to contact your Salesforce admin for assistance. They may need to adjust permissions or settings within Salesforce to ensure the extension works correctly.

Remember, using the Salesforce extension in Chrome for Gmail integration not only boosts productivity but also ensures you have the necessary customer information at your fingertips, directly within your email environment.

For more insights on automating Salesforce by integrating with other apps, read our comprehensive Salesforce Integration Workflow Automation Guide.

Boost Salesforce Efficiency with Bardeen Automations

While adding the Salesforce extension to Gmail is a vital step towards streamlining your sales and customer management processes directly within your email platform, automating Salesforce tasks can significantly enhance your productivity and customer engagement. Bardeen offers a variety of playbooks to automate Salesforce operations, thus ensuring that your sales team focuses more on selling and less on manual data entry.

  1. Send Meeting Invites to Salesforce Contacts via Gmail: This playbook automates the sending of meeting invitations to Salesforce contacts directly through Gmail, streamlining the process of scheduling sales meetings, following up on leads, or inviting contacts to webinars.
  2. Sync Google Sheets Data to Salesforce and Automate Email Notifications: Automate the process of updating your Salesforce CRM with new contacts from Google Sheets and send email notifications upon successful data transfer, enhancing the efficiency of sales teams and CRM administrators.
  3. Copy all Salesforce accounts to Google Sheets: This playbook facilitates seamless data transfer, allowing you to copy all Salesforce account information to a Google Sheets spreadsheet for enhanced data analysis and sharing across your organization.

Maximize your Salesforce and Gmail integration by leveraging these Bardeen playbooks to automate and optimize your sales process. Download the Bardeen app to get started.

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