Customize HubSpot Menu with CSS: A Step-by-Step Guide

Jason Gong
May 23, 2024

Adding CSS to a HubSpot menu enhances website aesthetics and user experience by utilizing the Design Manager and Code Editor for customization. Learn to navigate HubSpot's tools for menu management and CSS application, ensuring your site's navigation is both functional and visually appealing.

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Adding CSS to Menus in HubSpot

Customizing the appearance of menus in HubSpot using CSS involves a few steps, from creating and managing menus to applying CSS directly or through files. Let's explore how to enhance your HubSpot menu's aesthetics with CSS.

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HubSpot Menu CSS

To directly add CSS to a menu in HubSpot, you typically need to work within HubSpot's Design Manager. Here, you can access the HTML + HubL templates or custom modules where your menu is defined. However, HubSpot's documentation and the provided excerpts do not explicitly detail a direct method for adding CSS inline to menus. Instead, customization is achieved through CSS files associated with the entire template or page.

HubSpot Add CSS File to Template

Creating and attaching CSS files to your HubSpot site allows for broad styling applications, including menu customization. Follow these steps to create and attach a CSS file:

  1. Navigate to Content > Design Manager in your HubSpot account.
  2. Click the folder icon to expand the sidebar menu, then select File > New file.
  3. In the dialog box, choose CSS Stylesheet, name your CSS file, and click Create.
  4. Edit your CSS file in the code editor. You can use standard CSS and HubL variables for dynamic styling.
  5. After editing, click Publish changes. To use this CSS in a template, copy its URL by selecting Actions > Copy public URL.
  6. To attach the stylesheet to a template, open the template in the Design Manager. Under Head and Body Options, add your CSS file using the Add dropdown next to Linked stylesheets.
  7. Click Publish changes to apply your CSS to the live pages using the template.

This method allows you to style menus by targeting their HTML structure or classes defined in the template or module files.

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HubSpot Menu Styling

For specific menu styling, consider the following approaches:

  • Using HubL Tags: HubSpot's templating language, HubL, provides tags such as {% menu "menu_id" %} and {% simple_menu "menu_structure" %} for rendering menus. These tags generate HTML with predefined classes you can target in your CSS file.
  • Custom Modules: If you're building a custom navigation solution, you can create a custom module that includes a menu. Within this module, you can directly apply CSS classes to the menu structure and style these classes in your attached CSS file.

When styling menus, always consider the end-user experience, ensuring your navigation remains accessible and functional across devices. Utilize responsive design practices within your CSS to achieve this.

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Automate Your HubSpot with Bardeen: A Guide

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  3. Copy all HubSpot products to Airtable: Sync your HubSpot product data with Airtable for a unified view of your inventory and sales opportunities.

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